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Webster Tarpley: Get Ready for Hyperinflation

Tuesday, July 28th, on Fair and Balanced: Webster Tarpley, author, Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History. The 1998 edition of Surviving the Cataclysm sounds like it was written yesterday — Tarpley was a decade ahead of his time. Now the brand-new 660-page 2009 edition explains the current catastrophe and how to fix it. Webster Tarpley is also the author of the 9/11 truth classic 9/11 Synthetic Terror as well as unauthorized biographies of Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush, and is considered by many to be among the world’s leading geostrategic and political economics analysts.
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The Second Wave of the Depression: Hyperinflation Likely

by Webster Tarpley

Published in the August Rock Creek Free Press:

The second wave of the world economic depression is coming soon. Larry Summers, the economics czar of the Wall Street puppet regime currently in power in Washington, recently confessed to the Financial Times in an unguarded moment: “I don’t think the worst is over…” A few weeks earlier, Jacques Attali, who served in the 1980s as the main economics advisor to French President Mitterand, told an audience at the International Economic and Financial Forum (FIEF) in Paris that the world might well soon face a planetary Weimar “in the form of a hyperinflationary depression similar” to the German events of 1922-1923.

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4 Thoughts to “Webster Tarpley: Get Ready for Hyperinflation”

  1. So Kev, if you are the leading Muslim 9/11 truth activist, does that mean you are better than William Rodriguez, who claims he has addressed tens of millions on Spanish-language TV and claimed at the Los Angeles scholars' symposium in 2006 that he raised $122 million?

    Or is there some reason Willie is not as good as you? The fact that he's a liar, for instance?

  2. But then you're a liar, too, aren't you? Didn't you tell Chomsky you lost a tenure-track position? Wasn't that a lie?

  3. Not that it matters when we've already proved that 9/11 was an inside job 200 ways from Sunday–why should anyone care that William Rodriguez and Kevin Barrett are liars who corrupt everyone who supports them?

  4. 'Cause lying is OK when it's all in the service of truth, right?

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