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I am a Sianist

Flag of the modern Islamic Emirate of Granada


I am a Sianist.  

No, that’s not French for Zionist. 

It’s short for Andalusianist.

Never heard of it, you say?

You will soon. We Andalusianists – not al-CIA-duh, a.k.a. the wahhabi foreign legion – are the real Muslim threat to take over the world.

The Zionists have their myth. They claim that they’ve been exiled from their promised land for centuries, and they’re going to take it back – “and if you don’t like it, my hairy friend Samson here will nuke all the capitals of Europe.”

We Sianists have a better myth – and a better “promised land.” We were driven out of Andalusia (Islamic Spain) more than five centuries ago. And unlike the Zionist myth, our myth lines up squarely with actual history.

The Zionists are using their myth as a springboard to world domination. They aren’t interested in just that little patch of land the UN “gave” them (after they’d bribed Truman with a suitcase full of cash) in 1948. Their appetites are not satisfied by the extra land they stole via terrorist ethnic cleansing in 1948, or Nazi-style war of aggression in 1967. They aren’t even going to be satisfied with the whole area between the Nile and the Euphrates that they think their tribal idol Yahwe granted them.

Zionism, let’s face it, is a world domination scheme concocted by the Rothschilds and their bankster buddies. They’ve brainwashed those who identify as Jews to imagine themselves as a persecuted “chosen people” who need a ruthless and powerful state to protect them. And they’ve brainwashed Christians and secularists to join or acquiesce. Just as the Egyptian Pharoahs brainwashed ordinary Egyptians into building the pyramids, the Zionists are brainwashing ordinary Jews and Christians and secularists into building their New World Order.

Sianism is a very different kind of world takeover scheme.

Unlike Zionism, Sianism does not posit a superior race of “chosen people.” In Islamic Andalusia, Jews, Christians and Muslims lived side-by-side, generally with a considerable degree of mutual tolerance and respect.

Speaking of the Muslim rulers of Islamic Spain, Washington Irving wrote:

“As conquerors, their heroism was only equalled by their moderation, and in both, for a time, they excelled the nations with whom they contended. Severed from their native homes, they loved the land given them as they supposed by Allah and strove to embellish it with everything that could administer to the happiness of man. Laying the foundations of their power in a system of wise and equitable laws, diligently cultivating the arts and sciences, and promoting agriculture, manufactures and commerce, they gradually formed an empire unrivaled for its prosperity by any of the empires of Christendom, and diligently drawing round them the graces and refinements that marked the Arabian empire in the East at the time of its greatest civilization, they diffused the light of Oriental knowledge through the western regions of benighted Europe.” (Tales of the Alhambra, 52-53).

Andalusia was crushed by the brutal Christian fanatics who gave us the Inquisition. Maria Menocal’s book The Ornament of the World: How Jews, Christians and Muslims Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain shows that our supposedly tolerant modern world is in many ways a totalitarian descendent of Inquisition-style Christianity.

For example, here in the USA, all 300 million of us are forced at gunpoint, under pain of kidnapping and torture, to have basically the same marriage rules and drug preferences. We Muslims, who consider alcohol an abomination far worse than heroin and cocaine, can’t stop people from drinking, selling, serving and advertising alcohol in our own streets and neighborhoods and cities; in fact, we have a hard time even making it known to our non-Muslim friends and acquaintances that drinking in front of us is just as shocking and abominable to us as shooting up heroin or cocaine would be to them.

It isn’t just Muslims who are strapped to the procrustean bed of other people’s drug preferences. Those who consider marijuana, peyote, or sacred mushrooms to be gifts from God are kidnapped and brutalized by uniformed thugs if they practice what they preach.

Likewise, there is a totalitarian movement afoot to force the entire USA to accept something that very few of the tens of thousands of human cultures that have existed on earth have ever accepted: gay marriage. Yet polygamy, accepted (though not necessarily a norm) in the vast majority of cultures known to ethnologists, is banned – even for those whose religion allows for it.

In a million other ways – zoning ordinances, tax codes, surveillance systems, factory-style education, and on and on – the modern world is built on a totalitarian, one-size-fits-all model. If any group wants to live their own way, be they hillbillies making moonshine, Mormons marrying multiple wives, primitivists living in simple mod-con-free dwellings, hippies growing marijuana, gypsies living in temporary roadside camps, street vendors selling where they choose, occupiers setting up encampments in public spaces, or Branch Davidians preaching oddball religious interpretations – they are brutally suppressed by goons dressed up in silly uniforms, and nobody even blinks.

