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Reflections on Bollyn Interview: Is Jewish-Zionist Domination of the US Media a Factor in the 9/11 Truth Blackout?

And will the Zionist propaganda brigade wage all-out war on me for even raising the question?

Any more rhetorical questions?


Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do?

My in-box is overflowing with praise and blame concerning my “coming out” as an anti-Zionist who thinks Zionism was the biggest motive behind the 9/11 false-flag attack, and who thinks the overrepresentation of Zionist Jews in the U.S. media helps explain the cover-up.

First, some of the praise. A listener writes: “My most profound appreciation for your courageous and vital program of September 1st…You transcended yourself, brought Chris (Bollyn) back to public attention, and broke the omnipresent self-censorship of the diabolical and protracted criminal chain-conspiracy that produced 9/11 for the on-going imperial wars of aggression.” And one of the best-known and universally-respected 9/11 truth leaders wrote to a worried Jewish mainstream radio host: “IMO Kevin has always been and continues to be on the level, in the sense that he is authentic and truthful beyond what most of us can accomplish, because he appears to be fearless.”

Meanwhile, the Zionist infiltrators of the 9/11 truth movement were not happy.

By Zionist infiltrators, I do not mean honest 9/11 truth-seekers who happen to be pro-Zionist. I mean those whose mission is to destroy the movement by:

* suppressing evidence of the Zionist connection to 9/11 and attacking those who cite this evidence

* preserving the core of the psy-op by defending the long-disproven notion that there might have been “radical Muslim hijackers” involved — any evidence that proves there were no hijackers, like David Ray Griffin’s proof “the cell-phone calls” were fabricated through voice-morphing, the multiple indications that no 757 hit the Pentagon, or even son of holocaust survivors Elias Davidsson’s overwhelmingly important proof that none of the 19 patsies ever boarded the planes, are suppressed, downplayed, or viciously attacked

* attacking the most rhetorically successful 9/11 truth films, such as the first two Loose Change efforts, 9/11 Mysteries, and the films of Dave Von Kleist for various reasons, mainly through wildly exaggerating alleged flaws in accuracy that are actually a matter of interpretation, and of little relevance in any case to the only important issue: the film’s (rhetorical, not “scientific”) power to convince newbies

* viciously attacking many of the most accomplished, talented researchers of the 9/11 truth movement, most recently Rob Balsamo and CIT, for not kowtowing to the attackers’ rigidly dogmatic version of events — and for offering strong evidence disproving the possibility that there were any Muslim hijackers

* viciously attacking many of the most accomplished, talented communicators of the 9/11 truth movement, myself included, supposedly for disagreeing with various aspects of their dogma

Here is a recent attack on me from the leading Zionist-infiltrator site:

In 2006 he was just supporting holocaust denial in personal emails.”
False. The Zionist stalker assigned to me after I produced David Ray Griffin’s UW-Madison C-Span talk, Mark Rabinowitz, fabricated this untrue allegation.

“In 2008 he was claiming no Israelis died on 9/11 just on 911blogger.”
False. I cited a mainstream report of WTC victims that showed no Israeli deaths on my radio news show (not 911blogger). Then I corrected myself when shown other mainstream sources claiming that one or two Israelies had died in the Towers. But wait — the Jerusalem Post ran a story saying that 4000 Israelis were expected at work that day! That means that about 400 Israelis should have died in the Towers, if the Israeli community in New York had not been somehow forewarned. Even if the Post were off in its estimate, the gross discrepancy between the expected and actual number of Israeli (NOT “Jewish”) casualties is a massive red flag. The attacks on me are designed to distract from this obvious proof of Israeli involvement in the attack on the WTC.

Last July he was toasting Jews on a 50,000 mainstream AM radio station that reached half the country, while holding himself out as an author and an expert on the war on terror.
I am a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist and an expert on the war on terror. I did just write an excellent book on the subject. And the only toasting of Jews I have ever done involves raising a glass of non-alcoholic beverage to such Jewish folks as Steve Alten, Daniel Ellsberg, Steve Bhaerman, Douglas Rushkoff, Eric Walberg, William Robinson, Brad Friedman, Richard Falk, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Jay Weidner, Joel Hirschhorn, Swami Beyondanonda, Lloyd DeMause, Barry Chamish, William Blum, the five Jewish contributors to 9/11 and American Empire v.2, and even the surprisingly fair Canadian journalist Jonathan Kay, all of whom are friends and/or radio guests.

In a review of his own book last week Barrett claimed that there was no connection between Islam and terrorism, and mischaracterized the FBI’s position on Osama’s guilt.

I correctly cited Robert Pape, the world’s leading expert on suicide terrorism, as arguing that there is no connection whatsoever between Islam and terrorism. I also correctly cited the FBI’s position that Osama is “not wanted” for 9/11. Obviously this Zionist Islamophobe has a hard time accepting such things.

