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Stand Up and Be Uncounted! My Letter to the Census Bureau

Dear United States Census Bureau,

Since the Census 2010 letter you sent me says “YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW,” I am responding to you as required by law. Here is my response:


I will be posting this letter on my blog,, urging others to respond, as required by law, by stating their refusal to participate in a census conducted by illegitimate, criminal forces posing as a government. Please note that many people will do so anonymously, out of fear that signing their names to a statement of refusal to cooperate with criminals posing as a government could have adverse consequences. As for me, I am willing to accept the consequences and remain, yours truly,

Dr. Kevin Barrett
McFarland, WI 53558

Enclosure: One un-filled-out census form; one Blueprint for Truth DVD.

11 Thoughts to “Stand Up and Be Uncounted! My Letter to the Census Bureau”

  1. You are living on the edge, Kevin! I don't know if I'd go quite this far? Well, at least, the vindictive Bush family is no longer in power; you've got that much going for you.

  2. Hey, I'm just responding as required by law. This is my honest response. If I didn't respond honestly, I would be violating the law!

  3. Anonymous

    I sometimes wonder how many of the people who claim to be tax resisters are actually doing it, and how many are just hoping they can convince our struggling activists to step into a noose.

  4. I refused to file tax returns from 2004 to 2008. Each year I sent the IRS a letter like this one, explaining that there was no longer any legitimate federal government due to the 9/11 inside job. Nothing happened, partly because it takes several years for them to go after people, but (I assume) mainly because my income was so low that THEY owed ME money. Finally my wife insisted on filing and getting our refund. She thought I was crazy to stand on principle and say I didn't want anything to do with their criminal organization and its money. "Why not accept their money and use it to do activism?" etc. etc. Anyway, when you push the legal envelope, you just have to have a realistic view of the possible consequences. In this case, I doubt very much that I'll be doing hard time for filing an honest response to the Census. In the extremely unlikely event they come after me, I would welcome it, since it would bring attention to 9/11 truth. Also, I don't have any great fear of anything they could do to me, since the worse they do, the better off I'll be in eternity.

  5. Hats of to you Kevin.
    Even here in Australia your work is noted and your relentless honesty admired.
    All the best.

  6. Natasha Millikan

    Hey Kev how are you? I know you'll take this in the best way possible. I disagree both with encouraging people to fuck the census and to refuse to pay taxes. The third on the list that you probably espouse is refusing to pay for heath insurance, am I right? So I will offer my comments on all three activist actions. The census is used to allocate government monies. It's not the rich who will be protesting, but the poor. Thus the poor will not be counted and government funds will be directed elsewhere. The census is not a plot against the people. The elites don't like the census because it makes the poor and disenfranchised visible. The rest of us ought to promote the census wherever poor or disenfranchised people are. Second, income tax. You probably know the argument against refusing to pay. It goes like this: Then don't use the roads, public transportation, school systems, don't let the fire department save your house or the police bring a criminal in a crime against your family to justice. Third, refusing to pay for health insurance. All very well and good for those who either can afford it or think they'll never get sick or have a strong point to make, but I feel it is entirely irresponsible to encourage anyone else to offer their lives for this cause. There are other ways to fight than to push some people into bankruptcy or let them die by encouraging this action. Much affection, Natasha

  7. Good points as always, Natasha! My main issue here is not so much the tax, census and health insurance per se, but the illegitimacy of what passes for the federal government post-9/11. As you know I was the world's only Libertarian for single-payer health care which would offer the most freedom and best care for the most people. But forcing people to buy PRIVATE insurance from the financier criminals who've destroyed democracy is an outrage. I wouldn't go along with that under any circumstances, and will urge people to resist and refuse. As for income taxes, I would support an income tax in which only corporations and the top ten percent of individuals would have to file and the top five percent would have to pay (the original idea). But forcing everyone to disclose all of their economic activities to the feds is an unacceptable affront to freedom, so I oppose the current universal income tax and support tax resistance, especially since the taxes are paying for crimes against humanity. Finally, I think the census should restrict itself to its Constitutional purpose, enumeration. It has no business imposing idiotic non-empirical categories like "race" on us. So if we restore legitimacy to the government, I wouldn't oppose a Constitutional census.

