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Today, Tuesday 9/1, on Fair and Balanced: Christopher Bollyn speaks out from exile

Catch a rare interview with 9/11-truth-seeking journalist-author Christopher Bollyn! Tuesday, September 1st, 9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon-1 pm Eastern),,
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Ever noticed how those of us in the 9/11 truth movement who mention the elephant in the living room — the evidence of Mossad/Zionist involvement, and more generally Zionist political power in the USA — get slandered, reviled, set up, threatened, verbally and sometimes physically assaulted, kicked off 911blogger, libeled at Wikipedia, and generally mistreated? (Compare the Wikipedia biographies for me and Christopher Bollyn to those of…well, pick any 9/11 truth advocates who ignore the Israeli connection.) I am acquainted with top-tier 9/11 truth leaders who know perfectly well the Zionists did it, but “won’t go there” because, they tell me (in one case at least) they are literally afraid for their lives. Ha! As a Muslim, I know that martyrdom is the quickest way to paradise ; ) So here’s my message to the Zionist operatives, including the truth movement infiltrators who have been torturing me for several years now: BRING IT ON. And get a load of this explosive interview I just did with Sander Hicks, who is running it on page one of–First question: “Do you believe the holocaust happened?”

It garnered some angry “take me off the list you holocaust denier” messages from people who apparently hadn’t actually read the interview, in which I don’t deny any of the many holocausts…and also some equally angry messages from people who DO deny that the Nazis killed six million Jews in gas chambers, including one calling me a “Jewish punk” and suggesting to somebody who goes by “” that he should deal with me…

Anyway…Christopher Bollyn, possibly THE seminal 9/11 truth investigative journalist, writes:

Journalists like me, who challenge the official version with evidence and facts are marginalized as “conspiracy nuts.” I have been portrayed as an anti-Semitic writer by the leading media networks simply because I dare to investigate the evidence of Israeli involvement in the terror attacks. The level of the personal attacks against me increased dramatically in August 2006, when a police assault by three unidentified heavily-armed men resulted in my right elbow being fractured and my being unjustifiably shocked with 50,000 volts from a police device known as a TASER. This outrageous and illegal assault occurred at my home in front of my wife and eight-year-old daughter. I was taken to jail and subsequently charged by the police with resisting arrest and aggravated assault, both misdemeanor charges. In the Chicago system nearly everyone in such a situation is forced to plead guilty and accept the sentence meted out by the judge. I refused to plead guilty, however, and spent nearly one year trying to defend myself against the baseless charges and malicious prosecution. In early June 2007, I was found guilty of both misdemeanors after a seriously flawed four-day-trial in which the police were allowed to destroy the video evidence and then lied on the stand. My expert witness and evidence were not allowed to be presented by the CookCounty judge, Hyman Riebman, a Zionist Jew. Having seen that there was no way to obtain justice in the corrupt court system, I was compelled to leave Chicago with my family before the date of sentencing. It would have been irresponsible for me to allow this criminal system to cause more harm to me and my family than it already had.

Right on, Christopher! My family and I have also been targeted by the same forces…but we’re still here in the belly of the beast, and whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Click here for my mini-essay inspired by Robin Hordon.


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