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Friday: 9/11 truth-speaker Alan Sabrosky, Finkelstein defender and academic freedom fighter Peter Kirstein

Truth Jihad Radio Friday 3/11/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Encore appearance of military affairs expert Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D. University of Michigan, former Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College). Dr. Sabrosky pulls no punches:

“I have had long conversations over the last two weeks with contacts at the Army War College and the headquarters, Marine Corps, and I’ve made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100% certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation.’ Period.

“The Zionists are playing this as an all-or-nothing exercise. If they lose this one, they’re done…..” –

Alan Sabrosky’s forceful and unequivocal statement that the Israeli Mossad did 9/11 last year sent shock waves through the 9/11 truth movement. Some cheered his forthright honesty and heartfelt sincerity. Others feared PR blowback. A few attacked Sabrosky, calling him a provocateur or even an anti-Semite, which seems odd since Sabrosky is part Jewish and obviously concerned for the welfare of Jewish Americans in the coming post-9/11-truth world (more here).

Now Dr. Sabrosky is back, after some recuperation from health issues, with a new project entitled “Israel’s Hidden Faces : A Long Day’s Night for Us All.” Here his his intro:


The first set of several publications due out this month is on the cyberstreet. This one is an attempt to address a long-standing concern of mine: that our efforts have become so complex, and address so many issues, that it is difficult even for those who are deeply involved to discern the strategic forest for the multitude of rhetorical trees, and all but impossible for the general public to do so. This means that far too often, we “talk” to each other, gaining few if any converts, while Israel and its cohorts continue to make progress.

So I decided to put together what is essentially a primer for the general public, focusing on the US and especially veterans but largely useful “as is” elsewhere, and easily adaptable to different countries and audiences. In the process, I learned how to create a PowerPoint slide-show, use WordPress to edit an online publication, and create & upload my first YouTube video (no audio yet, that comes later).

And in fact, the PowerPoint slide-show was the first product, and is the one that allows for a personal touch with any audience of any size you can reach. I am attaching the file – it works fine with any version of PowerPoint from 97 through 2010, but better with 2007 & 2010 (a free Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Viewer can be downloaded from their website at: .

All you need is a projector & a clean wall, and you can add your own comments as needed.

The article version is in several places, but one easily reachable is:

And the YouTube version is:

Link As always, comments are appreciated – expect three more (article format only) over the next three weeks.

In solidarity,


Second hour: Academic freedom fighter Peter Kirstein makes his first appearance on Truth Jihad Radio! Peter N. Kirstein is professor of history at St Xavier University in Chicago. He has an M.A. and Ph.D. degree from Saint Louis University and an A.B. from Boston University. His undergraduate mentor and advisor was Howard Zinn. He is also vice president of the Illinois Conference of the American Association of University Professors and chairs its Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure. In 2002 he was involved in one of the most controversial academic freedom cases of the new century. He was suspended and reprimanded for an antiwar email as a response to an event solicitation at the Air Force Academy. He later became known as a leading defender of Norman Finkelstein‘s academic freedom.

An author of a book and many articles, Kirstein concentrates on the atomic bomb, foreign policy and academic freedom. Frequently they intersect. His recent involvement in the Namita Goswami tenure case at DePaul University has been covered by the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chronicle of higher Ed and Inside Higher Ed. Professor Kirstein was included in David Horowitz, The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America.

Peter Kirstein and colleagues

3 Thoughts to “Friday: 9/11 truth-speaker Alan Sabrosky, Finkelstein defender and academic freedom fighter Peter Kirstein”

  1. Can't wait to hear this one!! Sabrosky is key in this movement!! We really need the military on our side.

  2. Veterans in the United States represent a very sizable voting bloc. If we can get these guys and gals on our side, it's a whole new ball game.

  3. Sorry it's taken me so long to finally comment here! Lol!

    Great show, as I excepted! I don't understand why you didn't bring up Khalezov, no matter how crazy you think his info is. I actually tried calling in right at the beginning of the broadcast while I was at work on my break! I wanted to ask Dr. Sabrosky about Khalezov, but the interview was great nonetheless.

    I wrote this up if anyone is interested:

    A couple other things. You said in addressing 9/11 truth and justice advocates always downplaying the fact Israel was behind the attack:
    "Isn’t it the big American empire? And aren’t these neocons and PNAC people actually agents of the big American empire? And therefore, isn’t it mean and nasty and anti-Semitic to blame the Israelis?”

    What we need to understand is that we don't really have an "American Empire." What we have is Zionists, many of whom are Jews, running our government for their own purposes. It's not an American empire per say, it's a Zionist empire using American blood sweat and tears. We also have to understand that these same Zionist interests have been behind virtually every major war for at least the past 100 years, and no that is not anti-Semitic to say. It's the truth.

    You also said:
    "9/11 may have been welcomed by a certain group of right wing generals and Rumsfeld, Cheney, ect. who are not primarily Zionists.”

    9/11 was welcomed by a lot of people in the US, including Rumsfeld, Cheney and others in the military-industrial complex. But let's be serious– these guys are in the position they were then and are today because they are Zionists, first and foremost. They are indeed primarily Zionists, as the Zionist influence is the most dominant one in Washington (and London). I think it's inaccurate to say that they were "not primarily Zionists" when in fact, they were and are.

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