Recent posts at Barrett’s truthjihad blog have involved “Jews did 9/11” and “Jews Run the World” themes.

No such words can be found here…though I certainly do think the prime authors of 9/11 were probably of Jewish ethnicity, yet religiously harcore atheists, like their mentor, Leo Strauss. So why is it not okay to say this, yet the whole world talks about “Islamic terrorism” and alleged Islamic involvement in 9/11?

He’s also engaging in vicious attacks on one of his critics that are, even if they’re true (does anybody know?), shameful ad hominems that he levels instead of discussing the issues.

9/11 truth sex stalker Brian Good is a nutball who has been cyber-stalking me for years due to some sick sexual infatuation with me. If YOU were being stalked by a sexual predator nutcase, would you “discuss the issues” with him? Especially if his endless attacks were incoherent and completely empty of any real content?

I suppose these mendacious attacks from the provocateur brigade at, a site which is almost indistinguishable from screwloosechange, are proof that I must be doing something right.

19 Thoughts to “Reflections on Bollyn Interview: Is Jewish-Zionist Domination of the US Media a Factor in the 9/11 Truth Blackout?”

  1. Kevin, in your case "appears to be fearless" and "discrediting loudmouth" appear to be synonymous. Your anti-Zionist Jihad, like most of your actions, greatly discredits and marginalizes the Truth movement.

    Your belief that the 19 hijackers notion has been disproven is an ideologically-based fantasy that discredits and marginalizes the Truth movement.

    You recklessly champion sloppily-researched, sensationalist, and easily-debunked films that discredit and marginalize the Truth movement.

    Your belief that no 757 hit the Pentagon is irrational and unjustified, and discredits and marginalizes the Truth movement. Mr. Balsamo and Mr. Ranke's irrationality and dishonesty is amply demonstrated at OpEdNews, and deserve to be attacked.

    If Mark Robinowitz lied about you in 2006, why didn't you say so then? I was shocked and disgusted that the alleged founder of an alleged interfaith group would express support for holocaust deniers, and then try to justify it. I don't remember you denying it.

    Do you have a link for your Jerusalem Post article, or do you accept the assertions of Mr. Bollyn as uncritically as you accept those of Mr. Ranke and Mr. Balsamo and William Rodriguez and who knows who else?

    You're lying about your book review, Kevin.
    You did not credit Dr. Pape with the de-linking of Islam and suicide terrorism. Your unsupported assertion makes you look like a nut. You did NOT cite the FBI's "not wanted" position on Osama. Your wrote: "Osama Bin Laden repeatedly denied and deplored 9/11, and the FBI agrees he didn’t do it." Look at yourself, Kevin, lying about stuff you wrote ten days ago!

    And lying about what you wrote on this very page!

    8/23: "9/11 and the 9/11 wars, which have bankrupted our economy and morally destroyed our nation, were orchestrated primarily by and for Zionist Jews?"

    Is that not a "Jews did 9/11 theme"?

    8/23: "Bin Laden denied involvement, deplored the 9/11 attacks, and suggested American Jewish complicity here, and here" (links)

    8/25: "Why should it be taboo for anyone–least of all an innocent Muslim falsely accused of the crime–to say that American Jews were responsible?"

    8/25: "The idea that Zionist-imperialist covert operators would have the means, motive and opportunity to launch a spectacular false-flag attack on the U.S., and thus should be considered the probable authors of any such attack even prior to investigation, is simple common sense."

    9/4: "The prime authors of 9/11 were probably of Jewish ethnicity."

    Are the below not "Jews Run the World" themes?

    8/23 "The Progressive also ignores the takeover of American politics and media by Zionist money."

    8/25: "It appears that pro-Zionist Jews are wildly over-represented in media decision-making positions in the US."

    9/1: You quote Robin Hordon. "AIPAC's-Zionism's controls of US politics…. Zionism's hold on this country…. you are being hacked by our embedded Zionists."

    Kevin, for the founder of an interfaith group who has so many Jewish friends to refer to the holocaust as "toasting six million Jews" on mainstream AM radio, and then characterize himself as a "talented communicator" is absurd–unless it is your intention to make the Truth movement look like nutjobs.

    The only person in the world who has a sexual infatuation with you is you.

    You discredit the truth movement. You are such a lousy scholar (and communicator) that you can't even competently characterize your own writings of the last two weeks. You act like someone who can't recognize that the mushrooms he's eating are bad for him.

  2. A couple of things I missed:

    1. Your complaint about information at your wikipedia page is amusing because five months ago you wrote a page at ago asking people to edit the wiki. Apparently you haven't got any friends willing to do it.

    2. Also amusing is that your response to the charge that your only answer to criticism is ad hominem attack is … more ad hominem attack!

    My posts here are not incoherent, though they are rather episodic comments because they are rapidly composed in the sequence of the points in your posts. Thus any incoherence only reflects the underlying incoherence of your own post. But, like the guy whose neurological malfunctioning due to mushroom poisoning makes it impossible for him to recognize his neurological own malfunctioning, you fail to perceive that.

