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Dissident professor Guy McPherson, “We the People” founders Roger Landry and Ceylan Ozbudak

Mon.  10/8/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

Note: During the 2nd segment of the 2nd hour (roughly 1:20 to 1:40) Gordon Duff breaks a potentally HUGE story: Romney wasn’t just a draft dodger during Vietnam – he was a criminal draft EVADER. You heard it here first. The articles should be out tomorrow at Press TV and Veterans Today.

First hour: University of Arizona professor emeritus Guy McPherson runs the NatureBatsLast blog, which “focuses on the natural world, with a particular emphasis on the twin sides of our fossil-fuel addiction: (1) global climate change and (2) energy decline.” He has authored many books, the latest of which, Walking Away from Empire, describes how he “transformed his academic life from mainstream ecologist to friend of the earth” and “went back to the land, where he raises goats and gardens and works with his neighbors.”  During this hour, Guy tells us that climate change is much worse than even most of the liberal establishment thinks.

Second hour:  Roger Landry and Ceylan Ozbudak of the We the People Network, “an umbrella organization designed to link multiple groups, pages, and websites together in a network of forums all populated by liberty-minded patriots.” Ceylan is also a commentator on the A9 TV channel in Istanbul, Turkey.

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5 Thoughts to “Dissident professor Guy McPherson, “We the People” founders Roger Landry and Ceylan Ozbudak”

  1. Anonymous

    Kevin, last night I saw The Choice 2012, a PBS documentary on Frontline, which tells a similar story, but not quite the same. There is of course no mention of a psychiatric breakdown or depression by Mitt. But there is the fact that Mitt was shipped to off to France to do Mormon Missionary work. It does not mention “claiming exemption from the draft”. But it does mention that he went there to do Mormon mission work, helping poor and trouble people. There is no mention that he did not serve in the US military. Nor does it mention it was illegal to be a Mormon missionary in France at that time. But it does mention that he was in “a serious auto accident”. The driver, (I’m not sure if it was Mitt but you can check that portion of the piece) was driving 70 mph on a dark country road and had a head-on crash. In it, the female rector of the Mission was killed.

    Of course, this is not given as the reason George Romney lost the presidency to Nixon. The Choice claims that Romney Sr. had taken a trip to Vietnam and was totally disillusioned by the war and its brutal lack of real purpose. He claimed so in the New York Times. The NYT story of Romney Sr.’s opinion was picked up by Nixon and used to help George Romney lose the Republican nomination for President. By then, the young Romney had returned from France and his Missionary work. And George Romney gave up on politics. Mitt idolized his father and this must have been a major kick in the pants for both. But the whole Mitt breakdown or that his father pulled strings to get him out was not there. Perhaps this is just the difference between mainstream media and Internet reporting. But it adds another scandal, one of omission to PBS’s well-produced two-hour piece, which you or Gordon could view with the link above.

    -Jerry Mazza

    P.S. Another thing that the documentary does not mention is how Obama put himself through Occidental, Columbia and Harvard. His white mother was working for CIA-front NGO’s, his grandparents are said to be alcoholics. There is information I searched on Google, which is in the attachment.

  2. Anonymous

    The problem with this is that George Romney supported and helped many draft resisters to the Vietnam War; including myself— even before publicly declaring his opposition to the war.

  3. How is that a problem? It's to George Romney's credit that, unlike his son, he wasn't a warmonger. But that doesn't change the fact that Mitt is a criminal draft evader.

  4. Guy McPherson was pretty clear on mass extinction in 18 years, for humans maybe 5 years, in N Amer due to the runaway arctic methane. You, on the other hand, not so much. So, what is it?

  5. I'm not a climate scientist, and haven't researched this issue, so I just don't know. Guy knows more than me. But from what I've heard, I think his views are on the pessimistic side of the spectrum. (I sure hope so, anyway!)

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