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9/11 truth movement conversation continues with Evelien Gilbert

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 7/30/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Post your questions to my Facebook page.

Evelien Gilbert has worked in the 3-D software and special effects industries; she has described how the 9/11 myth was likely scripted and storyboarded. (Read here, listen here.)

Now she’s coming back to participate in the ongoing conversation about the 9/11 truth movement.  Phone lines will be open!  218-339-8525

Evelien writes:

Dear Kevin,

I have listened to the Bursill Interview and will be listening to your interview with Adam Syed today. I have regular contact with both as I have known John for years since the first 9/11 truth conference in March 2008 and I was (on the side) involved in bringing about Richard’s Gage’s presentation in Wellington.

I have had long and very enjoyable Skype conversations with Adam about the CIT research and the 9/11 movement in general.

I have now done two interviews with Jim Fetzer (Thank you again for introducing us) and I have to confess to having greatly enjoyed my conversations with Jim. I find him a good listener (Something I miss in John by the way) and an intelligent and critical interpreter and a fearless explorer of ideas.

If you would be willing to spend the time to listen to my first interview with Jim you will find that I actually offer a solution for the controversies swirling around which as far as I am concerned are all because we are left with material in most cases which are open to interpretation and thus enable the struggle of egos which is generally a bad thing in any movement.

As you are currently engaging in what I think is very courageous series of interviews with different and opposing voices I would like to be able to jump in the fray if you would have me and give my opinion and possible solutions to further our research and find out what happened and how we can diffuse the antagonism within the movement.

4 Thoughts to “9/11 truth movement conversation continues with Evelien Gilbert”

  1. I thought she was a pretty good guest with a very interesting viewpoint. Just wanted to comment on that tool shill John Bursill. I think she loses a lot of credibility associating herself with that John Bur-shill aka Bursill.

    However, I would like her to come back and talk more about the financial collapse because she seemed to have a great deal of knowledge about that.

    Thanks great job as usual.

  2. The 9/11 Truth Movement is a prime target for disinformation, infiltration, and other forms of sabotage by forces who do not want the public asking difficult questions about 9/11. Unfortunately but predictably the 9/11 Truth Movement has been controlled from the very beginning. The perpetrators of 9/11 knew that a portion of the population would be able to see through the official story so they had shills ready to lead people into supporting false theories and evidence. This is referred to as a double coverup. One coverup being the government story and a second coverup being the alternative theory.

    There are three basic versions of the 9/11 events. Although differences and/or overlapping may occur, the following three versions generally describe what most people believe:

    1. OGCT. This is known as the “Official Government Conspiracy Theory”. This version states that a guy from a cave in Afghanistan conspired with 19 boxcutter-wielding Muslims to hijack airplanes, outwit the USA’s entire multi-trillion dollar defense system, and cause the Twin Towers to collapse. This is the version pushed by the government and media as being the truth of 9/11.

    2. APCT. This is called the “Alternate Propaganda Conspiracy Theory”. This version states that, more or less, there were hijackings on 9/11, but the planes might have been taken under remote control to ensure they crashed as planned. Airplanes most likely crashed at the Pentagon and Shanksville, but planes definitely did crash into the Twin Towers. The Twin Towers and WTC 7 collapsed from conventional explosives and thermite, and molten metal was found in the rubble. This is the version pushed by the government and media as being the “wacko conspiracy theory” that the “truth movement” believes.

    3. REAL. This, simply, is the REAL version, backed by actual evidence, Laws of Physics, and common sense: There were no hijackings, no plane crashes, the corporate media broadcasted footage of a fake airplane impacting the South Tower, and the WTC complex (not just the Towers and WTC 7) was destroyed with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). The government and media steer clear of these.

    This 9/11 Truth Movement group is a counter to the censorship that exists in other 9/11 groups of Dr. Judy Wood's evidence, 9/11 media fakery and of the fact that no (real) planes were used. Unlike other 9/11 groups we do not censor the real evidence. By preventing discussion of this evidence people are kept believing false theories and led down false diversions. In order to find the truth of what happened on 9/11 one must start with the evidence and go with where the evidence takes you, not start with a conclusion.

    How to Disappear Completely – A Short Film About Dustification

  3. Anonymous

    The new amendment to your "APCT" was that the imaginary Flight 93 was to magically fly into WTC 7. As coming straight from the horse's mouth, "We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it."

    Perhaps Dick Cheney and Larry Silverstein were doing their own version of a "play by play" broadcast behind the scenes.

    Which sounds like a "game time decision" was made not to either fly holograms or an actual plane into WTC 7, since WTC 1 & 2 went better than they expected.

    Pentagon story was obviously fake, either missile or Global Hawk or combination of both, but scientifically proven, slam dunk case that no 757 flew into the Pentagon.

    As for directed energy weapons, it very well may have been used in the attacks. I was listening live to Coast to Coast in May 2011 when Dr Wood was being interviewed.

    The one thing that she points out, that no one even knows about, is the bizarre "coincidental" movement of Hurricane Erin on 9-11. Which could possibly indicate there was some sort of HAARP technology occurring in the area.

    There is a new (at least to me) video with a bunch of new 2nd plane footage that "September Clues" did not go over. These videos clearly shows a "dive-bomber" plane coming in and striking the corner of WTC 2.

    The only REAL truth is known by the operators of 9-11, who were clearly people such as Dick Cheney and Larry Silverstein. Unless Dr Wood is part of that inner circle with Cheney, then I'm afraid you would fall into the "conspiracy theory" category as well.

    But that's okay because according to the "Illuminati card game," which is making it's way back into the "truther" movement…

    "The Paranoids… They're the only ones, except for the Secret Masters themselves, who real-ly understand what is going on . . ."

    9/11 – 2nd Plane Hit Collection

  4. Anonymous

    t this point, only young people with no memory of the actual event are candidates for truth (everyone else either gets it or will not be persuaded at this point). Anyway, those interested in important relevant truths today might do very well to shift focus to Fukushima reactor #4 and Netanyahu's go-it-alone statements about plunging the world into economic collapse and martial law. What the hell, Kevin – Israel cannot give up any more of the land they currently possess, and the Arabs cannot relinquish some rather well-founded attachments to their own children' hopes for a future in land where their ancestors have lived for longer than America has been a nation in some cases. The Jews can't really go settle Uganda at this point, and Muslims might just as well give up on beheading all the infidels. I would rather piss off all parties concerned than watch the inevitable slide into slaughter and insanity. "Do you not realise, my son, with what little wisdom the world is run?" — Swedish Chancellor Axel Oxenstierno, writing towards the end of the Thirty Years War. I could hardly agree more. Meanwhile, trillions contniue to disappear from America's counterfeiters (the Fed),millions rot in the criminal justice system from entanglement with CIA-supplied drugs, and nano-drones will soon be recording my every flatulence in the privacy of my home. Did I say "my home". That's a laugh, isn't it Kevin? For a variety of reasons, including illegal government entries. Missed the big Talmudic gathering this week, sorry. I'm getting sort of skeptical in my older age…..

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