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Monday on TJ Radio: Gordon Duff & (maybe) Kourosh Ziabari

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EddieLeaks has posted today’s Gordon Duff interview on Rupert Murdoch, along with supporting material, here.

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 7/18/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Kourosh Ziabari (we’re waiting for a final confirmation that he can make it) is a talented young Iranian journalist who interviewed me for Veterans Today a while back and whose recent interviews with Alison Weir and Abolghasem Bayyenat are must-reads – and whose July 8th article on Iran’s recent indictment of 26 US officials is an inspiration! He also recently weighed in on the Murdoch scandal…speaking of which…

Second hour: Gordon Duff, editor of Veterans Today, may be the coming of the anti-Murdoch — a well-connected guy who develops a hot new media model and changes the world with it, but in the direction of truth not lies, knowledge not ignorance, peace not war, and American interests not Zionist ones. We’ll be discussing his latest, A Murdoch Note: A Word or Two About What Isn’t Being Said:

Today the British papers not owned by Rupert Murdoch “rumored” that he might be jailed. Americans, even Brits, have little or no idea what is at risk here. There is simply no one who can report it when the individual who, not only controls the world’s largest news organization turns out to be, well, what?

Who is Rupert Murdoch?

What he is not is an Australian “right wing” billionaire. Murdoch, though born in Australia is an Israeli citizen and Jewish. Why is this important?

Murdoch is now admitted to have controlled the political systems in Britain and America for two decades. He has had the power to choose national leaders, make policy, pass laws at will. Where did the power come from?

We now know it came from spying, blackmail, bribery and propaganda.

What is his agenda? Ah, there’s the rub.

Was it about selling newspapers using scandals or spying in the name of Israel to push Britain and the United States into wars for Israel? There is a simple answer.

Murdoch’s primary motivation isn’t even that he is “for Israel.” Murdoch is, perhaps, the most influential Israeli, more powerful than Netanyahu. The problem with that is that his beliefs are what we call “ultra-nationalist.”

This makes him a threat. Ultra-nationalists are known to support wars, plan terrorist acts, manipulate populations into strife and racism, foster fear and panic, even financial ruin.

What are we describing here?

(full article at )

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Other guests coming up this week include British anti-terror expert and truth-speaking hero Tony Farrell; University of Michigan professor David Skrbina, discussing the way he teaches about 9/11 and the truth movement in his philosophy classes; journalist, author and anti-truth-movement polemicist Jonathan Kay; eloquent Obama critic Robert Freeman; and more!

14 Thoughts to “Monday on TJ Radio: Gordon Duff & (maybe) Kourosh Ziabari”

  1. Anonymous

    Here’s a piece I wrote about Rupert and the boyz in March 2007 for the then Online Journal.

    It was picked up by Alex Jones’ This has a great deal of relevant information on your subject, particularly in the closing pages. It’s called Rupert Murdoch: Fox in the henhouse. I’m attaching a copy that I cut and pasted from infowars.
    Good luck and welcome home (if that’s where you are),
    Jerry Mazza.

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin,

    Re: "Rupert Murdoch: Key figure in 9/11 and the 9/11 wars?"

    Why do you use a question mark? Of course Murdoch is a key figure in the 9/11 deception. The Murdoch scandal is just the tip of the iceberg, of course. When Milliband calls for the break-up of News Corp., you know that there are much bigger fish to be fried. Rupert Murdoch has served his purpose – the global deception of 9/11 – but his son of an Estonian mother will certainly not do. This is exactly what I had in mind when I wrote this last year:

    The global Murdoch media empire was created with Rothschild funding and exists to spread Zionist propaganda among the English-speaking populations of the world. Murdoch's son James is in line to take over at the helm of their media empire although it is quite likely that the empire will not survive very long after Rupert Murdoch passes away.

    – Eric Hufschmid and Rupert Murdoch – Agents of Deception, October 21, 2010

    Best wishes,

    Christopher Bollyn

  3. Anonymous


    There is no evidence that Murdoch is an Israeli citizen. There have been allegations that he was Jewish and I included him on the first list I made of Jews in the media but subsequent investigation did not bear that out so I removed hiim. He became an American citizen some years back, in order to buy up US media, and an investigation needs to be made to see if that was "greased" by Washington. If he was Jewish or Israeli that would not be a secret and would have come out in the American Jewish as well as Israeli press. He has been honored a number of times by Jewish groups like the ADL and he has given speeches expressing his undying love and support for Israel but I think that is more a recognition by Murdoch of Jewish power which could bring him down if he ever took a line that wasn't solidly pro-Israel.


