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Islam, family values, and the decline of Western Civilization

Ominous music plays as images appear on the screen: Muslim terrorists shoot Christians in the head, car bombs explode, executed children lie covered by sheets and a doctored photograph shows an Islamic flag flying over the White House.

“This is the true agenda of much of Islam in America,” a narrator intones. “A strategy to infiltrate and dominate America. … This is the war you don’t know about.” NY Times report on anti-Muslim hate film used in NYPD training

Let’s try a little historical IQ test. Read these items and connect-the-dots.

* Zionist-made hate-Islam films are shown to American cops and soldiers as part of their training.

* Many Americans, asked what country the US should invade next, say “Iran” – but when asked to find it on the map, they point to places like Australia.

* In California, schools are required to “teach students about the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.”

* According to news reports, women kill their children so they can go out partying.

*“Abortion is here to stay; even Republicans know that banning it would be political poison.”

Actually, I lied. This isn’t an IQ test – it’s a Rorsach test. You’re welcome to interpret this data any way you want.

Here’s how I interpret it: The family unit, the basis of civilization, is falling apart in the West. The collapse of the family, education, public and private morality, aesthetic taste, literature and the arts, religion, grand narratives in general, the birth rate, marriage rate, etc. is symptomatic of steep cultural decline. The West is heading for the New Dark Ages, and there probably isn’t much anybody can do about it.*

Neoconservatives, cognizant of imperial collapse, panicked because Israel is the most vulnerable outpost of Western empire, are trying to save Israel, which in their view is synonymous with Western civilization, by uniting the West in hatred of Islam. To succeed in this, they have to tell gigantic lies 24/7/365.

Their central big lie: “Islam is a military threat to the West.”

Reality: The Islamic world is militarily feeble. While it is just barely possible that the combined military power of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims might pose a serious threat to the tiny and dubiously legitimate “nation” of Israel – actually a settler colony stolen from the Muslims – there is no “Islamic military threat” to the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. The Mossad has had to bomb the World Trade Center twice, and launch false-flag attacks all over the globe, to create the appearance of such a threat.

Islam is being targeted not because it is a problem, but because it offers a solution. 

There is only one major bloc of seriously religious people left on earth: Practicing Muslims. These are people who stop whatever they are doing (including sleep) at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, dusk, and nightfall to practice salaat – a quasi-yogic ritual enactment of absolute submission to God. These are people who abstain from all food and drink, including water, throughout the daylight hours for a full month every year. These are people who do not touch alcohol – or any other drugs except maybe coffee or tea. These are people who abstain from sex outside of marriage.

Like Christians 500 years ago, practicing Muslims are as interested in the next life as in this one. (Unlike some extremist medieval Christians, they do not go so far as to denigrate this life or claim that it means nothing while the next life means everything; in this, as in all things, Islam offers balance.)

Among practicing Muslims, rates of crime, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, venereal disease, abortion, divorce, etc. are off-the-charts low. (Google “Islam most civilized Javed Jamil” for the data.)

The single strongest indicator of non-recidivism for prisoners is conversion to Islam.

The number of seriously practicing Muslims on earth is in the many hundreds of millions. Due to their relative success in forming and maintaining strong families, they are demographically outpacing less-religious folk, especially Westerners.

And Islam is a straightforward, sensible religion that “works.” Anybody who practices it sincerely gets the benefits – as reflected by the statistics showing that practicing Muslims are doing off-the-charts well in all important social indicators. (These, of course, are just material indicators of spiritual well-being, i.e. inner peace.)

That’s why Islam is the fastest growing religion in America, and in the world.

And THAT is the real “Islamic threat.”

* * *

* Required reading on the decline of Western civilization includes Spengler, Gibbon, Morris Berman, Neil Postman, Eric Larsen, Pat Buchanan, Joseph Tainter, Don Delillo…that should keep you busy for awhile. Note that Berman is brilliant but gets 9/11 wrong. (The 9/11 inside job, and its acceptance by the masses and alleged intelligentsia despite all the elephant-in-the-living-room evidence, is an even stronger symptom of cultural decline than all of other evidence that Americans can’t tell their collective ass from a hole in the ground put together.)

4 Thoughts to “Islam, family values, and the decline of Western Civilization”

  1. This is a very good example of Zionist propaganda intended for the western governments and their civil servants to start a civil war on behalf israel's interets

  2. Anonymous

    Perhaps you should actually watch this movie. It was made by Moslems for Moslems. The fact that CAIR doesn't like it says more about them than it does about the movie. As an intellectual you have a responsibility to study before you criticize.

  3. Anonymous

    hum hum… a movie done by Israelis… starring a 'muslim'…

    the economic crash is coming… israel has the solution a civil war muslims-non muslims in the western sphere… they are doing the same in France, they are producing a new racist film, released the 15th February 2012… 'Disintegration' where french-israelis under the cover of economic crash destruction want show that a civil war muslims against non-muslims is the solution to preserve the zionist elite ruling France…. they are doing the same in the USA…

    all the extreme right wing parties in the west are financed and military trained by zionist and NATO for Europe…

    prepare for the israel's big civil war in the west folks that's their current job

  4. another very good example of Zionist propaganda

    The psychological projection of what they are doing… the blame you for what they do… amazing chutzpah look at the video… replace Islaam by Israel and you have their full plans uncovered… for those FBI agents spending all their office time reading this blog… and others

    The voice of the fools at the Zedekiah cave under Jerusalem…

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