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Jeff Gates on TJ Radio today!

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 6/1/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Jeff Gates will discuss his brand-new article “The U.S.-Israeli Train Wreck” :

“President Obama hopes to head off a train wreck in September at the U.N. General Assembly. That’s when member nations plan to press for an independent Palestine. The Israel lobby is furious.”

In this brilliant article (on par with the rest of his work) Gates points out that the Zionists have been lying to every US president since Harry Truman, while constructing a “nuclear-armed theocratic enclave of extremists with an apartheid domestic policy and an expansionist foreign policy” whose association with the USA makes America hated around the world.

Jeff Gates is the author of Guilt By Association, one of the most important books on Zionist power in the US.

Second hour: Scheduled guest Franklin Lamb was unavailable. So I discussed my trip to Turkey, espoused holocaust denial denial, and entertained callers.

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  1. Anonymous

    Israeli! The only criminal society on this planet

  2. Anonymous

    Luciferian members of the U.S. govt. support the Illuminati NWO plan. Setting up the antichrist as the head of the world government and religion in Jerusalem. the answers are on the Internet, but you have to know for what you should search. Start with the Illuminati Card Games published in 1995 by Steve Jackson. David Icke has laid out the what cards are part of the plan of the end of the world by Luciferians. You can make your own references, but this is a masonic plan laid out 200 years ago.
    Google video:


    Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings 2 – Riddles in Stone – Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.

    Secret Mysteries Of America's Beginnings – Vol 3 – Eye Of The Phoenix, Secrets of the Dollar Bill

  3. Anonymous

    Decoding the Past – Secrets of the Kabbalah

    Albert Pike said it himself, the roots of Freemasonry are Jewish (The Kabbalah), which like the Babylonian Talmud is based on Traditions.

    Learn that the practice of Kabbalah ritual is WITCHCRAFT.

  4. Anonymous

    Mind Control: America's Secret War

    Google Video:

    Must see video

    Manual of extracting false confessions is from the middle ages.

  5. FYI- this episode did not upload to iTunes properly. The interview you did with William Pepper and Kevin McDonald was uploaded instead.

    Interesting links Anonymous, checking them out now!

    Kevin, you and virtually all of your guests keep saying that 3,000 Americans were killed on 9/11. That is definitely a mainstream view of the attacks- 3,000 Americans died. I would really encourage you to question this assumption, and take a look at the research these guys have done:

    It would be great if you could get Phil Jayhan on your show!!! He was great on Fetzer's program! Check it out everyone! Very interesting info!!

  6. Anonymous

    Hey cool I look forward to ur radio show,I hope it takes off very well.

  7. Thank you for great post.

  8. tahnk you for good sharing.

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