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In May 2008 I announced I was running for Congress on a 9/11 truth and “end aid to Israel” platform, and that I was calling for the prosecution of DHS chief Michael Chertoff and the whole Israeli lobby as unregistered agents of a foreign power. And all hell broke loose.

Upon announcing my candidacy, I was banned from my main internet outlet,, ostensibly because the owner of that website did not like ONE of the hundreds of people I had talked to on the radio. All of my posts at 911blogger were removed, and other users at 911blogger were forbidden to mention me or post news of my candidacy upon pain of expulsion. In eliminating my base of communications, fundraising, and support, Alan Giles, the owner of 911blogger, crippled my candidacy on the day it was announced. Though I had more google news hits than anyone else in the 911 truth movement except David Ray Griffin, and regularly brought 9/11 truth into the mainstream media in rhetorically effective ways, my congressional campaign and I had suddenly been erased from the biggest 9/11 truth news site.

In the weeks following the announcement of my congressional run, a tidal wave of slanderous sewage washed over me and my family, much of it facilitated by Alan Giles and a cabal of operatives at 911blogger: the anonymous attack entities “Arabesque” and “Col. Jenny Sparks,” the 9/11 truth sex stalker Brian Good, pugnacious Zionist LIHOPper Jon Gold, Jim Hoffman’s wife or CIA/Mossad handler or whatever she is Victoria Ashley, and a half-bright jealous rival radio host named Michael Woolsey…more or less the same clique Webster Tarpley had outed as cointelpro operatives or dupes back in mid-2007.

The 9/11 truth infiltrator-wreckers were joined by professional opinion-managers. Zio-Christian Republican party operative James Wigderston (who once garnered the biggest fine ever levied for illegal campaign activities in Wisconsin) contacted the Libertarian national party and fed them a false story, concocted by Zionist propagandist and stalker Mark Rabinowitz, that I supported “Holocaust deniers” whose names I did not even recognize. (Rabinowitz, whose oeuvre is a single-minded attempt to distance Israel and Zionists from 9/11, began cyber-stalking me immediately after I brought 9/11 truth to national TV by producing David Ray Griffin’s C-Span talk at the University of Wisconsin in 2005, then fabricated the “Holocaust denier” libel that is still on my Wikipedia entry.) Then-Libertarian Party national coordinator Sean Haugh, who has since been disgraced and fired, bought the false story without any fact-checking and informed the party and the world that I supported “Holocaust deniers” who were in reality unknown to me.

It got worse from there. Stalked, harassed, threatened, libeled, blacked out by 911blogger, my family subjected to psychological attacks, I began wondering what had hit me. Robin Hordon, the wise veteran activist and major source for David Ray Griffin’s analysis of the 9/11 air defense stand-down, provided the explanation:

“Kevin, you are supporting BOTH 911 Truth AND operating outside of AIPAC’s-Zionism’s controls of US politics. You are a colossal pain in the ass and MAJOR threat to them…because you speak the truth on BOTH counts…9/11 Truth and Zionism’s hold on this country.

“So, make no mistake about this…you are being hacked by our embedded Zionists…both in politics…and now it should come as being even MORE obvious to you…by 911blogger.

“Also, just as there are Zionists emasculating the peace movements all across this country, along with many, many other allegedly ‘progressive’ groups like, they too are deeply entwined in most 9/11 Truth groups.

“The issues of 9/11 truth-seeking are harder for them to stop because its a ‘fact thing’…but guys like you who DARE to step into national politics without being under their control, well now, that’s REALLY serious stuff to deal with…and they will hammer you as hard as possible and they do not need the facts…they work with public perceptions. They have the ability to knock folks out of politics if they had too many pimples on their face when they were teenagers…and THAT’s the truth here.”

* * *

Okay, Robin. I’m starting to understand. And I’m going to keep on telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

Kevin Barrett
Author, Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters:

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  1. Dr. Barrett, naturally I do not have the benefit of your communications with Mr. Giles, but my recollection of your banning from 911blogger was that you had attracted some notice when you wrote a fine little essay that concluded with a somewhat non-sequitur "If [Chomsky] convinces even one person not to work for 9/11 Truth, he may as well have murdered all 6 billion people on earth."

