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Extreme Radio Alert! Barrett v. Pintek

Last night on KDKA, Pittsburgh: My grueling hour-long slugfest with host Mike Pintek! They tell me it will be posted within a few hours at the Mike Pintek archive, If that doesn’t work, just go to and find Mike Pintek under the “On the Air” drop-down menu.

More extreme radio:

Today on Truth Jihad Radio,
5-6 pm Central: Mike Palecek, author & should-be winner of the Kilgore Trout Award for great under-appreciated Midwestern social-commentary novelist. 6-7 pm Central: Dr. Richard Curtis, adjunct professor of philosophy at Seattle Central Community College and 9/11 truth supporter, arguing that I shouldn’t have had Kevin MacDonald on my show last week. Will be archived at

A big thank-you to everyone who helped make my Questioning the War on Terror book release party Thursday night a success! You packed the room, proving that whatever big publishing thinks, there’s still an audience out there for books concerned with the truth.

Two more events for your calendar:

Sunday, August 2nd: Dr. Bob Bowman speaks in Milwaukee (I’ll be introducing him). 6:30 p.m., Bella’s Fat Cat Restaurant, 2737 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Dr. Bob’s website:

September 11 – 13, New York City: We Demand Transparency conference. I’ll be speaking on the 12th. Other featured speakers include Richard Gage, Daniel Sunjata, William Pepper, and Barrie Zwicker among many others:

Thanks for paying attention, and keep on truth-seeking.

Kevin Barrett

PS My response to the folks who emailed me saying I shouldn’t have had Kevin MacDonald on my show last week…

Kevin MacDonald’s Warning

Why, many listeners have asked me, did I invited Kevin MacDonald on my show last week? Dr. MacDonald is notorious in some quarters for his evolutionary psychology research on Jewish identity as a group evolutionary strategy to compete for resources and power. A sociobiologist and avowed racialist (he supports “race” as a useful concept), MacDonald is concerned about the future of the European “white race” and believes that Jews and other groups are acting against the interest of the “white race” by supporting immigration and multiculturalism. To some of my listeners, this all sounds a lot like an academic version of the Ku Klux Klan’s program. Why give someone like that the time of day?

Those who actually listened to the MacDonald interview noticed that I do not share MacDonald’s worldview, and that I asked him questions that challenged that worldview. But I might as well admit that I find MacDonald interesting not only for the various ways he seems to me to be wrong, but also for some frightening but important ways he may be right.

At the core of MacDonald’s worldview and research program is his belief that we are biologically programmed to cooperate altruistically with those with whom we are relatively genetically similar, and to compete against those from whom we are genetically different. Anyone who has taken Anthropology 101 and studied the kinship systems that are the basis of all human politics will agree that there is at least a degree of truth in this outlook. Those who believe in neo-Darwinian theories of evolution will probably be even more inclined to accept MacDonald’s basic premise.

But I don’t think this support’s MacDonald’s political program. On the contrary, the bigger the biological push toward tribal warfare, the more important it is that we overcome our biological programming at the spiritual and cultural levels.

We are living in a world in which ethno-specific biological weapons are not only a possibility, but almost certainly a reality. During the apartheid era, white South African scientists were hard at work on biological weapons that would kill blacks but spare whites. Israeli scientists have likewise been hard at work trying to build weapons that would kill Arabs but spare Jews. Who knows what the Chinese and the Japanese and the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and Lords of the City of London and others have been up to. The mysterious deaths of dozens of leading researchers with actual or potential bio-weapons expertise suggests that much nastiness is afoot in this most sick and twisted area of human endeavor.

If we look at all this unflinchingly, we will understand that it means we are at the end of the road. Humanity cannot continue down the path of tribal-nationalistic struggle. That way lies genocide and the end of civilization, if not the extinction of the species.

We need to rise above whatever genetically-determined tribalism we may harbor, and make the free and conscious decision to embrace and appreciate people who are genetically (and culturally) different from ourselves. Such a collective decision, by the majority of humanity, represents our only hope of survival.

Kevin MacDonald doesn’t think we can do it. He thinks we are condemned by our genes to endless tribal strife…In other words, condemned to a future of genocide and likely extinction.

MacDonald’s message should be taken as a warning and a wake-up call — not to rally to defend the tribe, but to put an end to all forms of tribalism before tribalism puts an end to us.

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  1. Barrett v. Pintek? More like Barrett v. 9/11 Truth! In your first 5 minutes you say Germany's invasion of Poland was a greater crime than murdering 6 million Jews.

    Dr. Barrett, please do us all a favor and put a sock in it. You're an embarrassment to the Truth movement.

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