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5 Thoughts to “Alan Sabrosky’s Shocking Press TV Interview”

  1. shocking…. he sticks to the facts !

  2. It's shocking (in a good way) to see someone with Sabrosky's qualifications sticking to these particular facts on a major international television channel. I wish it weren't.

  3. Anonymous

    good interview. and there is nothing wrong with admitting you think she is easy on the eyes, cuz she is. however im more of a Francesca Stavrakopoulou man. meoooow!

  4. I see… Iranian say it openly… russians are still reluctant to say israel did 911… well hopefully this will awaken some people… murdoch scandale is being covered up here … these fights between different zionist factions in the imf, murdoch and others coming … are evidence that major shift appeared in the ruling zionist clans… remember i had the info in april 2011… i said that a scandale is going to unleash and that will break up the government and zionist cameron

    we are at a crossroad… the most racist zionist clan will take power and we know that it is the one here in london and the rotschield, netanayhu in 2012, the stanic ritual of tranistion of power might happen… wa Allah swt

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