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Kill Bill: Scumbag Maher is a genocidal bigot and should be tried, convicted and executed…BWAHAHAHA

As a politically incorrect Muslim comedian, I can get away with a lot.

But can I get away with cheering for the mass murder of Jews, starting with Bill Maher?

Well, why not? Bill Maher, a violent 9/11 truth denier who is Jewish and a rabid Zionist — like just about everyone else in the mainstream media — thinks he can get away with cheering for the mass murder of Muslims.

Bill Maher posed the question to Republicans, “How many Muslims does a black guy have to kill in one weekend before crackers climb down off his ass?

Any way you slice it, in this “comedy” schtick, Maher is applauding Obama for the mass murder of Muslims.  Not “terrorists.”  Not “enemy combatants.”  Maher is cheering for the murder of people because they happen to profess the religion of Islam.

This is in the context of an ongoing anti-Muslim genocide. During the past twenty years, roughly three million Muslims have been murdered by US military actions (including sanctions, which are a form of military action) in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama, as Maher unintentionally suggests, is a worse genocidal war criminal than Bush.

Maher, along with a whole lot of other people, needs to be tried for incitement to genocide.

15 Thoughts to “Kill Bill: Scumbag Maher is a genocidal bigot and should be tried, convicted and executed…BWAHAHAHA”

  1. Anonymous

    I despise Bill Maher. He's a disingenuous weasel. However, there is simply nothing you can say that would warrant capital punishment. Actions might warrant the death penalty. Words? Never.

    youtube "save the world radio"

  2. I agree. I vote to commute his sentence to thirty years in prison, or until the smirk gets wiped off his face, whichever comes first.

  3. Anonymous

    Kevin, i like most of your stuff, but seems to me you have much worse enemies than Maher ?

    Not to mention that statement he made was a joke. I dont think he is a muslim hater at all
    He often sides with the Muslim community

  4. Maher is a full-time genocidal Islamophobe, a hardcore supporter of the phony "war on terror" and an ardent Zionist. I've read his book "When You Ride Alone You Ride with Bin Laden" and it's beyond disgusting. Joking about mass-murdering Muslims in the middle of a genocide would be bad enough, but from the context, and his other writings, it's clear that he approves of the mass murder. I challenge you to find one example of him EVER "siding with the Muslim community." (Note: Siding with Muslim Uncle Toms who are traitors to their own community is NOT siding with the Muslim community!)

  5. I'm disgusted with Bill Maher. I used to like him, but his position on 9/11 and Israel completely turned me off. He's not funny enough to be worth watching anymore. For laughs I still watch the Daily Show, but I'm getting disgusted with that too.

  6. Maher is a smart guy.Way too smart to not know that 9/11 was an inside job,despite his blatherings to the contrary.He may well be a Zionist shill.He certainly knows which viewpoint pays the best.Being on the side of Truth would be a bad career move,huh Bill?

  7. Anonymous

    Ann Cappelletti & Barbara Bush are illegitimate witch daughters of Aleister Crowley, conceived w sex tantra w Crowley at Abbey of Thelema where Crowley disciples went to Sicilian villages to lured 20 yr old Sicilian girls with money to Thelema to have sex magick w Crowley to procreate the antichrist in 1923. Ann's mother sailed with her to South Philadelphia to live with a community of Strega witches. Crowley was deported from Italy at the end of 1923. Paris to stay w supporter Frank Harris & his live-in girl friend in 1924. Barb's mother Pauline Pierce, 6th degree OTO sailed to France in 1923 to stay w Nell & Frank Harris. Pauline became Crowley's sex assistant in Eroto Comotose Lucidity stage act. Crowley's book "Moonchild" expressed his desire to sire the antichrist. He had done it at Thelema. Pauline wanted the give birth to the antichrist. Pauline returned to U.S. pregnant in Oct 1924, gave birth to Barb, June 1925. Both women had girls. Those girls conceived antichrists.