  8. Anonymous

    I am a member of the human race. That is an honest answer to the race question.

  9. It's the best discussion I've seen here! I always admire your unbridled passion, Kevin I must admit, I've leaned toward the finger-wagging side most of my life. This does not make us any different than say the Bush family, as I see them very much more worse than we can even imagine! I don't trust the census, especially, with the GPS facet to it, these days. And I agree, they are forcing on us health insurance we hardly want by choice. It's very much a fascist state! Finally, the income tax, why bother when they can just have the New York Fed print up any shortfall and blame it on the Koreans?

  10. Anonymous

    Why don't we just tell the simple truth to each other? Money has failed. It has failed to provide for the health of humanity. It has failed to provide for balanced budgets. It's failed to povide for human needs period. It's destroying the Earth for the sake of profits.
    Money is a failed system. We need a new one.

    So who's working on creating a new one besides me? Where is everyone? You need to stand up and be counted as a "willing worker for freedom FROM the tyranny of money." WHy is it a tyranny? Because it's a system to keep the wealthy elite in power. It's corrupt to the core and it corrupts everyone who touches it.

    Money is evil. That's the truth. Speak it with your mouth. It's the truth that sets us free from the delusion that money is a good thing. It isn't good. It's evil. It destroys relationships. It destroys the Earth. It destroys the peace. It creates poverty and oppression.

    A new way can be found once we admit the truth of our current circumstance. We are trapped by an evil system. We keep working to strengthen it because we have "no other choice." That's the definition of "tyranny." Money is a tyranny in our mind. It's entirely mental and it's entirely political. If you say you "don't like politics" then you better say you "don't like money" because money is entirely political. That's why the banks get bailed out and the people get the shaft.

    Obama's health care plan is a bomb. If the people support it then they are fools. It's another brick in the wall It's feeding the monster. Insurance is all about money, not health. The entire industry doesn't do a thing for the health of the people. It's a scam. They make profits by denying health care. That's the truth. Some people die so others can be wealthy. It's disgusting.

    Seek the truth. Speak the truth. Support the truth.

    Pass it on!

    Steve Moyer

  11. Another reason to resist the census (thanks to Jonathan Elinoff for sending this):

    The Census Bureau was deeply involved in the roundup and internment of Japanese Americans. Included identifying concentrations of people of Japanese ancestry in geographic units as small as city blocks and a willingness to disclose names and addresses


    Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Hearst Seattle Media, LLC

    Hearst Newspapers

    WASHINGTON — Two scholars say in a new research paper that despite earlier denials, the Census Bureau was deeply involved in the roundup and internment of Japanese Americans at the onset of U.S. entry into World War II.

    The academics say the Census Bureau's involvement included identifying concentrations of people of Japanese ancestry in geographic units as small as city blocks, lending a senior Census Bureau official to work with the War Department on the relocation program and a willingness to disclose names and address of Japanese Americans.

    While it is common today for the Census Bureau to publish reports that detail the number of people of a given race living in an area as small as a city block, such information was generally not available in the 1940s. But the authors of the paper contend that the Census Bureau provided such detailed information as well as age, sex, citizenship and country of birth to the War Department, now the Defense Department, on only one group — Japanese Americans.

    In 1941 and '42, the paper says, Census Bureau officials believed that such information was valuable to the War Department's effort in rounding up Americans of Japanese ancestry.

    The paper, "After Pearl Harbor: The Proper Role of Population Data Systems in Time of War," was written by William Seltzer, a statistician and demographer at Fordham University, and Margo Anderson, a history professor at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee whose area of expertise is the census.

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