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A call for We Are Change and all other courageous activists to SUPPORT OPT-OUT DAY…

…by going to your nearest airport on Opt-Out Day, Wednesday November 24th, and engaging in civil information activism…even if you aren’t traveling! (Or ESPECIALLY if you aren’t traveling – because you, unlike the poor folks getting scanned and groped, won’t have a flight to miss!)

How? Just stand near where people line up to go through the checkpoint, being careful not to physically obstruct anyone, and talk to travelers about Opt-Out Day, naked body scanners, and “enhanced pat-downs” that amount to sexual assaults. Ask people to Opt Out of the naked body scanners, and to insist that the TSA sexual assault take place in full view of other passengers. Be sure to inform them that they are 30 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to be killed by a terrorist, as I explain in my book Questioning the War on Terror.

Keep in mind that the Supreme Court has ruled that airports are not exempt from First Amendment protections.

If you want to provoke a confrontation with authorities and film it for YouTube, that shouldn’t be too hard.  Speaking loudly, bullhorning, and/or holding up signs such as “TSA = Total Sexual Assault” would be easy ways to get asked to leave. Insist on your First Amendment Rights (at least up to the point that arrest seems imminent) and film the conversation.

I will personally send $50 by check or paypal (your choice) to the person who makes the best Opt-Out Day We Are Change type activist video. You don’t have to belong to We Are Change to enter the contest. Just put your video on Youtube and email a link to kbarrett[at]merr[dot]com.  Entries will be accepted through the end of November 2010.

If anyone else wants to pledge some additional prize money, please let me know and I’ll keep track of the amount of prize money here.

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  1. Anonymous

    I'm going to opt out of flying.

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