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Why is The Progressive’s Matt Rothschild covering up the murder of his hero?

I recently had words with Matt Rothschild, editor of The Progressive, on the occasion of Martin Luther King Day 2011.  Matt – a notable 9/11 coverup participant – was speaking at the Spring Green (WI) Public Library.  Why won’t Matt, and the rest of the pseudo-alternative media, cover the findings of a November, 1999 jury that the CIA, FBI and US Army killed Dr. King?

10 Thoughts to “Why is The Progressive’s Matt Rothschild covering up the murder of his hero?”

  1. Anonymous

    Yes Matt, that is exactly the kind of argument that is needed. It is the one that Martin Luther King gave up his precious life for! That is to say the truth of your being in the face of lies and liars!
    Kevin, if MLK is watching, he must be smiling broadly at your small yet powerful confrontation with this cowardly man!
    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous

    the king disinformation war has been ratcheted up one:

    interesting that this review speaks of james earl ray as "the man tried and convicted" as king's assassin. ray was forced to sign a hasty confession. pepper, ray and the king family tried like hell to get a trial for him, at which the real facts could come out, but ray died in prison.

    hampton sides is someone to be reckoned with here. go after him. he's the cork they're trying to shove into the bottle.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for the work you are doing to educate us. I didn't know about 1999 MLK trial until today with you links to Barry Zwicker. Matt Rottshchild is as you say, an intellectual coward. there are so many like him in the media. you might be interested to know that Project Censored is now on the radio on Thursday mornings 8-9am on Also Bonnie Faulkner's Guns and Butter program is offering much by way of truth. I'm sure both of them would appreciate hearing about the 1999 trial.

    thanks again Kevin for being a truth hero of mine!

  4. Anonymous


    Matt Rothschild's reply to your question was so lame!

    He wants us to keep our dialogue passive and tame

    so we don't point our fingers or assign any blame —

    accomplishing nothing and getting more of the same

    from the fascist elitists controlling the game.

    I wonder — where did Matt Rothschild get his surname?


  5. Matt Rothschild's MLK Day speech was actually pretty good. Here's the written version: I just don't see why he pulls up short of the whole truth.

  6. Anonymous

    what i sense in m.r. is terror. if you want to interact with him, you must speak to, confront that fear…

  7. Anonymous

    I watched with interest, wondering whether Rothschild is a crass hypocrite or whether he is in such deep denial of obvious facts, that he feels justified in censoring them. I continue to observe otherwise intelligent people like Rothschild who are in denial. But unlike Rothschild they have no apparent economic incentive to censor truth.

    Can you cite me to any credible published professional explanation for the continued mass denial of 9/11 truth, CIA assassinations, etc. by people without apparent economic incentive? I have intuitive theories but this continues to baffle me.

    I agree with your concluding comment that apparently it will take some great shock to awaken people in denial.

  8. Anonymous

    It's truly amazing that most Americans
    think that the "lone nut" James Earl Ray
    was the killer of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    In 1999, through the tireless efforts of
    Martin Luther King's family, it was proven in a
    US Court of Law that´╗┐ the United States Government
    was responsible for the triple-redundant plan that
    assured King's assassination on April 4, 1968.

    The mainstream news media has been ignoring the
    truth ever since, just like they did this past
    Monday, on the national holiday commemorating
    King's birthday.

    "King recognized that powerful economic forces
    stunt history and kill hope. It's important to
    realize that these forces now include the
    [mainstream] media."


    – Alexandra

  9. it's clear to me from m.r.'s response that he's scared… behind his denial is fear.. if you want to interact with him you have to speak to that fear, and in a way that does not cause it to increase.

  10. Anonymous

    "where did Matt Rothschild get his surname?"
    from his monstruous family. Mayer's vision followed by nathan's genius….
    (ex: making england believe they lost the war against napoleon so they could buy the entire nation in one night, simply and horribly brilliant machiavelisme.

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