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JFK Jr. murder sleuth John Hankey, 9/11 truth & free speech lawyer Bruce Leichty on TJ Radio

Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 3/13/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (to be archived here.) Call-in number: 512-879-3805.

If it’s interesting and remotely defensible — no matter how controversial — we’ll BRING IT ON here at Truth Jihad Radio!

First hour guest: Bruce Leichty, lawyer for both 9/11-truth-seeking family member Ellen Mariani AND recently-freed holocaust revisionist Ernst Zundel. Obviously this lawyer does not shy away from controversial clients!

Some real truthers, as well as the fake ones, will be attacking me for having Leichty on the show. “We need to distance ourselves from holocaust revisionism!” they will wail. “Leichty is screwing us over by representing Zundel as well as Mariani! It’s bad PR!”

These people, in my opinion, are allowing irrational emotional reactions to do their thinking for them. All clear and honest thinkers know that it was an outrage to imprison Zundel for seven years, in atrocious conditions, for the “crime” of posting unpopular opinions on the internet. All of us who post and read unpopular opinions on the internet–and everyone who has even minimal concern for free speech–should be outraged by what happened to Zundel, and should have the guts to stand up in public and say so. If you don’t, it is you, not Leichty or Zundel, who are contemptible.

By the way, my satirical article Hamas Rescinds Nakba-Denial Law was inspired by the Zundel story. My point, for those who missed it, was that if we had fair and balanced holocaust denial laws, almost the entire population of the US, Europe, and of course Israel would be in jail for denying the Nakba (the Palestinian holocaust).

Second hour guest: John Hankey, whose documentary The Assassination of JFK Jr. makes a strong case for murder and a circumstantial case that Bush Jr. did it. John’s recent article Is the Military Threatening to Kill Obama? argues that the President only surged into Afghanistan because the military is holding a gun to his head.

7 Thoughts to “JFK Jr. murder sleuth John Hankey, 9/11 truth & free speech lawyer Bruce Leichty on TJ Radio”

  1. Anonymous

    After reading Tom Flocco's web-site about the JFK murder several years ago, and having read other sites on the subject, I am convinced that JFK, Jr. was subjected to an assassination by the same violent conspirators, including what one radio talkshow host used to call "the Bush Crime Family," that killed his father, President Kennedy, Nov. 22, 1963.

    One of the killers, the one who fired his Remington XP-100 Fireball from behind the picket fence on the north knoll in Dealey Plaza, even said that he knew the the elder Bush was head of Operation 40 (speaking great Spanish, he recruited members for, and raised private funds for what James E. Files said was "an assassination group."

    He knew there were others behind the fence whom he did not know. But, he knew Bush, Sr., Frank Sturgis, a leading member of "OP 40", Lee Harvey Oswald who, he said he didn't believe "could kill anyone," and others.
    Jimmy was from the Chicago mob, shooting in concert with Charles Nicoletti. Both were mob and CIA.

    That JFK, Jr., whose tell-tale magazine, entitled simply, "George," would have, as president, and with the privately collected information that he must have had from mother, Jackie, and uncle, Bobby Kennedy, investigated George Bush's connections to Operation 40 and organized crime, now fully culpable, based on hard evidence (See dvd, JFK 11, and Wim Dankbaar's fine, FBI- assisted documentary, "The Grassy Knoll), must be, in my opinion, a GIVEN.

    There is some evidence that the Clinton White House might have had pre-knowledge of the then as yet coming demise of JFK, Jr. How much of that is rumor, and how much is verifiable truth, is hard to ascertain.

    I agree that, with the two JFK assassinations, the need to the truth of both is mandatory to understanding why our America is in the financial and foreign policy trouble it is in now.

    I keep wondering if there was some reason, after all, that primary candidate, Obama, took then Senator Ted Kennedy on a motorcade trip through Dealey Plaza during the Texas primary election campaign. I just hope it doesn't end up some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

  2. Kevin —

    I never miss one of your shows, and this article by Hankey that you mentioned a few weeks ago, and the later interview has set me afire.

    However, I need to point you to a page that shows some very glaring clunkers — made-up stuff — in Hankey's earlier cut & paste film "JFK II" serialized on YouTube. This article is called "The Dark Legacy of John Hankey"
    By Seamus Coogan, located at

    I hope you read through it, and perhaps view the film as a reference, because this is rather embarrassing for me, having touted it rather highly after only watching the first two segments (which I still say are very powerful, and compelling). Getting into the third and following segments, it becomes very rinkydink, and now I learn, Hankey is putting words, for example, in the mouth of William Colby that were never spoken, connecting the admittedly vile Prescott Bush to events that he can scarcely have been involved with — very dubious footage, brother.

    Be warned.

  3. I would basically echo the cautionary words of The Proud Primate. Far too much of Hankey's work is just made-up stuff with no factual basis. I also urge you to read Seamus Coogan's excellent article on the excellent website.

    If you spend some time on the ctka website you can find real investigative journalism about political assassinations, including those of JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X.

    While I applaud your approach of talking to controversial people, some background research is advisable when you venture into topics outside of your main areas of expertise.

  4. I did begin this show by saying it would involve issues where I'm not familiar with the evidence. That's true of many shows, but especially true of this one. I thought Hankey's JFK Jr. film was provocative and worth watching, and his article on Obama as an assassination target was also very interesting though far from conclusive. That's all I knew of him, and it was enough to suggest he'd be capable of stimulating conversation, which he was. My radio shows are not a court of law, they're a place for provocative conversations. Listeners get to make up their own minds about who they agree or disagree with.

  5. Anonymous

    great post

  6. Anonymous

    Why not get Seamus Coogan on if you wanna explore stuff you dont know about? Or are you scared?

  7. Anonymous

    Hankeys piece is an exceptionally bad piece of scholarship and his replies to Cooagan and DiEugenio which can be seen on Murder solved were just lame. I am friends with Seamus and he'd be thrilled too see that people get the piece and have even been reformed by it. Kevin, Seamus has proved without a shadow of a doubt that Hankey literally falsified massive swathes of his story and has practically admitted to it.
    Would you trust anything coming from someone like that?

    If you wanna get serious about the Kennedy assassination check out Jim DiEugenio at CTKA, thats the standard and Hankey failed the audition.

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