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William Pepper, Joshua Blakeney: Arrest Bush, Cheney & other war criminals!

Tuesday, October 20th, 9 – 10 a.m. Pacific (noon – 1 pm Eastern) on “Fair and Balanced,” (archived a few hours later here):
William Pepper will open the show with an update on prospects for war crimes prosecutions…then Joshua Blakeney, who is following Bush to Saskatoon to organize and participate in protests, will join us live to report on the welcome Canadians have prepared for the former War-Criminal-in-Chief. (Last time we did this, during Bush’s visit to Calgary last spring, my show broke the story of Splitting-the-Sky’s getting himself arrested while trying to arrest Bush!)

William Pepper, a friend of Martin Luther King Jr. and attorney for the King family, is the author of Act of State, the definitive study of the MLK assassination by elements of the CIA, FBI, US military, and their organized crime assets. On behalf of the King family, Pepper won a November, 1999 court case proving the King hit was a government job. Today, almost exactly 20 years later, Pepper is at the center of the two biggest struggles of our time, in his capacity as a legal advisor to the 9/11 truth-seeking, and to the Spanish court’s war crimes prosecution of US war criminals including George W. Bush.

Joshua Blakeney is an anti-war-crimes activist and author of two articles on the topic for Global Research.

Bush is visiting Edmonton Tuesday and Saskatoon Wednesday. Videos here.

To keep track of possible appearances by war criminals in your area, visit

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  1. Anonymous

    listened to the Blakeney interview. very intersting. will catch the Pepper later. you rock, Kevin! Kotk

  2. Anonymous

    They look better tahn ever behind bars!

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