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5 Thoughts to “Hard-hitting 9/11 truth in new Press TV interview on Orange County spy-on-Muslims case”

  1. Sorry Kevin, another dud. It seems your video won't play – least not here in Canada, 🙁 , Must be those Zionists ahy?

  2. Go to the Press TV website and try it there. If it still doesn't work, either you've got a lame/old machine, or maybe Canada is blocking Press TV?

  3. Anonymous

    Dr. Barrett,

    Your website,, is blocked by Google and Web of Trust (WOT). For example, when performing a Google search with the string "truthjihad" Google returns a link to your website with the following warning:

    This site may harm your computer.

    Google and WOT claim that your website is a suspected "malware attack" site. Of course, this is not true. My computer has never been attacked by your website.

    So who is responsible for the false reports to Google and WOT?

    The answer is simple: Brian Good.

    I suggest that you contact Google and WOT in order to have your website removed from their suspected malware attack site list. In addition, I suggest that you contact the authorities with the intent of pressing charges against the malicious scum bag, Brian Good.


    A concern Internet Citizen.

  4. August 30 , 2012 – "Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has said it is an "ethical duty" to support the Syrian people against the "oppressive regime" in Damascus."

    Boy that really throws a wrench in the gears those pro Assad supporters right Kevin – Perhaps now you'll reevaluate your position on Syria?

    This is a revolution by the people of Syria – Not a Zionist Imperialist plot of hegemony.

  5. Doug B., I do support the Syrian people – both the 60% who support the current government, according to a Qatari poll that's obviously biased AGAINST the Syrian government, and the 40% who don't. (Personally I'd like to see the current government step down according according to an agreed-on timetable.) But I don't support the Zionist-US-Saudis and their "al-Qaeda" mercenaries who are waging war against the sovereign state of Syria. As long as they're doing that, they're the war criminals and the government of Syria is doing its job, just as any other government would if it came under attack by terrorists supported by outside aggressors.

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