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Last words of 9/11 denier Juan Cole; Deconstructing US “democracy” on Press TV

I haven’t been in the mood for pulling punches lately.

Check out this clip of my slapdown of 9/11 denier Juan Cole, courtesy of EddieLeaks.

And here’s one of the all-time-great three-way slapdowns of US “democracy” featuring Mike Harris, Linh Dinh, and yours truly.

Watch the video  (looks like blogger is blocking embeds from Press TV?)

US suffers from corruption and lack of democracy: Analyst

Mon Oct 8, 2012 1:42PM GMT, Press TV
Interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett, Co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, Wisconsin.
“It is hard to overstate corruption and lack of democracy in the American system and I think that is probably one of the reasons why 55 percent of the eligible voters stay home every presidential election. More than twice as many (boycott the election) as vote for the winning candidate and I am sure that will happen again this year. Probably it will be 60 percent that stay at home this year, I would imagine.”
Former US President James Carter has criticized the US electoral process, describing it as riddled with “financial corruption” that dramatically favors the elite.

“We have one of the worst election processes in the world right in the United States of America, and it’s almost entirely because of the excessive influx of money,” Carter said speaking at the Carter Center last month.

Carter said the candidates in the upcoming presidential election, Republican Mitt Romney and incumbent President Barack Obama will be receiving a staggering 6-billion dollars in funding their election campaigns to ensure corporation profit interest trumps the interests and well being of the American population at large.

“You know how much I raised to run against Gerald Ford? Zero. You know how much I raised to run against Ronald Reagan? Zero,” Carter said while referring to his party’s presidential fundraising campaign that accepted only public funding.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, Dr. Kevin Barrett to further discuss the issue.

The program also offers the opinions of two other guests: managing director of AMT Capital Partners Mr. Mike Harris and political analyst and writer, Linh Dinh. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Dr. Barrett, we have been talking about, hopefully you heard us, but in general now what our two guests are saying, that basically, the country (the US) has been taken over.

What does it mean for the country itself when it seems that it has been hijacked by these special interest groups, by corporations, by other entities; but it is not being run in the way the American people would want it to be run?

Barrett: Well, that is right. There is a paradox here because the American people realize that the two major parties are lying 24/7/364 and yet there are third parties running good candidates in elections including the presidential elections.

We have Merlin Miller running on a ‘third alternative party‘ticket’. He has actually come right out and stated forthrightly that 9/11 was a Zionist-Israeli sponsored coup d’état in America.

It is the first time that a presidential candidate has ever been that forthright. We also have Roseanne Barr on the Peace and Freedom Party Ticket and we have Garry Johnson on the Libertarian Ticket. I am forgetting who is on the Green Party Ticket, but these are candidates who are not beholden to the special interests.

Unfortunately, the American voters have been successfully propagandized and manipulated by the corporate monopoly media.

And they have been drawn into this play, this fictitious scenario that is being staged between the two major parties as if it were an actual fight over real issues and it is not, it is basically two wings of the same party and that same party is owned by special interests.

There are nuance differences between the Democrats and Republicans. This year the Republicans are owned by the extremist Likud faction of the Israeli Party, shall we say, and it is very interesting that Dov Zakheim is the lead foreign policy advisor for the Romney campaign.

Dov Zakheim is on everyone’s list as the number one suspect in the 9/11 attacks who swindled 2.3 trillion dollars from the Pentagon that was announced missing on September 10th 2001 by Donald Rumsfeld and that was presumably used to finance the 9/11 coup d’etat.

This is the man who is the number one advisor for Mitt Romney. It makes the Obama side look actually relatively good, which is really saying something because Obama is also owned by the same pro-Israel interest in foreign policy and by other corrupt interests in domestic policy.

Press TV: How likely are we going to see Americans protesting on the election day? Because as Mr. Dinh has talked about, the world’s perspective sometimes, of Americans, it does appear to many people in the outside, not living in the United States, that Americans accept it and they are apathetic and really are not even caring to take the time to even protest, your take?

Barrett: Well, unfortunately there is some truth to that. If you ask the average American, which is worth….., let me just back up a moment here and say that I think that both of the previous guests are perfect, absolutely right, on the money in their statements.

And in particular it is pretty hard to exaggerate just how great the margin is between the people who stay home and the winning candidate.

In an average American election, as we heard about 25 percent of the eligible voters vote for the winner, about 20 percent of the eligible voters vote for the loser of the two major parties and the other 55 percent stay home; so that means that more than twice as many people are staying home and not voting as vote for the winning candidate.

And I think that speaks volumes about the state of American democracy today. We really do not have one anymore.

The 9/11 coup d’état was only the latest in a series of coups d’état in America including the murders of the Kennedy brothers, and the Bush hijacking and overthrowing of the Carter presidency by making a deal with the leaders of Iran to keep the American hostages locked up until after the election.

That is what destroyed the Carter presidency in a CIA-sponsored coup d’état led by the drug smuggling wing of the CIA under the Bush family, America’s leading crime family.

So really it is hard to overstate corruption and lack of democracy in the American system and I think that is probably one of the reasons why 55 percent of the eligible voters stay home every presidential election. More than twice as many (boycott the election) as vote for the winning candidate and I am sure that will happen again this year. Probably it will be 60 percent that stay at home this year, I would imagine.

Press TV: Dr. Barrett I am going to ask you the same question that I asked Mr. Dinh. When Mr. Harris talked about…, he said that basically you need regime change in the United States, which of course means revolution in the United States.

Do you agree with that? Is that the only thing that is going to change your status quo?

Barrett: Yes, we do need some kind of revolution in the United States; hopefully a non-violent one. We need to take the country back from the special interests and especially the banking criminal syndicate and related criminal syndicates that have made the US essentially a government by organized crime.

And as for how to do it? You know, I do not see a single compelling third party candidate right now that I would necessarily urge everyone to vote for. People could boycott the election, they could vote for their favorite third party candidate. Merlin Miller is the one who is the most appealing to me right now.

They could even write in someone. I actually published a blog piece saying I am considering writing in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran.

I think that is making a bit of statement. They actually publish the write-in votes in the newspaper sometimes. Unfortunately some of them are just people who write in Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or something…

But when the local newspaper points out that somebody voted for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at least it would make people think. The Iranian president’s speech to the UN, I thought, was quite brilliant as have been his other speeches to the UN.

They have been vilified by the Zionist-controlled media here in the US and so, you know, what better way to tell the powers that be that we are not accepting what they tell us then by writing in someone like that.

So there are a lot of ways that people can protest and work for regime change in the US, but honestly I do not think that what we do with the elections is really the issue. We need to get organized and get focused outside of the electoral system, we need to mobilize people; the Occupy movement and similar moves to get people on the streets I think are better means for effecting that kind of revolutionary change.

And I think getting a million people to Washington DC and refusing to leave, sitting down and making them call every single person out. For them to actually physically remove a million people from Washington DC that would take a long time.

That is what Martin Luther King wanted us to do before he was assassinated. That is why they killed him. One of these days we are going to do that, Insha’Allah [God willing]

One Thought to “Last words of 9/11 denier Juan Cole; Deconstructing US “democracy” on Press TV”

  1. Donald

    Wow! The same special interest group throwing the same money at both major parties. I suppose most of that money ends up in the pockets of the corporate media. No wonder the media loves spin and confusion.

    9/11 and America's dead body in the basement is starting to smell very badly, no amount of laundered money is going to clear the air.

    Three great guests, I love what you're doing Kevin

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