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Ruling on witch-hunt victim Mohamed Harkat coming down tomorrow

Mo and Sophie Harkat

 Mohamed Harkat, an innocent Algerian-Canadian caught up in post-9/11 hysteria, has been living with his wife Sophie Harkat in a situation best described as Franz Kafka’s remake of The Truman Show. For many years, Harkat has been under something approaching house arrest, combined with 24/7/365 surveillance.

Listen to Mohamed and Sophie Harkat on the Kevin Barrett show:

Tomorrow, April 25th, the Federal Court of Appeals will rule on Harkat’s challenge to the “Security Certificate” that has turned his life into an Orwellian nightmare. Harkat will respond to the ruling at a press conference at 1 p.m. in the boardroom of the Ottowa District Labor Council, 280 Metcalfe Street, in Ottowa.

CIA whistleblower Glenn Carle

In an interesting twist, still-classified (yet widely-revealed) information suggests that Harkat was falsely accused of involvement in terrorism due to an imaginary or exaggerated connection with another innocent man wrongly suspected of being “al-Qaeda’s banker.”  That “banker,” according to his CIA interrogator, whistleblower Glenn Carle, “wasn’t even a member of al-Qaeda.” (Ottowa Citizen)

Additionally, Glenn Carle has his doubts about the alleged al-Qaeda threat itself. He says he discovered, while working as one of the three most senior US advisers on terrorism to the intelligence community, that “the closer one looked at al-Qaeda, the further it receded and the smaller it was.”

Glenn Carle, former CIA interrogator turned whistleblower, will join me on Truth Jihad Radio for a special two-hour interview on Wednesday, May 2nd.  Meanwhile, you can read about his revelations relating to Mohamed Harkat here.

3 Thoughts to “Ruling on witch-hunt victim Mohamed Harkat coming down tomorrow”

  1. Anonymous

    Gordon Duff gushes so much secretly-sourced information that he's bound to be wrong part of the time. And when you challenge him to connect the dots he points out that we're not paying him for his intelligence analysis, unlike his clientshighly placed in the the military and intelligence services, and the governments of a number of sovereign states. Hard to argue with that, but how do you evaluate Gordon Duff as a source? Quite frankly I tend to give him more credit because of the trustworthy people, like yourself and Jim Fetzer, that choose to publish on Veterans Today.

    The Vancouver 9/11 Hearings will be a much-needed complement to the September 2011 Toronto Hearings, but not having Judy Wood in person to speak about her book "Where Did the Towers Go: Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11" is a gaping hole in the stated purpose of the conference. Since there is zero chance of Judy Wood accepting an invitation to speak at a conference organized by Jim Fetzer, why don't you present Judy's book, and let Joshua Blakeney cover the Neo-Con Agenda together with the Likudnik Origins of 9/11.

    From the perspective of "The Hunt for Zero Point" and Joseph Farrell's books and bibliographies reviewing torsion physics, alchemy, and unified field theory in the 19th and 20th century, you, Kevin, can do a better job of presenting Judy's work than Dwain Deets. You would have far more credibility than Morgan Reynolds (not listed on the conference program), or Andrew Johnson, or even Judy herself. And you can help Jim Fetzer to understand that Judy's work doesn't stand or fall on the credibility of John Hutchison.

    I don't understand why Jim Fetzer keeps repeating the canard that the Hutchison Effect is nothing but "video fakery". Does he really think that the US Naval Research Lab, and major corporations in the defense industry of several countries would have sent teams of observers to Hutchison's lab over a period of years to examine the effects of video fakery? Does Jim think that John Hutchison's extensive documentary evidence of his long-term collaboration with serious scientists is faked too? And what about the physical samples of material in configurations that major materials labs in Germany and elsewhere cannot explain in terms of standard physics and metallurgy? All video fakery?

    Please consider doing it. No one else can. You know it's more important than rehashing the Neo-Con Agenda again.

  2. Anonymous

    I approved your scathing indictment of the judge. When you went mysteriously AWOL for several hours I suspected you might have suffered repercussions–I imagined a lot worse than a couple of remonstrating federal marshals. You actually live up to your one of Truth Jihad Radio intro songs "Gonna stand my ground, won't be turned around."

    I also loved your "Paradigm Shift" essay — you handled the PR problem very effectively. I had noted several positive comments on Nick Cooks "The Hunt for Zero Point" which you had made to several guests on your radio show in recent weeks, but I wasn't sure you would cross the Rubicon to the side of seriously considering the relationship of hidden and suppessed physics and technology to the most pressing historical, political, and social issues. Bravo!

    Between "The Hunt for Zero Point" and Joseph Farrell's books I think there is evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, of a hidden physics yielding free energy from the zero point energy fluctuations of the vacuum, anti-gravity propulsion and shielding, alchemical transmutation of matter by altering the spin state of nucleons of atoms, and of course weapons of awful power.

    I don't think Jim Fetzer really gets it, or maybe he suspects, but has to much personal investment in being a bona fide professor of science to come out as a "kook". Subconscious denial mechanisms are enough to explain most intellectual inconsistencies. I don't doubt his honesty.

    Gordon Duff, on the other hand, doesn't hesitate to cross your Rubicon and raise you "three steps beyond conspiracy theory". Gordon manages to pitch several curve balls in any sentence he utters or writes. He exudes the confident mystique of the professional consultant even when he's apparently been taken in by bullshit such as Dmitri Khalezov's "revelation" that the WTC towers were dustified from the top down, without damaging the slurry wall, by the "detonation of a 150 kiloton thermo-nuclear charge buried sufficiently deep [77 meters] in the granite rock" beneath each of the three WTC towers that were demolished on 9/11. I'm amazed he came through that episode with his credibility, such as it is, still intact.

  3. my salaam to this courageous man !

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