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Breaking stories: you heard it here first!

The Israeli-linked “art student” story Jonathan Elinoff broke on my show last Saturday got picked up by Infowars. Congratulations, Jonathan! And thanks to Ed Rynearson of RadioDuJour and American Freedom Radio for helping break the story.

Another breaking story returns to Truth Jihad Radio this Saturday, as Muhammed Abdullah, the Marine vet 9/11 truther who was raided by DHS in apparent reprisal for his activism, will join me for a full hour to tell his harrowing story. Stay tuned to my radio schedule page for updates. Other upcoming guests include professor Anthony Hall of the University of Lethbridge; Dr. Ian Douglas, coordinator of the International Initiative to Prosecute US Genocide in Iraq; 9/11-truth-seeking Princeton University professor and UN human rights official Richard Falk, expert on the Goldstone Report; John Cobb, one of the world’s leading Protestant theologians, who happens to be a 9/11 truth supporter; and William Blum, “the thinking man’s Noam Chomsky,” author of Killing Hope.

And speaking of important stories, Josh Blakeney follows up on Tuesday’s radio show with William Pepper:

Pressure Mounts on Canadian Law Enforcement Official to Arrest George Bush for International Crimes and for Possible Involvement in the 9/11 Debacle!

By Josh Blakeney

Media Coordinator of Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge

21 October, 2009

Saskatoon Canada. About 300 protesters gathered outside of Teachers’ Credit Union Place in Saskatoon to make a public display of their refusal to welcome George W. Bush to Canada. Bush’s luncheon address to a business audience in Saskatoon was one stop in his three city Canadian tour. While one branch of the protesters worked with police, another branch emphasized the responsibility of the police to arrest George Bush.

This second group has aligned itself with Lawyers Against War. As it did in the prelude to the former US president’s speeches in Calgary and Toronto, LAW delivered evidence to the relevant law enforcement officials right up to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. LAW has documented the case that Bush is credibly accused war criminal who should be arrested in Canada and tried for international crimes as well as for violating the Canadian Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.

At one point I, Josh Blakeney, who am here in Saskatoon covering the event for Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge, took the microphone on the dissenters podium to criticize one of the organizers who publicly thanked the police. I presented the case on behalf of those who believe that Canadian law enforcement officials are violating the rule of law, including the Nuremberg principles, for not arresting former US president for his role in authorizing aggressive war and torture. Following orders, it was decided at Nuremberg and the United Nations, is no excuse for violating international laws as Canadian law enforcement officials have consistently done in refusing to arrest George Bush’s during his Canadian speaking engagements.

I also drew attention on and off the podium to the growing body of evidence that parts of the US government may have been involved in the controlled demolitions of the three World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. A recent peer-reviewed article by University of Copenhagen Chemistry Professor Niels Harrit et. al. demonstrates conclusively that military grade nano-thermite was used in dropping the three towers. From the day one of the post-9/11 era the US government has stuck to its initial story that the three steel-frame towers collapsed because of the impact of two plane crashes.

I pointed out that the contested events of 9/11 form the basis of the US government’s Global War on Terror which continues under the Obama regime but with a different name. Most of the the war crimes and crimes against humanity that LAW and other organizations have pressed against George Bush came about because of aggressive wars justified by an explanation of 9/11 that subsequent research and publication by Professor David Ray Griffin and others have shown to be implausible.

The US government alleged on day one that Osama bin Laden and nineteen Saudi hijackers with box cutters acted alone in creating the 9/11 debacle. This version of events would attribute the destruction to a massive failure of intelligence, air defense, immigration, and skyscrapper engineering for which no one has yet been fired for incompetence or malfeasance.

In my short talk at the dissenter’s podium in Saskatoon I called attention to the importance of the upcoming trial next March of Splitting the Sky, a prominent activist in the movement seeking 9/11 truth. The well-known Mohawk activist, who is also known as John Boncore, was arrested in Calgary last March attempting to conduct a citizens’ arrest of George Bush.

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