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Senate candidate Dr. Richard Curtis,’s Manny Badillo on TJ Radio

Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 3/20/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (to be archived here.) Call-in number: 512-879-3805.

First hour: Dr. Richard Curtis, 9/11 truth supporter and Senate candidate (i-WA)! Richard Curtis is a philosophy Ph.D. who could be the best 9/11 truth candidate since Bob Bowman got tired of “losing” stolen elections! While Richard and I don’t agree on everything — he leans left while I lean libertarian, he thinks Bush & friends did 9/11 while I suspect it was Cheney’s Mossadnik neocons, he’s skeptical of religion while I’m a practicing Muslim–he’s the smartest and most convincing of the many people who email me to express disagreements. More importantly, Richard is serious about going up against the corrupt power structure and the two-party system it owns.

Second hour:
First half: Betsy Metz, 9/11 truth activist, organizer of Treason in America Conference.
Second half: 9/11 family member Manny Badillo,, discussing the “Building What?!” campaign. Please join and help inform NYC officials about WTC-7!
By the way, Manny gave the best mainstream 9/11 truth interview I’ve ever seen:

2 Thoughts to “Senate candidate Dr. Richard Curtis,’s Manny Badillo on TJ Radio”

  1. Anonymous

    Richard Curtis writes,

    Dear Friends and Family,

    After much convincing and howling, I agreed to be drafted to run for the United States Senate against the incumbent Democrat (Patty Murray). I have pasted some information about the campaign below, but wanted to let you know ahead of time that all of this is happening. The basic idea is that since the two big parties have demonstrated that they are malicious and/or incompetent that it would be irrational to send one of them back to the Senate. Voters all over are angry and the sad truth is we deserve better than these people.

    Murray is not that bad as Senators go, but she is completely out of touch (as it seems to me the Democratic Party as a whole is) with the needs of the people and the nation. She continually votes to spend all of our money on these illegal wars and has done nothing to stand up for single payer. They have made themselves the enemy of the people and now the people must vote them out of office (all of them, Republicans and Democrats). Now some might recall that I have always been one of those people who says you should never put anyone in office who wants to be there. I don't want to be there and somehow that logic is now being used against me to make me go. The proper model of representative democracy (as it always has been) is service, public service is supposed to be work not fun — so I will go if elected and fight damn hard for sanity and peace, for health and pensions, for education and civil rights. But I won't promise to like it.

    Please review the material below and if you are interested the campaign needs some help. We are not planning an official announcement until March 16th. Mostly we need money, and eventually the web site will be up with a PayPal link, but until then it is a matter of checks. I realize there is a depression going on (part of my program in fact, since the other two parties don't want to admit that it is a depression and that it will get worse before it gets better, unless we enact my Green Jobs Program, a New New Deal for the 21st Century) but any support you can send would be much appreciated.

    The Federal Election Commission requires this:
    Checks can be sent to: “Richard Curtis for Senate”, PO Box 30666, Seattle, WA 98113 (Per FEC rules, if not imprinted on your check, please include your street address and telephone number. Also, if the amount exceeds $200, we need your occupation, employer name, and employer state).

    We also need volunteers to help with research, building databases, people to go to rally and other events with signs (still being made), actually helping to make yard signs when they are printed, and any specialized help you might be able to offer.

    (continued in next comment)

  2. Anonymous

    Richard Curtis writes (continued from previous comment):

    Mostly we need you to spread the word. This will be a very grassroots campaign as we expect the press and most major civil institutions to be very hostile to any challenge to the status quo (it is quite sad, but even the major anti-war organizations, for example, will have nothing to do with this sort of challenge — which I think shows how incredibly pathetic our political culture has become, so if we don't change it ourselves then nothing will change). But interestingly enough this is a campaign to win not just make a point. Usually a campaign like this would be handicapped by the spoiler issue (the lesser evil problem), but with the new Top-Two Primary that we have here that has changed. The way this works is that the Democrats and Republicans will each nominate a candidate for Senate in convention (these are in June), then in the Primary Election in August it will be me, the Republican and Murray (presumably). We are hoping to draft any other potential independent candidates to work with us. So hopefully the primary will just the three of us, and two will get to go on. We are planning to push the Republican out so that it is just me and Murray in the General Election. The point is that it is possible Murray could finish last in the primary but very, very unlikely — so no spoiler issue. Vote your heart on this one! And please send money, it is sad but true — campaigns run on cash until we can get public financing for elections (another issue I am very big on).

    Thanks much!



    Dr. Richard Curtis
    Independent for US Senate
    "Declare Your Independence — from the Two-Party System!" (launches 3/10)
    Richard Curtis for U.S. Senate
    P.O. Box 30666
    Seattle, WA 98113-0666

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