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Sat. 8/29: Psychology professor meets journalist committed to mental hospital for 9/11 truth-seeking

This Saturday August 29th on Truth Jihad Radio, 5-7 pm Central, on American Freedom Radio… Dr. William Woodward, professor of psychology at the University of New Hampshire, will join me during the first hour to deliver his professional opinion concerning the respective sanity of Clare Swinney and the psychiatrists who institutionalized her for believing that 9/11 was an inside job. Then in the second hour, Clare Swinney herself will join us to tell her amazing, outrageous story.

Clare is a journalist from New Zealand who began reporting on the holes in the official story of 9/11 and was subsequently threatened and finally incarcerated in the summer of 2006. During that same summer, Sean Hannity was calling me “a nut” and Bill O’Reilly was suggesting I should be killed in a mafia hit because I thought 9/11 was an inside job…while William Woodward, another 9/11-truth-seeking college teacher, was also being targeted by the forces of treason.

Psychology professor William Woodward tells me he will be consulting with a clinical psychologist in studying the horrendous ordeal of Clare Swinney and delivering his professional opinion. We will also be discussing the larger subject of psychiatric abuse (see article below).

Somebody’s crazy here…but who? Find out this Saturday, August 27th, on Truth Jihad Radio, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (to be archived at

Kevin Barrett
Author, Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters

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Open Letter to Congressmen Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, and to Sen. Jim Webb

On Inhuman CIA Torture/Interrogation

The Honorable Ron Paul,

Congressman Paul, we are writing you concerning the investigation into the abusive inhuman torture tactics used for interrogation by the US Army, under the direction of the CIA. Widespread public outrage over the official “unofficial” hypocrisy of fighting a “war on terror,” driven on torture-based intelligence, demands that these investigations are both legitimate and transparent, and not just another cover-up or whitewash, like the 911 “investigation.”

The ensuing investigations of the agency’s tactics, which are derived from the “learned helplessness” theories of Prof. Martin Seligman, must explore his theories, which served as the central core of the entire counter-insurgency strategy being followed by US and NATO forces in Asia, as well as torture guidelines. (“Weaponizing Psychology”).

This “helplessness” strategy is terror-based psychological warfare focused on the entire population of both Afghanistan and Iraq (this includes Pakistan), as well. The intent of this psywar is to shock, bomb and deprive these people of their basic humanity, until they respond like Pavlov’s dogs and just lay-down (as if to die) on command. (Seligman’s Puppies). To wage war upon an entire population, not just the “enemy combatants,” even if it’s just “limited warfare,” is a war crime. (The ten points of the Nuremberg Code)

The Army is using its own Gerry-rigged adaptations of Seligman’s theories for “resilience” training to treat ptsd in returning troops and those who cannot stand battlefield stress. The program is advertised as a means to remove the stigma within the military of seeking psychological counseling for stress-related problems, but it is no more than a cosmetic approach to a very serious problem of GI suicides and crime, intended only to improve the military’s image.

In actuality, the Army’s reverse Seligman program is but their latest attempt to “butch-up” troops who don’t measure up to their macho standards, or otherwise don’t have the ability on their own to just “suck it up,” when they really want to lie down and die. This is just another attempt to indoctrinate soldiers into allowing the military to replace their own thoughts with new ones that the Army implants within them.

In the past the military has used all known brainwashing techniques (including electroshock therapy) to recondition the minds of stressed-out and“inadequate soldiers,” especially since World War II. The fact that now electroshock is mostly only used for actual torture and not for therapy is a small improvement.

Please do your utmost from your good office to investigate and correct the conditions and policies which have stained the image of the United States in such a despicable manner throughout the world.

Most Respectfully,

Peter Chamberlin, Internet Writer/Researcher

Dr. Dan E. Dunlap, Clinical Psychologist, retired

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