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Guardian obituary for Keith Mothersson, interfaith 9/11 truth activist

I am very sorry that I never got a chance to meet Keith Mothersson in person. The Scottish representative of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, and founder of All Faiths for 9/11 Truth, Keith one of the kindest yet feistiest people I’ve been privileged to know. (I wish all of the many feisty people in the 9/11 truth movement were as consistently kind as Keith! And that includes me, I suppose.)

The Guardian’s obituary for Keith doesn’t really do justice to his passion for 9/11 truth, which is mentioned only in passing:

“By then back living in Scotland, Keith immersed himself in more local projects, worked as a gardener, and took up Buddhist meditation. The conflicts following 9/11 confirmed all of Keith’s worst fears about the modern power system, and he lost some friends over his participation in the 9/11 Truth Movement. He established the campaign group All Faiths Against Terrorism, and built bridges with Muslim communities.”

To get a sense of Keith’s vibrant enthusiasm for 9/11 truth, savor this email he sent out in June, 2008:

From Keith Mothersson, June 4th, 2008:
I couldn’t believe my ears: Two minutes into this 6.49 minutes video clip Chomsky lists US and England as ‘the less violent countries’ in his critique of 911 Conspiracy theories ! :

Neutral summary of Chomsky’s argument: Bush gained from 9/11 but that doesn’t prove anything. The ‘more violent countries’ like Russia, China, Indonesia and Israel would use it to repress minorities, but the ‘less violent countries’ all round the world would merely institute or strengthen domestic control mechanisms, so in this respect the US no different.

Extremely unlikely any foreknowledge by Bush administration as they would have to have been insane to risk it, a) the danger was too high (firing squads, destruction of Rep party) , b) the likelihood of the truth being leaked in advance or subsequently was much too great, c) too unpredictable a plan as they couldn’t predict ‘the plane’ would actually hit the WTC.

‘Anybody who knows anything about the sciences’ would instantly dismiss 911 conspiracies as the best labs in the world are constantly throwing up unexplained anomalies, that is just the way the world is, and with events such as 911 it is an error to impose post hoc patterns of interpretation which deny the messy reality of unexplained anomalies in complicated events.

So a) 911 conspiracies are just plain wrong b) diverting people from ‘serious issues’ c) even if true, who cares? analogy with JFK assassination, plenty of people get killed, supposing it was a hit by a jealous husband, so what?, the evidence against a high-level coup is overwhelming.

Comment: I mean single bullets turn corners twice all the time in the best labs in the world, and Galileo’s laws of the speed of falling objects are often temporarily suspended ….NOT! see Philospher of Science Jim Fetzer deal with this bizarre line of argument: ‘A law of Nature can not be violated. The government’s position of 9/11 could only be true if you could violate half a dozen laws of nature.’ (excellent arguments destroying the official story about the Towers ‘collapses’, but IMO rather dated references to New Pearl Harbour, steel removal, etc – we now see much deeper and the story has moved on!)

For some reason, and despite the obvious conspiracy to lie about WMD to procure war on Afghanistan, a lot of folk still think scorning and NOT investigating theories about the AMD (act of mass destruction) of Sept 11 is the height of intellectual sophistication, and/or are in chronic denial due to unconscious identifications with Power.

The cultural ‘meme’ against ‘conspiracy theories’ and in favour of random chaos anomalies and co-incidence, etc should be seen as the perfection of plausible deniability in the interests of the Frats as they propagate racist legends to justify imperialism.

Zero tolerance for racist legends please, good people – or else refute Elias Davidson’s detailed paper: or refute Jim Fetzer’s Top Ten reasons to disbelieve the hijacker nonsense: 8.44 mins .

And now Chomsky of all people says the US is ‘one of the less violent countries’, well gee whizz ….. You get more sense and a lot more laughs from the Onion: 2.46 minutes: ‘9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous – Al Qaeda’ Enjoy!

The ‘twin towers’ were destroyed so fast the top floor fell/went away at the same speed (faster actually) as if it was falling through air, and not through the path of max resistance – namely through 109 other hugely strong floors of steel and concrete.

Far from being a ‘diversion’ 9/11 is the iconic fount of War on Terror/Clash of Civilisations propaganda, without challenging which we will always be treating the symptoms, the latest terror scares and scams, the latest Islamophobic provocations.

But 9/11 could be iconic for us. There is no dispute about the height of the twin towers, nor the speed they ‘came down at’, nor the laws of physics. So the Bush administration are now caught bang to rights naked, hundreds of scientists and 450 architects and engineers and lots of military brass and pilots and intelligence analysts have come out against the official bogey tale, ….. Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Patriots Question 9/11

So why on earth aren’t all the anti-imperialist, anti-racist, socialist, green, peace movement, progressive organisations and parties and faith groups shooting at this wide open goal?

Keith Mothersson Joint Co-ordinator, 9/11 Truth Scotland

4 Thoughts to “Guardian obituary for Keith Mothersson, interfaith 9/11 truth activist”

  1. Kevin, one of the reasons we're not getting more support in green and peace movements is because people like you go around acting like lunatics and trying to sell obvious lies. When people like Annie Machon, Willie Rodrigues, Rob Balsamo, and Craig Ranke peddle obvious nonsense, how do you expect thinking progressives to react? I have spent a lot of time working in the Green and Peace and Electoral Integrity and Accountability movement, and I have to work very hard to establish myself as a credible and rational person in order to counteract the damage the truth movement has suffered from the childish and stupid things you and your gang of knaves do and say.

    In this very blog post you are spreading stupid misinformation about the collapses of the towers. The floors were not "hugely strong," as anyone who ever saw NOVA or National Geo or BBC or watched a video can tell you. The floors were highly engineered, and they were no stronger than they had to be. Why do you inspire people to go around saying stupid things?

    You can't prove your claim that the top floor fell through the tower's structure at faster than free fall. Why do you try to inspire people to lie? We don't need to lie. We have the facts. NIST lies, Condi lies, the 9CR lies. We don't need lies and liars on our side.

  2. Kev, when you make bigoted remarks, advocate violence and threats of vigilantism, advocate firearms, and call for the hanging of journalists, how dare you complain that progressives write you (and us) off? You remind me of my friend who goes barefoot to job interviews and then complains that he wasn't hired.

  3. Mothersson's concept of "mal-employment" is a useful one, defined by the Guardian as "Keith's neologism for a system in which, while large numbers of people are un- or underemployed, those who have jobs are often engaged in activities that can be considered dangerous, corrupting, wasteful or frivolous."

    Good diagnosis.

  4. Want to wake up American's to the truth of 9/11? Here's how……

    Make it go viral! Thanks!

    Daniel Bland

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