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Good news! favorably reviews OKC book (and I write a civil letter) !

The good news is that just favorably reviewed a book making the case that the 1995 OKC bombing is a still-unsolved crime. The bad news is that the review strews around pejorative terms like “cranks,” “fantasists,” and of course “conspiracy theorists” referring to anyone who suspects or acknowledges the all-too-obvious government involvement.  (See A Noble Lie for details.) My wife and a pair of US Marshals recently reminded me that when someone angers you or lobs insults at you, it is best to respond civilly, rather than through abusive diatribes.  So here’s my letter to Laura Miller, author of…


Chris Emery screens “A Noble Lie” on OKC Bombing Anniversary

Filmmaker Chris Emery will be screening A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995 on the 17th anniversary of the bombing – today, Thursday, April 19th – at 7 pm in 1111 Humanities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Oklahoma City bombing is widely viewed (including by Emery himself) as a warm-up and dry run for 9/11.