  3. SnugBug, please relax, you get emotional when someone mentions Zionism and the truth about Zionist media domination. Maybe you should take a time out and go watch Schindler's List.

  4. zero, I have seen Schindler's List and it was a waste of time because it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

    I don't get emotional about people mentioning Zionism. Most of my Jewish friends are bitterly critical of Israel. David Duke and Christopher Bollyn can spew their bigotry all day long and it doesn't bother me one bit.

    It does anger me when people try to make the Truth movement look like a bunch of Jew-haters, though. It angers me when people try to lead the movement in counter-productive directions.

    I think activists need to choose between anti-Zionism and 9/11 Truth because as a political reality the former cause damages the credibility of the Truth movement.

    I'm offended by Barrett's chart at the top of this post–the implication is that Jewish CEOs are inevitably pro-Zionist and that they impose their personal politics on their news organizations with an iron fist. Barrett provides no evidence for this–he just expects us to assume.

    Barrett's extremely counterproductive activities in the last three years have done enormous damage to the credibility of the Truth movement. I hope the movement soundly rejects him so he can stop mucking up 9/11 Truth and devote his energies completely to his Jew-hating.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. If you can't turn on the TV or open a newspaper and tell there's a huge Israeli bias than you've just not been made aware of the extent of the problem. If you think Jewish ownership .writing, staffing, and pressure from Jewish advertising companies has little or nothing to do with this overwhelming bias you're a complete fool. You don't need a bloody study to add this up. But then if you do mention this commonsense, you might be a "Jew hater" so move along and pretend you didn't notice. The whole system of political Zionism completely relies on dupes like you. Call a spade a spade, don't be a coward.

  7. Also, if you don't Kevin why the hell are you wasting your time here? Why don't you go post somewhere where there's no terrible "Jew haters"?

  8. I am posting here to demonstrate that honest 9/11 Truthers want the world to know that Barrett does not speak for us.

    I am posting here because too many times in the past I have remained silent when people expressed their bigotry and I want to stop.

    I am posting here in hopes that posting sense will turn some naive people away from Kevin's stupid and politically unwise ideas.

    I am posting here in hopes of provoking Kevin sufficiently that he will agree to a wee chat about his dumbassness at the sfgooglegroup after 9/12.

  9. "I am posting here to demonstrate that honest 9/11 Truthers want the world to know that Barrett does not speak for us."

    Speak for yourself, asshat – he doesn't speak for you, maybe, but don't presume to speak for anyone else.

  10. Many honest truthers have made their disgust with Barrett clear. He and his defenders (including you) are afraid to engage in a text debate of his extremely counterproductive actions.

    Kevin is a gutless wonder and a net liability to the causes he pretends to support.

  11. Did I go anyplace, nitwit? What is it you wish to discuss?

  12. Would it be too much trouble to ask that you read the posts at the top of the thread for some ideas?

  13. Would it be too much trouble to ask that you pull your head out of your anal cavity, grow up, stop being a quisling for those who will discard you like a used prophylactic once your usefulness has come to an end, and use your brain?

    William Rodriguez was there, and you weren't – how can you know any better than him?

    Likewise, Kevin has better things to do than to watch out for his sphincter every time your silly ass comes a'calling. Stop being the towel boy for scumbags.

  14. William Rodriguez lied to the widows and orphans about the day their loved ones died.

    His impossible brags alienate the firefighters, cops, and independent journalists who should be our greatest allies.

    Any more questions?

  15. Please keep up the good work as you attempt to cast some light on our one-sided media.

    You can't expect much as Bollyn's experience seems to suggest? Hopefully, you won't end up like Joerg Haider.

  16. Not that there's anything wrong with that, right?

    Scratch a Nazi, find a Haider.

  17. Michael David Morrissey perceptively points out in an essay at OpEd News that Bollyn proceeds from his a priori assumption that no "group of Americans would do something like this to their own people, to their own country." Relying on his own incredulity for evidence, Bollyn then scapegoats the all-powerful Jews. "They control the media that informs Americans, the law enforcement agencies, the courts, the money, and the political process," he said in his comment after the interview.

  18. Looking at your chart again Kevin, I must suspect that whoever foisted that off on you before you foisted it off on us must be trying to make you look like an idiot.

    "Summer" Redstone? His name is Sumner.

    Bronfman Junior left Vivendi in 2003.

    Levin left Time Warner in 2002.

    Eisner left Disney in 2005.

    And who, pray tell is Robert Murdoch? Rupert Murdoch denies that he's a Jew.

    Somebody's trying to make Evan Barnet look like an idiot. It's too bad you make it so easy for them, dude.

    You're so busy being controversial you can't even see when you're being had.

  19. Anonymous

    All the while Kevin is reaching people and speaking out against injustice. I commend your efforts.

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