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Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl “understands the importance” of continuing to investigate 9/11

After the February 19th Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth press conference at the Wisconsin state capitol, we visited Senator Herb Kohl’s office and spoke with his assistant, Ryan Knocke. (Details and photos here.) I gave Mr. Knocke full contact info for the Architects and Engineers petition signers in Wisconsin, which he said he would pass to the Senator.

I recently received a response from Senator Kohl, who mentions “organizations that continue to investigate the events of September 11, 2001,” (presumably referencing Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth) and says “I understand the importance of this issue and will keep in mind the points you have raised as the 111th Congress continues.” While not the best possible response, this is far from the worst.

As I told Ryan Knocke, Senator Kohl’s wealth and moderate-to-conservative credentials might be a big asset if he decided to look into 9/11 and do something huge for his country that would guarantee him favorable mention in future history books. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m not writing him off either. For all I know, Senator Kohl may be more of a patriot than meets the eye.

Below is his letter.


Dear Mr. Barrett,

Thank you for visiting my office recently to provide me with a petition and information. I appreciate you and the others in your group sharing the information with my staff member, Ryan Knocke. Ryan has shared your information and comments with me.

As you know, the 9/11 Commission was established by President George W. Bush in 2002 as an independent bipartisan committee to assemble a full account of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In July 2004 the Commission released its full report including recommendations to prevent future attacks.

Currently there are several organizations that continue to investigate the events of September 11, 2001 in search of details surrounding the attacks. I understand the importance of this issue and will certainly keep in mind the points you have raised as the 111th Congress continues.

Again, thank you for visiting my Madison office.

Best wishes,

Herb Kohl

7 Thoughts to “Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl “understands the importance” of continuing to investigate 9/11”

  1. Simon Naylor

    Nice to see. Thank you for taking that information to him, and thank you Senator Kohl for responding and taking it seriously.

    Simon, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada

  2. Anonymous

    I shudder to think of Mr. "9/11 was done by and for zionist Jews" representing AE911 to a Jewish US Senator.

  3. Kohl's courteous and promising response suggests that he, though a Zionist Jew, is not (unlike Anonymous Coward) a bigoted moron. (Actually, A.C. is probably a sayonim–an American Mossad volunteer–infiltrating the 9/11 truth community in an effort to divide and weaken it, and to turn it away from facing the obvious fact that the Israelis and their allies were a big part of it, probably the biggest part.)

    A.C. seems to think that anyone who notices that the Mossad and its U.S. allies were up to their eyeballs in 9/11 must be an anti-Jewish bigot. That might surprise Dr. Alan Sabrosky, a Jewish-American national security expert. Sabrosky writes that "only two intelligence agencies had the expertise, assets, access and political protection to execute 9/11 in the air and on the ground: our CIA and Israel's Mossad. Only one had the incentive, using the 'who benefits' principle: Mossad. And that incentive dovetailed perfectly with the neo-cons' agenda and explicitly expressed need for a catalytic event to mobilize the American public for their wars, using American military power to destroy Israel’s enemies." Dr. Sabrosky, unlike AC and his fellow sayonim, is an American patriot, not an unpaid agent of a foreign power working to cover up high treason and mass murder. Listen to Alan Sabrosky on my radio show Tuesday, March 30th, noon-1 pm Eastern, on NoLiesRadio.

  4. Sabrosky: U.S. military knows "with absolute certainty" Israel did 9/11.

  5. Anonymous

    Kevin you lack the political sense to consider the possibility that people like Dr. Sabrosky who tell you what you want to hear may very well be Mossad operatives working to discredit opposition to Israel by emboldening the most ineffectual and most easily dismissed of Israel's critics.

  6. It's people like you, Anonymous, who give conspiracy theorists a bad name.

    If the Mossad & friends want people to blame Israel for 9/11, why did they give Raimondo an induced heart attack, hound Bollyn out of the country, launch a vilification campaign against me when I spoke out about that connection, etc. etc.?

    When Christopher Ketcham's high-placed US intel source said "patriots are dead" he was referring to those in US agencies who put loyalty to the US ahead of the Israeli network that did 9/11, and who are then killed by Mossad and its organized crime allies.

    The most knowledgeable and sophisticated students of black ops, like Michael Andregg at and Andreas Von Bulow, know perfectly well that the Mossad did it. Most "mainstream" 9/11 truth leaders know or suspect it as well, but won't go there for various reasons.

  7. Anonymous

    The mossad tried to assassinated me. More info. To anyone who will take me seriously. no joke

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