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Breaking news: Bush’s cousin sanctions Gallop/Veal for requesting recusal in 9/11 case!

Tuesday, July 19th, 9-10 a.m Pacific (noon Eastern) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast): Kevin Barrett interviews attorney William Veale, one of April Gallop’s lawyers.


We at Truth Jihad Radio hereby offer the Larry Silverstein Award for Chutzpah Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to…Federal Court Judge John Walker, George H.W. Bush’s cousin and thus George W. Bush’s second cousin.

Judge Walker and his two co-panelists have issued punitive sanctions against April Gallop’s lawyers, including William Veale. Why? Because Gallop’s legal team made a motion to recuse Walker from judging a lawsuit against Bush II Administration Officials, accusing those officials of orchestrating the 9/11 attacks.

This is the second set of sanctions Walker has slapped on Gallop’s lawyers. The first was for bringing what Walker considered a “frivolous” lawsuit against his cousin.

Judge Walker did not merely dismiss the motion and refuse to recuse himself from a case arguing that his cousin’s administration perpetrated the worst crime in US history. (No conflict of interest there!) He dismissed the motion AND sanctioned Veale for bringing it! This after having already sanctioned Gallop and her lawyers for bringing the case in the first place!!

In today’s America, federal judges apparently think that they have no conflict of interest judging cases arguing that their own family members are involved in horrendous crimes…and if anybody sees the appearance of a conflict of interest, sanction them!

Had this rule been in force before 9/11 “changed everything,” Judge Luciano could have presided over a case against his aptly-named son Lucky…Judge Manson could have presided over the case against her poor misunderstood son Charlie…Judge Gein could have sat in on the case claiming that his eccentric but generally decent nephew Eddie was making lampshades out of illicit materials…and all those cases could have been dismissed, with sanctions against those who brought them…and additional sanctions for asking the judges to recuse themselves!

The Silverstein Award for Chutzpah — a silver-plated voice-activated nanothermite demolition charge that explodes when the words “pull it” are spoken — will be bestowed upon Judge Walker in a private ceremony at Kennebunkport later this month.

7 Thoughts to “Breaking news: Bush’s cousin sanctions Gallop/Veal for requesting recusal in 9/11 case!”

  1. Anonymous

    hilariously presented, KB

  2. Thanks, Anonymous.

    My producer was worried that the last paragraph could be interpreted as "threatening a federal official." So for the record, let me state that the "Silverstein Chutzpah Award" is a purely imaginary concept whose obvious purpose is satire and/or parody, and that I have no intention of sneaking into the Bush family compound at Kennebunkport to bestow a silver-plated voice-activated nanothermite demolition charge upon Judge Walker, no matter how much fun that sounds like.

  3. Yeah.

    We better not threaten them.

  4. Tom

    You know, it might not be such a bad idea to make the Silverstein Chutzpah Award a real physical trophy, one that could actually be awarded in a ceremony…

  5. Anonymous

    Archive still not up on website.

  6. Anonymous

    Archive not up and not working. If I go to the "archived *here*" link, it does not appear. If I go directly to the link you provided above, and I click on play, is says "buffering" and stays that way without playing.

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