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Truth Jihad Newsletter: Some Good News and Some Good News

Tuesday’s radio guest Sander Hicks: noon-1 pm Eastern,


A wave of good news is washing over us!

First…here’s the perfect link to forward to those who aren’t yet aware of the case for controlled demolition of the WTC:

New Scientific Study: Smoking Gun Evidence of 9/11 Explosives in WTC Dust by Josh Mitteldorf.

And here’s one for those who aren’t aware, or sufficiently appreciative of, the Citizen Investigation Team’s dogged work tracking down eyewitnesses to the Pentagon event, and proving that it didn’t happen the way the government says. Sheila Casey writes:

“I am getting TONS of exposure for my Pentagon article these past few days, due to lots of referrals from StumbleUpon. So far today (Sunday) I’ve had 7,500 hits, with 5,600 unique visitors — and that’s in just 13 hours. At this rate, I’ll have 10,000 unique visitors by the time the day is over. So this would be a bit like standing on a street corner and handing out a 9/11 brochure to someone new every six seconds, all day and all night.”

“You can help people take this article seriously by leaving a comment here.”

Great work, Sheila!

More good news: Splitting-the-Sky is okay! Turns out he just fell off a mountain.

And get this — mainstream U.S. TV is taking on 9/11 truth this Tuesday night!

As the New York Times tells us: “In Season 5 of ‘Rescue Me’...Franco Rivera (Daniel Sunjata) will articulate his Internet-fueled belief that 9/11 was ‘an inside job,’ the result of “a massive neoconservative government conspiracy” that was designed to increase American power by creating a pretext for seizing control of the world’s oil supplies — a view Mr. Sunjata himself happens to share.”

And speaking of New York…this week’s guest on “Fair and Balanced,” Sander Hicks, will discuss plans for the next 9/11 anniversary event; the NYC 9/11 ballot initiative creating a new, genuinely independent investigation with subpoena power; and much more!

Sander Hicks is the author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-Blowers, and the Cover-Up, which I reviewed here. A journalist, punk rock singer and gubernatorial candidate as well as author, publisher, activist, and general rabble-rouser, he started the coffeehouse/bookstore/publishing house Vox Pop in 2003. Last year Sander went up against a corrupt element of the FBI and published an exposé of the murder of 9/11 whistleblower Dr. Franklin Graham. Listen to the interview live tomorrow, Tuesday April 7th, 9 a.m. -10 a.m. Pacific (noon-1pm Eastern) at

Feel free to email me questions for Sander Hicks: truthjihad(at)

For peace & truth,

Kevin Barrett

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