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Case against KSM and five co-defendants is falling apart!

A colleague of mine is currently dismantling the charges against KSM and his False Confession Five. The detailed deconstruction of the whole absurd list of “criminal acts” the patsies are charged with, such as taking airline trips, sending and receiving money, and doing other things that just about everybody else does, will be published soon — hopefully tomorrow — right here at Truth Jihad Blog.

Meanwhile, don’t miss Paul Craig Roberts, Reagan’s top economic advisor, ripping into the Stalinist show trials in NY:  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Trial Will Convict Us All by Paul Craig Roberts

My earlier article, Why KSM’s Innocence Matters, is generating a lot of heated debate including a long list of comments–scroll down for my challenges to “debunker” James B. to debate me on the radio, and his unbelievably lame attempts to weasel out.

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