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Webster Tarpley on current wave of false-flags & Islamophobia

Webster Tarpley will return to my radio show  Tuesday, December 15th, to discuss his important article Major Hasan of Ft. Hood: Patsy in a Drill Gone Live?, his diagnosis of expanding US false-flag bombings in Pakistan, and the question of whether all of this portends the long-awaited 911-2B.

Historian Webster Tarpley talks with Dina Gusovsky of Russia Today in Washington DC about very plausible Taliban charges that the CIA and Blackwater are behind the recent bombing atrocity in Peshawar, Pakistan. This attack is coherent with the US policy of provoking all-out civil war in Pakistan to break up that country to prevent it from serving as an energy corridor between Iran and China. The Pakistani Taliban are a proxy of the CIA. If the government in Islamabad collapses completely, or especially if Taliban forces appear to be taking control of some of Pakistan’s nuclear forces, Wall Street could also get something it would like very much: a spectacular world shock that could send the world’s hot money fleeing into the supposed safe haven of the US dollar, which is otherwise near collapse. Inside the US, a wave of Islamophobia is being ginned up with the Fort Hood shootings, the KSM trial in New York CIty, the seizure of allegedly pro-Iranian mosques, the Zazi case, and the incendiary anti-Moslem statements of Pat Robertson, the patron of the new reactionary governor of Virginia. Obama is expected to announce another massive escalation of US forces in Afghanistan within days.

If a Wall Street-CIA Operation Safe Haven is indeed at hand, it could also include a coup in Saudi Arabia, or a clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran over the civil war in Yemen. An Israeli attack on Iran, although much discussed, remains the least likely variation, with Pakistan still at the top of the US hit list.

Webster G. Tarpley is the author of Surviving the Cataclysm:Your Guide Through the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History (2009), Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography (2008), and Obama: The Postmodern Coup – The Making of a Manchurian Candidate (2008). All are available through

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  1. It's a great question posed by Tarpley. What is behind the seemingly disparate cases of the upcoming trials of KSM, et al in New York, Maj. Hasan of Fort Hood, and the seizing of the Iran backed mosques?

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