The totalitarian, Inquisition-built West not only lacks freedom, but beauty as well. And it’s getting uglier all the time. Every day more of the earth is paved and overrun by noisy, toxin-farting metal beasts. Houses get more and more hideous every generation. Totalitarian lawns, with the same virtually-identical blade of grass repeated billions of times thanks to pesticides and chemicals, are our answer to Andalusia’s lush gardens. Half the population is overweight, and the other half is undernourished from eating plastic food. People spend their time frying their eyeballs with cathode-ray tubes. Nobody, except for a few specialists, knows how to tell a story or make music.

We Sianists – far more than Bin Laden Construction & Demolition Enterprises Ltd. (a branch of the US Army Corps of Engineers & Negev Desert Enterprises Ltd.) – are the real threat to this wonderful Western way of life.

We want a world in which people spend their time doing something useful, such as: growing and preparing healthy, nutritious food; building simple dwellings that blend with rather than obliterate the landscape; embellishing the beauty of nature rather than paving it over; entertaining and enjoying each other, not being “entertained” (i.e. lobotomized) by corporations; communing with and getting closer to God or whatever word we’re using for Him/Her/It; making our own decisions by participating in families and small communities, rather than letting the government (elected or unelected) make decisions for us; and so on.

The supreme art, in the Andalusian way of looking at things, is that of gardening. The word paradise (in Arabic, jinna) means garden. But “gardens” in the Middle Eastern languages that gave us the garden as the image of paradise aren’t just vegetable and flower gardens. The words orchard and park and forest need to be invoked as well. Gardening in this larger sense means embellishing nature (i.e. God’s creation) by working with it rather than against it. Ideally, the whole world should be “gardens” (largely natural areas embellished judiciously by humans) interspersed with plenty of wild nature (God’s creation unblemished by human hands). And the people living in harmony with this planetary garden should respect and enjoy each others’ different ways of life and paths to God.

Christian culture has inherited a loathing of nature. Today’s totalitarian “pave the earth” culture is the direct descendant of the doctrine of Original Sin and the Fall: Nature, including human nature (especially its wildest component, sex) is evil and fallen and needs to be cleaned up, covered up, paved over, plasticized, homogenized, covered with clear plastic wrap and sold for a dollar ninety nine at your local convenience store.

Post-Christian culture is even worse. The Faustian, satanic strand of post-Enlightement culture hates God, Creation and humanity just about equally. While pretending to a certain “humanism,” this is really just another egotistical “I am the greatest, everybody and everything else sucks” chosen-people-ism.  Today’s specialists are trained to think they are better than everyone and everything else, so they have the right to blasphemously build nuclear devices, artificial life, and God knows what next. They may have already killed our planet – one of the nicest ones for zillions of miles around.

We Sianists obviously have our work cut out for us.

But so did the Zionists back in, say, 1890. Their world takeover scheme was at least as crazy as ours. And it had the disadvantage of being so unpleasant that it could only be sold through lies.

Sianism – call it the “planet garden” project – is a whole lot more reasonableā€¦and more fun.

This will become more obvious as the old system comes crashing down.

Maybe we won’t even need to buy up the media, the government, and the UN – or blow up any skyscrapers – to sell it.

7 Thoughts to “I am a Sianist”

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the thoughts. I have been a "Sianist" since a 1986 summer in Andalucia, when I first learned how those nearly 700 years of Islamic rule were the most tolerant and culturally rich age the three monotheisms have yet to achieve, producing the likes of poet and Sufi Master, Ibn 'Arabi, and the philosopher Maimonides.

    Beginning in 711, it grew as the result of successive waves of invasion from Africa. Al-Andalus absorbed each; and each time, in very little time, the invaders would turn from Holy War to creating elaborate gardens and ecstatic poetry. They would arrive with fanaticism and conversion and resolve, and end embracing a measure of tolerance and conversation and reflection between Muslims, Christians and Jews not seen before or since.

    It all ended with the fall of Granada, and the Edict of Expulsion for all Muslims and Jews. 1492, a year that didn't bode well for the cultures of this hemisphere either.

    The problem I have with your article is its obvious lack of religious tolerance, that is, when it comes to Jews. I'm as anti-Zionist as you are (perhaps more so, because I'm careful about sticking to facts). But you make the same leap as all Jew-baiters by identifying Zionist and Jew, with all the usual insinuations about money, bankers and conspiring for World Domination:

    "…after they'd bribed Truman with a suitcase full of cash."