    When you later wrote a blog entry making the untrue claim that no Israelis had died on 9/11, you showed that either a) you make up your facts or b) you don't bother to check facts asserted by secondary sources of poor credibility.

    Your claim that you brought 9/11 Truth into the mainstream effectively is absurd. You played the role of the kooky truther to the hilt, calling for the hanging of everyone who ever drew a paycheck from the major media, promoting every loony theory you could find, associating the iconic word "Truth" with the most reviled word in the English language, "Jihad", and running around in a halloween mask trying to stir up a revolution.

    Your "Arrest Waleed" stunt was counterproductive. Instead of publicizing the living hijacker story as you claim, you negated it through your predictable failure to deliver Waleed. You have consistently mistaken promoting Barrett with promoting Truth–since 2006 at least. And it's a bad brand. You're famous nationally as a laughing stock–at best as an object of pity. That's not what the movement needs.

    Your claim that Mark Robinowitz's complaint is not true that you expressed support for holocaust deniers seems to be somewhat belated. At the time you did not deny those emails, but said you were just jerking Mark's chain, and he deserved it because he's an asshole. That MUJCA did not help you craft an insightful and humorous apology back then (2006) led me to suspect that it is a sham organization.

    Kevin, many of us who are aware of mainstream political reality in the USA recognize that criticism of Israel is as politically isolating as is advocacy of segregation. We thus feel we should leave that to the Chomskies and Goodmans of the world while we concentrate on the science of the towers, the widows' unanswered questions, the politics of Central Asia, the Oil/Drugs/Guns/Banking nexus. We consider your use of 9/11 to promote your racial conspiracy theories destructive. Even your good works are destructive. When you host thoughtful radio interviews with respected activists, you only induce the truth movement to embrace someone who has branded himself in the mainstream as a bigoted, wild-eyed, violence-mongering loon.

    Our conflicts began two years ago, Kevin, when I recognized that you were luring respected activists into extremely credibility-damaging programs. Your recklessness, tasteless self-promotion, refusal to be accountable, your bigotry, lousy scholarship, lies, and liking for gaudy conspiracy theories have only grown worse since then. Not only are you a Fox News caricature of a Truther, you've become a caricature of yourself.

    You're a liar, Kevin. I don't know if that's because you've lost your grip on reality or because you've lost your moral marbles or both. I hope God will help you. It seems you can't do Truth by yourself, or even with aid from some extremely able people who've tried to help you.

  2. Keep doing the right thing, Kevin!

  3. Kevin, if you are going to permit yourself to rewrite your history as one of persecution by AIPAC you are hiking up Crazy Creek.

    You want to think your career problems are because of your political beliefs. Wrong. Your career problems are because you are an asshole. Nobody is ever going to risk offering you a tenure-track position. You're an attention-seeker, a trouble-maker, a liar, and a lousy scholar.

    In fact AIPAC loves you! You do such a first-class job of discrediting the ideas you espouse, you're the Zionists' best friend. And one of Palestinians' worst enemies. Don't you ever get emails from Muslims like the ones you get from truthers asking you to quit your dumbassholery?

    I lived in Illinois for ten years and I know midwestern culture. You know it too, and you know that anybody that sticks out in the least is going to be whittled down until they don't stick out any more. I also know that Wisconsin is considerably hicker than Illinois.

    Think of your kids' development and mental health. Think of how your life might be different if you had taken that post-doc in California, and think what you can do to recover some of that alternative life. I shudder to think of you crowded into a stuffy overheated cabin this winter.

    You're headed for Steven King territory, Kev. STOP! You Are Going the Wrong Way!

    Quit your lying, quit your hating, face reality, and come to the light.

  4. Hey Kev, I see you had Christopher Bollyn as your guest on No Lies Radio on Tuesday.

    Wow, no wonder No Lies doesn't promote your program at the SF googlegroup or at Op Ed News any more!

    What's the matter, you couldn't get Greg Szymanski? David Duke? How about Tom Flocco?

  5. Thanks Kevin, the Christopher Bollyn interview was interesting.

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