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Who’s Crazy, the Truth-Seeking Journalist or the Shrinks Who Locked Her Up?

My Sat. 8/29 radio show: Psychology professor meets journalist committed to mental hospital for 9/11 truth-seeking

More news… is in court fighting to validate signatures and force a real 9/11 investigation: Silencing of NYC Voters Will Not Go Unchallenged


Interview with Emmy Award Winning and Social Activist Actor Ed Asner… supporter of 911 Truth. Click here to listen.

Also, Ed Asner did read the hard-hitting 9/11 truth PSA (public service announcement) I wrote for him, as well as several others. Contact your local Pacifica stations and tell them to run these! Listen here.

Sheehan Announces First Draft of International People’s Declaration of Peace

MARTHA’S VINEYARD—Cindy Sheehan spoke before the White House press, international and main stream media, and addressed an assemblage of peace movement leaders on Martha’s Vineyard on Thursday, August 27.

Sheehan called for an amplified re-invigoration of the peace movement to join her unequivocal war opposition. She is initiating a first draft of her proposed ‘International People’s Declaration of Peace’, subnamed ‘IP-DOP’, to be read at her speaking event on the Vineyard on Saturday, August 29 at the Katharine Cornell Theater in Tisbury.

Immediately following the press conference, supporters erected the Camp Casey tent compound in a West Tisbury field across the stream from Obama’s Chilmark summer residence. Honks from pro-peace well wishers were followed by a swift succession of vehicles which contained the President and his entourage, which passed alongside the Peace Rally at the Camp Casey site.

Later Thursday, Sheehan is expected to join peace leaders for a sea excursion on the racing sloop nicknamed the ‘SS Camp Casey’ for the first meeting of IPDOP organizers.
For information on Sheehan’s schedule, please contact: Laurie Dobson at 207-604-8988 or email: lauriegdobson(at) (Please note: this is a new email address.) or Bruce Marshall at brmas(at)

4 Thoughts to “Who’s Crazy, the Truth-Seeking Journalist or the Shrinks Who Locked Her Up?”

  1. Kevin it's too bad you're so busy shooting your mouth off you don't have time to do research or check facts. When you had CIT on your No Lies radio program you endorsed their DVD even while admitting that you hadn't seen it and acknowledging that you didn't know what the arguments of CIT's detractors were.

    Even if such sloppy scholarship is good enough for tenure-track at UW (and I doubt it) it's irresponsible in a truth movement where so much is at stake and credibility is all.

    Like you and like Willie, CIT functions as a wedge to marginalize the truth movement from mainstream society, while recruiting only the impulsive and gullible. Its "Operation Accountability" program offers a great playground for discrediting thuggishness by agents provocateur–much as did your extremely foolhardy War on War/Trick or Treat/Where They Live program two years ago. Are you incapable of learning? Or were you unaware of Operation Accountability?

    Your recklessness speaks of a profound arrogance.

  2. Kevin, some disinfo agent has posted an article at Hot Indie News about your book "Questioning the War on Terror" that is obviously designed to make you look like an idiot.

    Very cleverly it was written to read like a press release from you, and it contains some very credibility-damaging statements such as "There is no connection whatsoever between Islam/Muslims and terrorism" and "The FBI agrees [that Osama] didn't do [9/11]."

    What can we do to prevent such discrediting spoofs from hurting your reputation and that of the Truth movement? This is a serious problem! These people clearly will stop at nothing to make the Truth movement look bad! We need to find out who is posting such nonsense and stop them!

  3. Kevin, Balsamo and Ranke are very poorly representing themselves and the Truth movement over at OpEd News.

    They bob and weave and won't answer questions.

    Would you ask some responsible adults to come and lend those poor lads a hand?

  4. Cute video about Dr. Barrett's KDKA interview and his claims to academic martyrdom.

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