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Barbara Honegger’s brand-new updated Pentagon Attack Papers!

Barbara Honegger will be my guest this Saturday, November 20th on Truth Jihad Radio.

Here is her newly revised edition of The Pentagon Attack Papers featuring new material including interviews with former Terror Czar Richard Clarke and other high-level officials.



Updated November 2010
Barbara Honegger
Appendix to
THE TERROR CONSPIRACY (Second Ed.) by Jim Marrs 
Barbara Honegger, M.S. is Senior Military Affairs Journalist with the Naval Postgraduate School (1995-present), DoD’s graduate science, technology, national security and homeland security university….

Click here to read The Pentagon Attack Papers: Updated November 2010 

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The Scarlet ‘A’: Links Between the,  Anthrax Attacks and 9/11

6 Thoughts to “Barbara Honegger’s brand-new updated Pentagon Attack Papers!”

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  2. Anonymous

    Alright, if I got it right, the NY Fire Department big wigs blew up the Towers full of their own firemen and uncounted civilians because Larry told them to?


  3. Anonymous, you may or may not know that the CIA, Mossad and other organized crime outfits infiltrate state and local government agencies, including police and fire departments. For example, Jesse Ventura describes being surrounded by CIA people infiltrating state government while he was governor of Minnesota. Now, go back and listen to Larry Silverstein confessing to being a party to the decision to "pull" WTC-7. Larry hesitates noticeably when he says "I was talking to the…er…'Fire Department Commander'…" It sounds as if he knows this so-called "Fire-Department Commander" under a different designation, and had to make an effort to catch himself. Silverstein's smoking gun confession video, and Barbara's research, suggest that the high command of the NYFD should indeed be investigated for possible organized crime links and complicity in 9/11.

  4. Anonymous

    That's too much of a conjecture, Kevin.
    You are reading too much into Larry's supposed hesitation. Just as likely his frail mind was failing him not only by venturing into the topic of "pull" but also by not remembering job titles. There is no doubt about clandestine infiltration of government as there is no question about profound necessity to properly and fully investigate the events of 9/11. However trowing around wild, yet unsupported accusations does not foster any progress, for it makes the proponents of such investigation too easily dismissible as kooks.

  5. Silverstein was up to his neck in the 9/11 inside job. It would take a whole book to compile the voluminous evidence – "pull it" is the least of it! If you're defending Larry, you're either ignorant or malevolent. BTW, do you think Dr. Bob Bowman is "dismissible as a kook"? Dr. Bob refers to Larry's "pull it" confession as the smoking gun that it is. So does everyone else with an ounce of common sense. For example, read Griffin's discussion in his afterward to NPH. Check out Dr. Bob Bowman's WTC-7 video:

  6. Anonymous

    You have entirely missed my point, which is forgivable, given the complexity of the matter and my admittedly unrefined argumentation.

    However if you are in doubt that I am not at all defending Larry Silverstein, then I daresay you do not belong with "everyone else with an ounce of common sense".

    Me malevolent? I didn't know disagreeing equals malevolency.

    There was no need to go into yet another 'inside job' chant or drag in Dr. Bowman et al unless they too assert that the NYFD Chiefs demolished the Towers on Larry's command.

    Good luck and so long.

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