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My radio schedule for the rest of March

Kevin Barrett’s radio schedule (regularly updated at )

Yesterday’s show with Richard Gage and Jonathan Mark, and last week’s interview with Cynthia McKinney, Splitting-the-Sky and Anthony Hall, and much more are archived here. Saturday shows including last week’s with Bruce Leichty and John Hankey archived here.

This Saturday 2/20: Pro-9/11-truth Senate candidate from Washington, Dr. Richard Curtis; guest discussing NYCCAN “Building What?!” campaign TBA

Tuesday 2/23: Bay Area 9/11 and community currency activist, Deception Dollar co-founder, and several-time 9/11 truth HR candidate Carol Brouillet.

Saturday 2/27: Journalist Dave Lindorff (the source of Jesse Ventura’s TV episode on the missing WTC black boxes); Jeff Blankfort, longtime pro-Palestinian activist and noted critic of Noam Chomsky

Tuesday 2/30: Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D. University of Michigan), foreign affairs specialist, a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College.

2 Thoughts to “My radio schedule for the rest of March”

  1. Anonymous

    Excellent show with John Hankey.

    Bring this guy back as a regular!!!

  2. Sabrosky Added to PatriotsQuestion911!

    I just sent Alan Miller of PatriotsQuestion911 a copy of Alan Sabrosky's article
    who replied:

    Thank you very much for bringing him to my attention. He's another impressive addition to PQ911.

    The same citation also appears on the Professors page.

    I've emailed him to see if he wants any corrections or (hopefully not) to have his information removed.

    Best regards, Alan

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