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William Pepper Explains Why 9/11 Ballot Initiative Fight Ended, Suggests Loose Timetable for Bush-Cheney War Crimes Prosecution

(Photo of William Pepper courtesy of Sandra Sigfusson)

William Pepper, legal advisor to the New York City 9/11 Ballot Initiative, today explained why the initiative’s board has decided not to pursue the case any further. Appearing on the “Fair and Balanced with Kevin Barrett” radio show (archived here) Pepper said the odds of winning an appeal were too slim to justify the resources such an appeal would consume. Instead, he said, the legal team is hoping to file a civil suit by 9/11 family members and others in a legal venue carefully selected to maximize the chances of success.

Pepper also confirmed the rumor that a professor who is an expert on election law, when asked to help, asked Pepper to promise him that the results of a genuine 9/11 investigation would not hurt Israel. Pepper naturally said he could not promise what might come of an investigation. Contrary to my earlier erroneous report, the professor did NOT refuse to help A thank-you to Ted Walter for correcting this.

Along with his work for a real 9/11 investigation, Pepper is an advisor to Spanish Judge Garzon, who is moving forward on the impending prosecutions of dozens of U.S. war criminals including former president George W. Bush and former vice president Dick Cheney. Pepper drew up the legal brief that judge Garzon will use to show that his court has jurisdiction over the case. That brief argues that not only are war crimes and crimes against humanity “borderless crimes” that can be prosecuted anywhere, but even more pertinently, Spanish citizens were subjected to illegal detention and torture by the war criminals, so Spain unquestionably has jurisdiction in this case. Pepper stated that judge Garzon is surrounded 24/7 by a team of bodyguards, and that the war criminals could be charged by as early as December. When such charges are issued, interpol will put out arrest warrants, which will hinder or prevent international travel by Bush, Cheney, and their fellow pariahs.

While Pepper laid out the case, Bush was arriving in Edmonton, where his speech Tuesday, and his speech in Saskatoon Wednesday, have mobilized Canadians who are calling for his immediate arrest. Joshua Blakeney, one of those Canadian anti-war-crimes activists, joined Pepper and Barrett on the show and discussed plans for giving Bush a “hot welcome” in Saskatoon. Barrett urged students at the University of Saskatoon to use their free tickets to the Bush event to take the opportunity to hurl their shoes at the former War-Criminal-in-Chief.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Kevin. I spoke with Bill about the systemic progamming of this outcome awhile ago at one of his LA appearances.


  2. There seems to be sufficient evidence that officially convened grand juries could subpoena witnesses, collect evidence and lay charges against many of those listed at The grand jury process would seem a quicker and more direct means than lawsuits which seem to take, often, YEARS to accomplish.

  3. Please advise William Pepper and Judge Baltasar Garzon of unimpeachable evidence that the US Department of Justice under John Ashcroft framed the young Arabs for the Shock & Awe crimes of 9/11. Please refer them to my article Dulles Airport Shadow casts Doubt on US Government's 9/11 Conspiracy Theory at
    Stephen M. St. John

  4. I am not a lawyer so this may sound foolish, but I don't understand why a family member of one of the 9/11 victims that died in the collapse, can't sue Larry Silverstien for $1 Billion for negligence because he did not provide adequate security to prevent tons of explosives from being pre-planted in the 3 WTC buildings.

    #1) 900+ A&Es insist pre-planted explosives caused the collapse which resulted in more deaths than the impacts or office fires #2) dust samples show evidence of explosive residue and #3)the 9/11 Commission never said there weren't explosives used in the obvious explosive demolition that millions witnessed on TV.

    Seems like all of the evidence suggests pre-planted explosives so make Larry prove there were no explosives or pay out $1 Billion of the many $Billion he collected. The videos of the impacts do not show any identifying marks on the jets but he collected his money with circumstantial evidence?

    He certainly had no control over people flying jets into his buildings. But, one doesn't need to prove who planted the explosives only that they were present and it was Larry Silverstien's responsibility to have prevented the second group of terrorists from planting them.

  5. Anonymous

    America is still a land of law. The most viable is within the middle of the process–that which people and communities have utilized to conduct business, address grievances and protect the rights and liberties of individual citizens. The law at the top of the pyramid [Supreme Court, US Congress, Attorney General, etc.] is hopelessly compromised. We must take it upon ourselves to use the existing legal infrastructure to bring the pathocrats to order. The rico law is also available to prosecute the bailout recipients and corporate scheisters–going back to the hostile takeover of Bank of America in 1998. Let's roll.

  6. Yes, shoe hurling will eventually become, I predict, an olympic event.

  7. The photograph of Dr. William F. Pepper in this post is courtesy of photographer Sandra Sigfusson. The backlink is here:

  8. Anonymous

    Vincent Bugliosi wrote a book 'the prosecution of george bush'. maybe He can help?

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