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Adrian Salbuchi: Zionist banksters on the verge of unleashing World War Three

Tuesday, November 9th, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Guest: Adrian Salbuchi, international consultant and author, anti-New World Order activist-pundit, founder of Argentina’s Second Republic Movement, 9/11 truth supporter and critic of Zionism. Adrian recently appeared on Russia Today, arguing that Netanyahu’s current push for war with Iran may not be a bluff, and that it could set off World War III.

Listen to today’s show for the full story!

3 Thoughts to “Adrian Salbuchi: Zionist banksters on the verge of unleashing World War Three”

  1. I've seen him on RT many times, he knows of what he is talking about…

    kevin do you think that the fools in the US will unleash a total revolt or launch a civile war white-black-hispanics ?

    cause we are going that way

  2. but I think that the attack will take place in 2013, if not at the end of next year… cause they are not ready at all… remember the Friday UN vote on Palestine and remember that Nord Stream pipeline had opened yesterday not good for the zionists banksters and their mad puppet netanyahu

  3. i don't think they're ready for a US civil war OR a big mideast war

    but the opportunities for the big mideast war are dwindling as the US gets weaker relative to the rest of the world, so they may do it anyway

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