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Tuesday 11/24: Nick Kollerstrom on Fair and Balanced

Tuesday November 24th, Fair and Balanced with Kevin Barrett, 9-10 am Pacific (noon-1pm Eastern) on NoLiesRadio: (archived a few hours later here):

Controversial U.K truth-seeker Nick Kollerstrom, author of Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7. Contributing to the conversation will be Progressive Press publisher John Leonard. Nick has been scheduled twice recently but prevented from appearing due to technical difficulties etc. Third time’s the charm?

From Progressive Press author bios:
With a Cambridge science degree, Nick Kollerstrom has worked as a professor of physics. ” Independent scholar and peace-activist Nick Kollerstrom has been working to tell the sober truth about the crimes of the powerful since his involvement in the Belgrano Enquiry and the London Nuclear War Tribunal in the eighties, and the Institute for Law and Peace and the World Court Project in the nineties. Terror on the Tube flows directly out of this same commitment to defend our diverse worldwide ‘Motherland’ of harmless noncombatants against terroristic fraternies of whatever nationality or ideological stripe.” — Keith Mothersson

One Thought to “Tuesday 11/24: Nick Kollerstrom on Fair and Balanced”

  1. Peter Power is "ex" Scotland Yard.
    Generally there is no such thing as "ex" in the intel community, it just means infiltrating the private sector.
    So Power could never have been blamed for 7/7, that would be pointing the finger right at the intel agencies.

    Power was playing a role. Terrorism is all about scarifying people about how sinister the terrorists are, and how necessary drills and police security are.

    Even now, very, very few people understand how drills are used to clone terrorist attacks. Talking about them on TV could have been a rational risk to take. In July 2005, the significance of drills was scarcely known even within the 911 Truth Movement. Webster Tarpley's definitive work on MIHOP drills did not appear in print until the second edition of his 9/11 Synthetic Terror, in January 2006.

    So when Alex Jones immediately came out with his take on the drill coincidence, this was something the propaganda controllers might not have counted on.

    The most plausible explanation is that for Peter Power, the "incredible coincidence" was a great news peg to get enormous free publicity on primetime TV for his firm, Visor Consultants — which of course is presumably linked to the intel community, too.

    The terror controllers may have given him the green light figuring it would add to the overall propaganda effect, the spookiness and sensationalism of the event, and nobody would connect the dots.

    After people did, of course Power was put immediately under wraps.

    At the very end of the show Kevin spoke of "Andalucia," a model of a harmonious multicultural world. In fact, we don't have to go back to the 13th century for examples. The Old World Order of the 19th century included a couple of major multi-cultural empires — Austria-Hungary, Russia and Turkey. One goal of the Anglo empire in engineering World War I was to break them up into a world of mutually antagonistic bits, that could be used in divide-and-conquer campaigns. Perhaps the most recent of these was the breakup of Yugoslavia. They never quit of course. According to Tarpley, they are now trying to break up Pakistan, too.

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