    You csn google, Barbara Bush Aleister Crowley to find the story. I found it in 2007, when I wondered what she looked like as a young girl.

  8. Anonymous

    John & Mike Cappelletti's demolition company gutted & planted explosives in WTC tower for the 911 planned implosions. This was a 30 yr plan. Ann & Barb got together in 1970s to get Bushes in WH & set about using the CRAFT of their father to set the Towers, Jachin & Boaz, to be demolished as foretold on the back of U.S. Currency. 911 was a megaritual. Who doesn't know that U.S. politicians are occultists, satanists, kabbalists, masons & witches?
    Here is a 90 min film which explains rituals of 911 by the occultist, kabbalist, masons:

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  9. Anonymous

    I used to like Bill Maher, his views and his shows, but since he denied 911 Truth and continued to push the fake democrats vs republicans distractions, my views of him changed drastically. When he made the comment about the Stuxnet Virus once it was clear that Israel and the US were behind it: "Well that's bad-ass! Moving on…" I continued to watch for a few seconds to see if he would add anything to this sentence which he didn't, I immediately stopped watching and never watched any of his shows since.
    He simply annoys the fuck out of me and I can't stand watching him make absolute tasteless jokes and sticking his head higher and higher into Obama's ass. People like him and John Steward etc could have really made the difference when it comes to 911 truth. Unfortunately none of them dared to stand up for the truth and in my book they are all traitors. I believe they all know very well that the official story is BS and pretending it's the truth is just high treason if you ask me. Charly Sheen on the other hand is a nice example of what happens if you dare to speak up. Being the star in one of the most successful tv shows and they just kick him out. The german title for the show is translated to "my cool uncle Charlie" – they will probably even have to change that name now. Simply incredible!

    I'll end with a famous quote:
    You're either with us or you're with the terrorists.(traitors!)

    Keep up the great work Kevin!

    ps. was there no Monday show this week, my friend?

    best wishes from Switzerland

  10. Anonymous

    People. Bill is all about sarcasm. It drips off of his tounge in every other sentence he speaks. If you can't differentiate his sarcasm from real meaning then it's probably best you don't try and "get" his brand of comedy. The whole comment on killing Muslims was meant for the Cons and delivered in a way that shines a bright beam of light on the raw ignorance of the entire Hawkish lot. Please. I don't want to be standing up for Bill but at least I can realize where it came from. And, to expect that he should committ professional suicide in order to simply be snuffed out is a little unfair. Look what recently happened to Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall. He piped up for one tweet about buildings pancaking and BOOM! People, fans, etc. were calling for the end of his young and promising carreer. Now, should he continue down that path of destruction? He obviously wasn't about to pcik up any traction from the media to forward his opinion. He was going to be pile driven into the Steel City concrete. I'm a truther but at least I look at things with some levity. Some of ya'll might better understand how to fight the beast if you understand the beast. That's why I'm involved in……

  11. Sarcasm my Irish Muslim ass! Read his book fer crying out loud! The guy is a pro-war-on-terror, kill-the-Muslims fanatic, and his anti-Republican sarcasm was NOT opposing Obama's genocidal Muslim-killing, but applauding it. DUH. (Oops, now I'M being sarcastic.)

  12. Adam Ruff

    Kevin here is a video I did about Bill (the shill) Maher.

    Real Time Problems with Bill Maher

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  13. Anonymous

    Jewish scumbags need to be raided and shutdown.

  14. mark

    Fuck Bill Mahar, I'd kill him for a penny and make a profit. I bet he has armed security around him 24/7. Self righteous pussy face faggot

  15. Bill is clearly a bigot , he has this us against them (the muslims) attitude .
    He ignorantly points to all the bad things extremist muslims do as evidence to prove all muslims are bad and constantly refers to muslims as if they all hate and want to kill non muslims .
    Its ridiculous how bigoted he is but yet gets away with it .

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