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Good news! favorably reviews OKC book (and I write a civil letter) !

The good news is that just favorably reviewed a book making the case that the 1995 OKC bombing is a still-unsolved crime.

The bad news is that the review strews around pejorative terms like “cranks,” “fantasists,” and of course “conspiracy theorists” referring to anyone who suspects or acknowledges the all-too-obvious government involvement.  (See A Noble Lie for details.)

My wife and a pair of US Marshals recently reminded me that when someone angers you or lobs insults at you, it is best to respond civilly, rather than through abusive diatribes.  So here’s my letter to Laura Miller, author of the review.

Hi Laura,

I’d love to have a conversation with you about your OKC bombing article, and your attitude toward “conspiracy theories,” on my radio show. Current openings include Monday 4/30 and Friday 5/4, 5 to 6 pm Eastern. 

I’ve been studying the subject intensively since 2004, and have concluded that most of the really big terror events, including OKC, are examples of what Webster Tarpley calls “state-sponsored false-flag terror.” 

As for why this should be, it’s actually pretty simple. Historian Caleb Carr shows in his book The Lessons of Terror  that terrorism (which is a military tactic as old as the hills) usually doesn’t work; it almost always backfires on those who, whether correctly or incorrectly, are blamed for doing it, and helps the cause of their enemies.  Therefore, the only militarily effective kind of terror is the false-flag variety: Blame your enemy for your own covertly-conducted terrorist acts, and you’ll reap immeasurable benefits. From Nero’s burning Rome and blaming the Christians, to Lord Cecil’s orchestration of the gunpowder plot of 1604 to blame Catholics and launch the war on Catholic nations that built the British Empire, to today’s headlines, the biggest terror attacks are generally orchestrated by the enemies of those blamed for them.

If you doubt that false-flag terror attacks on civilian populations are part of unofficial US government policy, just google “strategy of tension” and “Operation Gladio.”  Note that the prime beneficiary of terrorist attacks like OKC is the government itself, especially the agencies tasked with fighting terrorism; people react to such events by giving the government power, money, and everything else it wants. That’s not a theory, it’s just common sense fact.

The importance of false-flag events is also demonstrated by the history of US wars.  Every major foreign war since the Mexican war has been launched by way of a spectacular, headline-garnering “enemy attack” that was either fabricated, orchestrated, or illusory.

The media’s ignorance of these matters, and its complicity in keeping the population ignorant, ensures that history will keep  tragically repeating itself. Please consider your own possible complicity by way of your use of thought-stopping buzz-words like “conspiracy theories.”



(Laura replied by declining my offer, pointing out that she is no expert on OKC, and suggesting that I interview the authors of the book.)

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  1. good to see others are keeping on top of the false flag attacks especially with OP Gladio not being something that is in the past but ongoing.

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