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Dr. Javed Jamil on the KB Show today!

Tuesday, March 29th, 11 a.m. Pacific (9-10 pm Eastern) on, to be archived here a few hours after broadcast…

Dr. Javed Jamil is Executive Director of Mahavir Hospital in Saharanpur, India; Executive Chairman, International Centre for Applied Islamics; and Director of the Program for Ethical Academic and Cultural Enterprises (PEACE).

He is the author of eight books including The Devil of Economic Fundmentalism, a critique of contemporary economics that presents an alternative paradigm, peace economics. Along with his books on socio-political subjects, Dr. Jamil is a noted poet and novelist.

Among the questions I hope to ask him: Has a war on Islam been underway since 9/11/2001? If so, why? Does Islam threaten the powers-that-be? If so, how? Or is religion just an extraneous factor manipulated by scheming politicians and geostrategists?

Also, how is India reacting to revelations that key acts of “Islamic extremist terror” were false-flag operations?

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