    Jeff B.

  4. Anonymous

    Greetings Kevin: Concerning Murdoch, go back and review the the war mongering on Fox News, especially by O'Reilly and Hannity. They clamored, almost to the point of rabid insanity, for war and love for Israel. Both are greedy dishonest loudmouths and never did anything useful for our Country. To me, both are criminals and traitors, along with Bush et al. The economic and war policies they pushed through Fox and Murdoch added significantly to the serious national problems we now face. But in general, Americans lack the intelligence, courage and morals to solve our problems through the ballot box and will just continue to be bounced back and forth between the two major political parties like a ball of dead brain tissue. My strong personal opinion is that the two major treasonous political parties must be politically destroyed, similar to the surgical removal and destruction of a cancerous tumor. It is difficult for me to find the words to describe the corrupt scumbags now in control of my Country. I have been observing and quantifying the decay and destruction of the USA since the late 1980's and expected that at some point the citizens would figure out what was going on and take strong action. Unfortunately, this did not and probably will not happen. Instead, the middle class will continue to be willing prey for the predatory plutocracy now firmly in control of the Country. Get ready for a painful and dangerous ride into a future of turmoil. Art M.

  5. Anonymous

    Gordon mentioned this on the show:

    LONDON (AP) — Police say Sean Hoare, the whistleblower reporter who alleged widespread hacking at the News of the World, has been found dead.

    Police said Hoare's death at his home in England was not considered to be suspicious, according to Britain's Press Association news agency.


  6. It isn't the least bit suspicious.

    It's obviously murder by Murdoch's mob.

    No "suspicions" necessary.

  7. Anonymous

    Running Rupert to Ground – Vox Populi, Vox Dei

    By Michael Collins

    If they want Murdoch, they’ve got him. Wide spread speculation that Murdoch is subject to indictment will drive down News Corporation shares, costing Murdoch billions, and threaten the viability or even profitable sale of his US properties. The picture may turn grim very soon for the once but not future grand master of media manipulation.


  8. Anonymous

    Rupert Murdoch is certainly a monstrous figure. But where does Duff get the information that he is Jewish and an Israeli citizen? That assertion reeks of the rubbish heap. Available bios online make it clear that Murdoch is the scion of Presbyterians and other Scottish Christians. No mention of Israeli citizenship.

    I repeat: Murdoch is an evil monster. Israel is no friend of the United States and I, too, believe that Israel is deeply implicated in the attacks of 9/11. But the claim that Murdoch is Jewish smells to me like anti-Jewish propaganda (describe every monster as Jewish and soon every Jew is under suspicion as a monster).


  9. Anonymous


    If the Towers were/are symbolic of Murdoch's evil empire, then I'd say that his Tower One has collapsed, and Tower Two is on fire!

    Connie Smith

  10. Anonymous

    It would be a strange "journalism" assignment to obtain phone records and contacts from dead people on 9/11. Where's the story in that? "FOX experts Hack Dead FDNY cell phone records, finds out he was cheating on wife! Film at 11!"

    Fox appears to have been running a contract op to surveil alleged victims or at least their phones for purposes unknown. Maybe you should interview Daniel Lewin of Brookline and Akimai/MIT/ Sayret.

  11. Anonymous

    The fact that Ruppert Murdoch is being questioned by Parliament instead of being arraigned for these crimes shows he has already won. If the politicians had any intention of allowing Murdoch to be nailed for his tapping phones and computers they would have let the statute law find application.

    The fact that they are just bringing Murdoch in for a secret chat shows that they realize he has the power to blackmail all of them — and that all they can do is come to terms and together find the best way to quiet the public on the issue.

    Nothing is going to happen to Murdoch. His crimes are too big to fail.

    We are about to see the false self-image Britain collide the reality of Rothschild criminal domination. Have no illusions about which of the two will crumble to dust.

    Talk is fine, but Rothschild can cut of the food supply.

    Dick Eastman

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    This incident reminded me of the dancing Israelis, except this guy's dancing days were over. I also thought of the unfortunate crushing accident as something like turning on the light in the kitchen in the middle of the night and seeing roaches scurrying around. Just because you don't usually see them doesn't mean they aren't there!

    This is the incident that Prime Minister Key (whose grandmother is Jewish) alluded to:

  13. Anonymous

    It's hard to know what to make of Mr. Duff and his chuckling,I-know-more-than-I-can-tell-you countenance. What is the basis of his vague criticisms of Mr Blankfort? I find Mr. Blankfort to be a straight shooter.

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