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Anthony J. Hall and Joshua Blakeney Challenge Michael Shermer About His 9/11 Denialism

This just in from my friend Josh Blakeney of the University of Lethbridge (Alberta):

Dear Friends and Comrades,

Here is the latest action by Prof. Anthony J. Hall and I : We were so disgusted with Prof. Michael Shermer’s lack of knowledge about 9/11 that we were compelled to intervene during his parodic lecture at the University of Lethbridge last night.

Shermer purports to be a skeptic (his magazine is named “Skeptic Magazine”) who has read “ALL of David Ray Griffin’s books” (DRG is actually his colleague at the Clairmont Graduate School ). However, Shermer is clearly somebody who has never engaged with any of the critiques of the government narrative about 9/11, a subject which he nonetheless talks about authoritatively to public audiences, conflating 9/11 truth-seekers with UFO spotters, Holocaust Deniers under the rubric of “conspiracy theorists”.

As part of his deliberately satirical analysis he showed the audience cross-sections of the human brain indirectly implying that “conspiracy theorists” think how they do due to their biological makeup which harkens back to the notorious days when cities like Lethbridge and the wider hinterland of Alberta were leading the way in the eugenics movement. Like Sebastian Junger and Christopher Hitchens Shermer is somebody who serves the war machine’s agenda by poisoning the public consciousness of our society. He has blood on his hands for his role in depoliticizing society, enabling the murderous 9/11 Wars.

We attempted to expose him as somebody who was profiting from the official story of 9/11. A true “conspiracy entrepreneur” indeed.  Like Hitchens he declares himself to be a materialist and sombody cocnerned with scientific reasoning. Yet, like Hitchens, when science becomes politically inconvenient he reverts back to government-sanctioned superstition whilst at the same time showing cross-sections of the brain and comedic imagery to audiences to convince them he is an authority on subjects which he is in fact seemingly ignorant of.

When I asked him to name one of DRG’s books, all of which he purports to have read, he could not. When I asked him to name one academic who has defended the government conspiracy theory he cited himself. Shermer’s comedy show was not worthy of an educated audience in a Canadian University. Prof. Hall should be acknowledged for making sure we attended the event and for speaking the truth in front of his colleagues many of whom sniggered like sophomoric school children. One of the U of L professors in the audience implied that I was an “asshole” (that’s ARSE-hole for the British recipients of this email). The behaviour of these quack-a-demics speaks volumes about the state of the academy in the 9/11 induced Age of Impunity and Superstition.

I stayed up until 4am editing the attached You Tube video last night so that it could be posted within hours.


Joshua Blakeney – Media Coordinator of Globlalization Studies — University of Lethbridge

Video: Hall and Blakeney challenge Shermer:

Video: Kevin Barrett challenges Shermer, who admits 9/11 might be an inside job:

7 Thoughts to “Anthony J. Hall and Joshua Blakeney Challenge Michael Shermer About His 9/11 Denialism”

  1. Tony and Josh definitely surpassed me in giving Shermer what he deserves. Great job, guys!

  2. Anonymous

    Prof. Tony Hall has discovered that Michael Shermer is not listed as an adjunct professor on the Clairemont Graduate School's department of economics webpage. ( We'll keep you all posted on Dean Schroedel's response. -Josh Blakeney

  3. I'm skeptical of Shermer. I think he's as phony as his alleged skepticism.

  4. Why do I think of Popular Mechanics whenever I see or hear Michael Shermer?

  5. Tom Dietrich

    Michael Shermer is obviously working for CIA and Mossad. Probably getting paid Big Bucks to do so.

  6. Anonymous

    Sarcasm and ridicule are always the first moves of the dishonest. Shermer wouldn't last 2 minutes in an honest, courteous technical debate, but cheats don't get caught in honest debates. They wreck debate with insults and ridicule instead so their fraudulance won't be exposed.

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Kevin, can you get Jeff Gates on your show? He would be a great guest.

    As for Shermer, the guy is a useful idiot who fits the ' dupe ' profile. He is nt intelligent enough to comprehend an arguement and thus, goes along with whatever is commonly accepted as truth. Then he is elevated to the level of being regarded by polite, zionist society as a skeptic of the highest regard. Don't make me laugh. This guy is not worthy of your precious blog space.


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