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Ex-BBC Mideast Expert Alan Hart: Hezbollah could be right!

Alan Hart is a former BBC Mideast correspondent, unofficial high-level negotiator,   friend of Golda Meir and Yasser Arafat, and author of the magisterial Zionism trilogy. Last year I broke the story of his “coming out” for 9/11 truth. (Short version here.)

Now he’s “coming out” in search of the truth about a more recent false-flag attack: the probable Israeli murder of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, a crime designed to be blamed on Hezbollah. Alan Hart will join me on the radio tomorrow, Tuesday 1/18/11, to discuss the following (brand-new) article.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah could be right

By Alan Hart
It’s not impossible that Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah was right when he described the tribunal investigating the assassination of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005 as “an American and Israeli tool”. Though I myself see Israel’s military and political leaders as those with most to gain – I mean thinking they have most to gain – from a successful attempt to pin  the blame on Hezbollah.
When their unopposed air force devastated large parts of Lebanon’s infrastructure (as well as Hezbollah’s headquarters area of Beirut) in 2006, Israel’s leaders thought that by doing so they would turn the Lebanese army and Christian and Sunni militias against Hezbollah. In other words, by massively punishing all of Lebanon, Israel’s leaders believed they could push the Lebanese army and Christian and Sunni militias into doing the Zionist state’s dirty work.
But once again Israeli strategy (state terrorism pure and simple) backfired. Israel’s 2006 war united the Lebanese (more or less) and Hezbollah came out of it stronger not weaker. (It’s worth remembering that Hezbollah would not have come into existence if Israel had not invaded Lebanon all the way to Beirut in 1982 and remained in occupation of the south. Just as Hamas would not have come into existence if Israel had been prepared to do the two-state business with Arafat).
Fast forward to today.
Israel’s leaders are itching to have another go at Hezbollah and hopefully destroy it. But there’s a problem. Hezbollah today is much better armed than it was in 2006. It has rockets and (some say) missiles, primarily for defense, but which could do a great deal of damage to and in Israel’s cities including Tel Aviv.
The soft underbelly of Israeli public opinion would not like that. For most Israeli Jews, wars are only great if they are relatively cost free in terms of casualties on their side. So if Hezbollah succeeded in making Israel pay a high price in terms of IDF forces and civilians killed and wounded, it’s by no means impossible that, for the first time ever, many Israeli Jews would seriously question their government’s policy of living by the sword.
From an Israeli leader’s perspective, that must not happen.
So before they go to war again, Israel’s leaders (and their unquestioning American allies) know they need to discredit Hezbollah in order to greatly improve the prospects of other Lebanese forces making effective common cause with Zionism to destroy Nasrallah and all he and his movement represent.
I must confess, and do so cheerfully, that one thing above all others has always puzzled me about the circumstances of the explosion that killed Rafik Hariri and 22 others. His wealth and contacts would have ensured the he had state of the art electronic protection when he was on the move. Taking it out or in some way neutralizing it surely had to be an inside job? (That’s a question not a statement). Who could have had the necessary access?
A Mossad agent? Very possible.
A CIA agent? Again, very possible.
A Hezbollah agent? Unlikely, or so it seems to me.

7 Thoughts to “Ex-BBC Mideast Expert Alan Hart: Hezbollah could be right!”

  1. Anonymous

    Alan Hart tells it like it is!

  2. Anonymous

    There's a lot more to this story.

    Hariri's motorcade was indeed protected by a state of the art jamming device that was considered impenetrable. Interestingly, it is German made, and yet while Germany are among the biggest supporters of this tribunal, they have refused to testify before the tribunal about how the jamming system could have been defeated.

    That leaves 2 options:

    1. Someone on the inside disabled it
    2. The explosion wasn't triggered by radio signals.

    It should be noted that car bombs do not leave craters, thus there is a strong likelyhood that this was an attack via missile. The STL apprently conducted a test (closed to the public) to determine if they could recreate a scenario that would produce a crater.

    Furthermore, Nasrallah was able to produce video that he claims to have been intercepted from an Israeli UAV that was tracking Hariri's motorcade. Needless to say, Israel have also refused to testify.

    The US apparently had an AWACS in the area and they too have refused to give evidence.

    The UAE, who were somehow connected to the alledged van carrying the explosives have refused to give evidence.

    And yet, everyone is asking why Hezbollah are not cooperating with the STL?

  3. Anonymous

    There is a very comprehensive report covering all these details here:

    I made one error in my previous post. The jamming device was Israeli made, not German.

  4. Anonymous

    It wasnt German "produced". It was originated and developed by a company affiliated with the Israeli military and weapons industries but manufactured and sold by front companies in Germany to evade the boycott of Israel and to mask its country of origin- a practice used very frequently by Israel.

  5. Anonymous

    This case for Israel guilt was proved 6 yrs ago and COMPLETELY buried. Now some MSM hack wants kudos for waking up? The credit goes to the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA ONLINE for breaking the story.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

  6. A voiced version for those too terminally lazy to read

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…
    This case for Israel guilt was proved 6 yrs ago and COMPLETELY buried. Now some MSM hack wants kudos for waking up? The credit goes to the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA ONLINE for breaking the story.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

    Thank you! This is totally typical of "MSM hack" Alan Hart — taking "courageous" [NOT] positions that have been taken for years already by the truly perceptive and honest. Who is Alan Hart? A johnny-come-lately at best; at worst … ?

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