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Why American patriots should support the Taliban

“…imagine if every American spent just a day contemplating how they’d react if some foreign army from a Muslim nation invaded and bombed the U.S., occupied the country for the next several years with 60,000 soldiers, killed tens of thousands of citizens here, set up secret prisons where they disappeared Americans for years without charges or even contact with the outside world, imposed sanctions that blockaded food and medicine and killed countless children, invaded and ransacked our homes at will, abducted Americans and shipped them halfway around the world to island-prisons, instituted a worldwide torture regime, armed their allies for attacks on other Western nations, and threatened still other invasions.” – Sheldon Richman, “Why They Hate Us”

Let’s face it: the US/NATO war in Afghanistan is doomed. Read your history: Foreign invaders and occupiers are not welcome in Afghanistan, “the graveyard of empires.”

The whole thing was so predictable, one has to ask: Why are we doing this? What was the point of launching an illegal war against Afghanistan that was guaranteed to fail?

Some say it was about CIA control of Afghan heroin. Others say it was about a gas pipeline. Still others claim that Afghanistan is the center of the geopolitical “grand chessboard.”

But none of this makes much sense given the obvious futility of the war effort from day one. Sure, the CIA has restored and escalated the Afghan heroin trade…but for how long? The Taliban will be taking full control soon, and they may just shut it down again. As for the pipeline project, it has fared much worse than the opium crop. And by launching a reckless, criminal war, we have ensured that, barring unforseen developments, the center of the grand chessboard will be viscerally anti-American for at least a century.

The propaganda about “fighting terror,” of course, is so asinine I won’t insult your intelligence by imagining that you could be stupid enough to believe it. Since the FBI admits there is no evidence implicating Bin Laden in 9/11, and since in September-October 2001 the Taliban offered to hand over Bin Laden if the US provided evidence against him, the whole “fighting terror” myth is ludicrous. Besides, launching criminal wars against Muslim countries would be the stupidest possible response to any genuine terrorist threat. For every angry Muslim looking for a chance to harm the US in 2001, there are many thousands today.

The truth is, 9/11 was designed to turn Americans and Muslims against each other, and bog them down in an endless war that would badly damage both groups. Who benefits from this war of civilizations? Hardline Zionists? British New World Order financiers? Shortsighted profiteers from the US military-industrial complex? The answer is “all of the above.”

So how can patriotic Americans fight back against the real authors of 9/11? Simple. Expose the 9/11 hoax, recognize that we along with the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims were victimized, and join with the world’s Muslims in an alliance against the 9/11 perps. We should arrest and imprison the NWO financiers and Zionist unregistered agents who have been running amok in our country. We should bring back anti-trust laws and bust up the Zionist-controlled media. We should seize the financiers’ ill-gotten assets, nationalize the Fed, and set up a transparent and non-usurious currency system. And while we are doing all this we should apologize to the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims, end the Zionist settler colonial project in Palestine through boycott-divestment-and-sanctions (followed by a full-scale embargo if necessary), and recognize the Afghan patriots fighting the criminal occupation of their country as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. That’s why American patriots, as opposed to Zionist/NWO agents, should support the Taliban. (We should support the Islamic Republic of Iran as well, but that’s the topic of another essay.)

These moves would restore the US-Muslim alliance that 9/11 was designed to torpedo. By mending fences with the world’s leading oil producers, we would be inaugurating a real “new American century” of peace and prosperity.

3 Thoughts to “Why American patriots should support the Taliban”

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah that analogy works only if you compare apples to apples. The Taliban is not a western democracy with a bill of rights. It's a minority that forces people to do what a small group of angry men want. No sane person can support a group of theocrats that don't want women to vote. Fuck the Taliban and their apologists. Maybe if you lived under a theocratic regime that didn't allow you to go to school maybe you'd want a foreign army to occupy you to overthrow said scumbags.

    Polls show the only group less popular than America troops in Afghanistan is the Taliban.

  2. Anonymous

    Anon, the cultures and peoples are an apples to oranges comparison. Democracy and the Middle East do not compliment each other. Democracy is a form of government that fits The West. When The Taliban were running Afghanistan they were only concerned with their own country and population. I certainly don't care that Afghan women wouldn't be able to vote. I think they'd even give up said right in exchange for not bombing their wedding parties.

    And Kevin, what about Israeli nukes? You're plan for America sounds great but that country isn't going anywhere. Also, there's the Sampson option where they will bring down Europe and maybe the US with nukes if they face destruction. Sounds like extortion because it is. The world made its biggest mistake by allowing them to have nukes and submarines as well. All the while claiming to be our "ally" they are a bigger and more dangerous enemy to us than the Soviets ever were. I don't know how we put the genie back in the bottle.

  3. If the US threw its full diplomatic, economic and military support behind the UN resolutions demanding return to '67 borders and right of return, holding out the option of a referendum for a peaceful one-state-with-an-equal-protection-clause, it would solve the problem overnight. That would leave Israel with a stark choice: decolonize or die. No Israeli leader would use nukes in that situation, because the outcome (Israel a pile of radioactive rubble, every Jew on earth lynched) would be so much worse than the alternative (a South Africa style one state, or a smaller Israel with a 50-50 ethnic split beside a viable Palestine).

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