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Sat. 1/30: Frank Tolopko live from New England Antiwar Conference, Brother Raymond with new 9/11 truth film!

Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 1/30/10, 5-7 pm Central, (to be archived here.) Call-in number: 512-879-3805.

First hour: Frank Tolopko, Media for 9/11 Truth; organizer, New England Antiwar Conference.

“This is an organization that has long been needed.” — David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor Revisited (2008) and The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7 (2009)

Note: Frank asked me to spread the word about the New England United conference bringing together the peace movement and 9/11 truth movement:

Saturday, January 30, 10:30 am-6 pm
MIT Bldg. 34-101, 50 Vassar Street
Cambridge MA

Second hour: Truth Jihad interfaith dialogue hour with Brother Raymond Schwab,, producer of the new 9/11 truth film Sycamore: The 9/11 Tragedy.

5 Thoughts to “Sat. 1/30: Frank Tolopko live from New England Antiwar Conference, Brother Raymond with new 9/11 truth film!”

  1. Anonymous

    9/11 wasn't God's warning–it was Israel's warning. This documentary is an AWFUL film–totally awful. There's no point to it other than herding the sheeple to "be scared of God's warning to America". 9/11 was an inside/outside job.

    Israeli fingerprints (Mossad) are all over 9/11.

    So we have a couple of Jews converted to Christians who walk across America to do what? Give us the fear of God?

    Here are more Jews who have converted (more likely "infiltrated") and who have a message for all of us gullible sheeple:

    Satan is beguiling is the message I repeatedly see. Looking forward, Kevin, to how you handle this interview with the converts.

  2. Kevin — I love your show and listen to every podcast on either of your sites. But a heads-up:

    The link you give to your archives for this page ("to be archived here") is, but it's time to update it to /Barrett_10.html (because it goes to the wrong archive!

  3. Thanks! Fixed it.
    Sorry about the confusion.

  4. Anonymous

    A message from former FAA Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon, cited in David Ray Griffin's research. Robin is an advocate of "Civil Information Activism." This concerns the first-hour topic.

    Friends of Peace…

    When I noted that there were several 9/11 Truthers and 9/11 Truth organizations scheduled to attend, support or present at the above mentioned Peace Conference, I felt it important that I attend to observe and talk about 9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE…an expanded vision of what I think that the 9/11 Truth Movement might be able to help facilitate.
    Having attended several other such "peace" events…and local-regional meetings and planning sessions…and having been SHUNNED at each and every one of them because I was a 9/11 Truther, I found this opportunity
    full of interest if not promise. Until I got there.

    Without building my credentials about having "radar" regarding such meetings [I lived in and around Harvard Square-Cambridge, MA for most of my activist life], and after suffering through the event itself, I believe that the 9/11TM was set up to be beaten down. Of particular note, is that of the three major 9/11 Truth "presenters" [Scott, Zwicker and
    Zarembka], two of them are Chomsky's strong critics regarding not only the events of 9/11 but otherwise also.

    My first contact when entering to set up my 9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE banner, I got an immediate cold shoulder…

    When the conference began and Q+As started, the very first person called upon was a military looking, but dressed as a young activist fellow whose very first question was about 9/11.

    This seemed an obvious and quick choice by the moderator [I've seen this process before as have we all I'm sure]. Additionally, I got a chance to speak with this shill, looked him right in the eye and stated that it was
    rather obvious about who he was and what the plan was…and he and his little friend left the facility and were not seen again.

    Soon a fellow named Smith came up to answer the 9/11 question, for which he was unqualified as to "facts", he confirmed our rights for free speech but then roasted the 9/11TM in the best of the Chomsky-Zinn ways…that of 9/11 being irrelevant, too narrowly focused and a distraction to the
    "real" work that needed to be accomplished. This fellow led the crowd into emotionally dismissing the 9/11TM even though we were between 10-20% of the attendees.

    From that time on, although I and other Truthers had raised hands hoping to get to the MIC to speak in support of 9/11 Truth, there was a clear pattern of avoiding our voices. There was NO DOUBTS that such non-selections were deliberate as most of us were fairly well identifiable as Truthers.

    The reason that I mention this is because its virtually the IDENTICAL set of words and processes defining each rejection at each peace gathering that I have been associated with. I found it quite astonishing actually.

    Peter Dale Scott's brilliant and challenging words [in good "step-it-up" tradition] were indeed broken by a "technical phone glitch" at certain important points, but this most likely was indeed a technical glitch. Still, with a combination of himself speaking his words and one of the hosts? reading his words into the MIC at the podium, Peter's message made it through…and I do feel that it had impact. Peter spoke directly about what he and Chomsky had in common, and did not have in common…and Peter paid due respect to Zinn using some of the positive and forward thinking
    words that Zinn had uttered or written about peace in general.

  5. Anonymous

    As I had now come to expect, Danny Schechter [sp] soon took the podium in the Q+As and undermined Peter's position of speaking about Chomsky when Chomsky wasn't in attendance. A cheap shot at Peter while complaining about cheap shots!

    Another interesting coincidence is that I bumped into another attendee whom I had met years ago and he was a staunch Chomsky-ite…as far too many Cantabridgians are, and also, he was NOT a Truther…but was into
    peace and justice. I did find this fellow being there interesting, not that he new I was going to be there because nobody knew this, but that his negative energy towards the 9/11TM was present.

    One of the breakout sessions with Zarembka-Zwicker as presenters created an overflowing room with almost all Truthers…and NO peace activists…and interesting set of events since Peter's voice was indeed
    so strong for peace. I felt that this was just another form of "shunning" of the 9/11TM at the hand of the Peace? Movements.

    As the day came to an end, unfortunately, a Green Party Truther from Maine got a chance to take the MIC in front of a diminished crowd…and he ended his contributions by calling for each state to secede from the
    union. This guy was simply dim and I feel it merely a problematic event.

    At the end of the entire day there was to be a "dining event" at a local joint and it was attended primarily by Truthers and I suspect that the "real peace movement insiders" silently shuffled us out of the way while
    assembling elsewhere…but I do not know this.

    Anyway, think what you might about my words, by my experiences have shown me that this was a set-up…and the targets were Peter Dale Scott, Barrie Zwicker as counterpoints to Chomsky, and of course, the 9/11TM in

    However, the peace movements did nothing more than roll out its one trick…assembling for a big??? march somewhere as they "rebuilt" the peace movement. The PM is completely compromised…now by its own hand as they have only one club in their golf bag.

    In the meantime, the 9/11 Truth for Peace Movement is growing and it remains vigilant to the same internal divisiveness that the peace movements have been unwilling to see or deal with for four decades…and
    that's even WITH the Intel agencies admitting their infiltrations.

    So, if the peace movements do indeed "rebuild" most likely it will be at the hand of the 9/11TM…and we need to do this alone.

    The best that we can do is perhaps model ourselves after the formula down in San Diego, and keep the door open to TRUE peace activists who are willing to work in THIS century instead of shuffling their feet thinking
    of last century. Keeping the door open in this way will naturally filter out those who might be disruptive anyway. The existing peace movements are simply not worth the effort to attract. We can do it easier just
    doing what we do.
    (Robin Hordon continues)

    The 9/11 Truth for Peace group represented us very, very well and I was and am proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you all…

    9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE

    Robin Hordon
    Kingston, WA

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