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Middle Western extremist terrorist caught in false-flag lies

You can’t make this stuff up!

I mean, seriously, I am flabbergasted.

More proof that in the age of neoconservatism, satire is superfluous:

Carlos F. Lam
Carlos F. Lam, false-flag terror fan and shamelessly “flabbergasted” liar

As I reported a few days ago, Carlos Lam, a Republican activist and prosecutor from Indiana, resigned last Thursday after revelations that he had emailed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker urging Walker to stage an act of false-flag terrorism.

Now the Green Bay Press-Gazette is reporting the hilarious details of the “flabbergasted” Lam’s lies when initially confronted about his email:

Reached Tuesday by phone at the number listed on the email, Lam confirmed his email address matched the Hotmail address appearing on the Walker email, but said he had never written to Walker.

“I am flabbergasted and would never advocate for something like this, and would like everyone to be sure that that’s just not me,” he said, after being read the email.

Asked his views on Scott Walker, Lam said,

“I think he’s trying to do what he has to do to get his budget balanced. But jeez, that’s taking it a little bit to the extreme,” he said of the email’s suggestion to fake violence. “Jeez!”

Lam said he was minivan-shopping with his family when the email was sent.

 Later Lam admitted sending the email and resigned.

Lam isn’t the first neocon Republican false-flag terrorist to lie shamelessly when confronted with proof of his misdeeds. (Watch Rudy Giuliani lie about his well-documented foreknowledge that the Twin Towers were going to collapse.)

But he may be the funniest.

4 Thoughts to “Middle Western extremist terrorist caught in false-flag lies”

  1. Anonymous

    Asked whether he was running the White House Situation Room by 9:15 a.m. on September 11th 2001, Cheney replied: "Jeez! I'm flabbergasted! Blowing up the Trade Center would be a little extreme! I was actually minivan shopping that whole day!"

  2. HAHAHAH Anonymous that's hilarious!!! ^.^

    Great article! Thanks, Kevin, for keeping us informed.

  3. caught en flagrant deli…. astonishing coming from prosecutor… they don't even take measures they say it openly… mark of the dictatorship fascim already implemented in the US…

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