    "Zionism, let's face it, is a world domination scheme concocted by the Rothschilds and their bankster buddies. They've brainwashed those who identify as Jews to imagine themselves as a persecuted 'chosen people'."

    Funny, but I know a whole boatload of Jews, self included, and not a one is a Zionist. We must all have missed the brainwashing sessions.

    If you were anywhere near as tolerant as the culture you are arguing for, you wouldn't take up half the article irrelevantly bashing these conflated Zionists/Jews. What the hell does that have to do with Andalusianism?

    So it's none too surprising when you neglect to mention that the Edict of Expulsion kicked out both Muslims and Jews. Which makes me wonder: how tolerant will you be when it comes to allowing us back into the longed-for restored al-Andalus?

    – Steven Shavel

  2. Hey Steven, Glad you missed the brainwashing sessions! But don't you agree that that brainwashing process has had quite a bit of success, not just on Jews, but on Americans and Westerners in general? For example, those of us tuned in to reality didn't need Robert Scheer, one of the best American journalists of our time, to tell us that pretty much the only thing uniting the Jewish community in Los Angeles, and by extension the USA, circa 1990, is shared commitment to Israel. I'm glad that you and your friends aren't part of that majority – maybe things are changing – but surely you admit it's still a majority? That doesn't mean pro-Zionist people are bad people. They're just wrong on one very important issue.

    Or are you objecting to my claim that the Rothschilds and the other leading bankster families, many though not all ethnically Jewish, are the main force behind Zionism? Like my assertion that the majority of Jews support Zionism (i.e. having a "Jewish state" in Palestine), this is a factual assertion, and I believe it's correct.

    So: Which assertion here do you disagree with? And can you point me to some evidence showing it's wrong?

  3. Anonymous

    We all know (or should know – it's on the Web) the story of the Rothschilds' messenger who rode his trusty steed all the way non-stop from the Mediterranean to the City of London (Dick Turpin should have had such a horse!) to plant the false story that Nelson had lost at Waterloo, thereby enabling the Rothschilds to buy everything up for pennies on the pound before the truth was discovered. I guess they didn't have laws to handle that kind of fraud back then. I don't know that they do now. I have come to realize that the "Rule of Law" is itself intrinsically and inescapably fraudulent. But I digress – although not by much.

    Here is a couple of items I would like you to consider:-

    Jewish gangsterism in the USA first appeared in New York City in the person of Arnold Rothstein, the son of a prominent rabbi. Al Capone was a Rothstein protege (it has always been the case that the "Italian Mafia" is a bunch of errand boys for the Mishpucka no matter what Mishpuckawood movies might falsely depict). Rothstein was a fight fixer and allegedly fixed the 1919 World Series too.

    I have already observed that the present suffering of the world, including all the wars of the last several hundred years at least, is all about a lunatic Freemason ambition to "rebuild" the mythical "Temple of Solomon" (i.e. of Amon-Ra, or "Sol-Amon") on the Jerusalem acropolis. That is what the ersatz "State of Israel" and the War on Islam is all about – possession of "The Rock". In 'The Magic of Obelisks', Peter Tompkins observes that both Nelson and Napoleon were Freemasons (as was Champollion, the 'Father of Egyptology' who first fabricated the phony kinglist of Ancient Egypt – still presented as genuine by modern academics – so that it would accord with the Torah, thereby stealing at least 50,000 years of human history and quite possibly 250,000.)

    In other words, the Battle of Waterloo was a foregone conclusion. It was a fixed fight. There was no heroic messenger, not even one with false despatches – that was just the cover story. The resulting ascendence of the Rothschilds that this enabled was but a step towards the possession of Palestine – and The Rock. All that was needed was the final "proof" of the eternal persecution of "The Jews" to justify the "Jewish" (i.e. Rothschildian/Freemasonic) invasion of Palestine that took place throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Now all that remains to be done is the final removal of all those pesky "brown people" and their mosque, hence 9/11 etc etc etc.


  4. Ben

    Truman was bribed with a suitcase of money? Is this true or are you speaking metaphorically?

  5. "a group of four Jewish businessmen got together two million dollars in cash and gave it to Harry Trumanā€¦"

  6. Ben

    I see that Gore Vidal gave the same account. As told to him by JFK himself!

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