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Listener Feedback, re: My Slugfest with Pintek on KDKA, Pittsburgh



…was listening to your show on Amer. Freedom Radio last night – and heard about your being on the Mike Pintek Show in Pittsburgh.

When you talked about that interview (Pintek) on your show, you made it sound like it was kind of a slugfest between you and Pintek. But I just got finished listening to it and you demolished every argument he had! You spoke a lot more than he did and he was reduced to saying “I just don’t believe that” almost every time. It was a classic example of a conversation between someone who knows a lot and someone who knows nothing other than the official propaganda. Even both of the callers were on your side.

If that went out to thousands of people in Pittsburgh, I’d call that a battle won – for sure.



Great job on KDKA.

Your rational and evidence based arguments will eventually overcome the inherent cognitive dissonance in otherwise rational people like Mike Pintek. He obviously just didn’t want to believe what you were saying about 911, but could not effectively counter many of your points by showing coherent innocent explanations.

I think it is getting easier to make these arguments than it was a few years ago.



This show was a complete waste of time.

A better show would be on the bomb blast at the Pentagon which was witnessesed by Robert Andrews who was in charge of America’s 25,000 Special Opeartions troops.on 9-11.

Andrews was interviewed by Barbara Honegger who is a journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School. The bomb went off before the plane hit the Pentagon. It killed the military auditors who were trying to find the 2.3 trillion dollars that Rumsfeld said was missing on 9-10-2001. She found other witnesses.

This is Barbara’s article.

This is Catherine Austin Fitts’s web page on the missing trillions:


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  1. No comment? Does nobody listen to these shows?

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