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Sander Hicks: “Unite Behind for a New 9/11 Investigation”

Sander Hicks gave a terrific interview yesterday on my “Fair and Balanced” show (listen free to the archive here).

He urged everyone who cares about truth and justice to unite behind the New York City Ballot Initiative, which (if we work hard enough) will be on the ballot in November, 2009. The Initiative would create a real investigation with subpoena power–and the Commissioners include people like Martin Luther King assassination truth-seeker William Pepper, Jersey girl Laurie Van Auken, and original “celebrity for 9/11 truth” Ed Asner. This is the best hope for justice we have right now. Go to and give them whatever time and/or money you can spare.

Another fan of is Janette MacKinlay, the brave and talented artist and 9/11 survivor who provided Steven Jones his first sample of WTC dust. She recently emailed me urging me to plug, and also offered her reaction to the recent paper by Jones, Ryan and colleagues showing that the WTC dust was full of nano-thermites. Janette wrote: “I have two reactions, one is the ever present anger, and the other is comfort to know more about what happened to me. I still feel the vibrations from the shock wave that went through me…” Janette has been a voice of reason and moderation in the 9/11 truth movement; she has urged us to recognize that the whole country is suffering from a form of post-traumatic stress syndrome relating to 9/11, and to therefore be gentle in our communicative style, especially with sensitive people.

Extra interesting show coming up! This Saturday April 11th on Truth Jihad Radio I will be interviewing two key 9/11 eyewitnesses. My first hour guest will be Scott Forbes, who worked in the WTC and exposed the 36-hour power-down in the South Tower on the weekend before 9/11. This would have disabled all security systems and allowed “engineers” to come and go at will with (last-minute demolition prep?) equipment. In the second hour I’ll welcome April Gallop, a survivor of the Pentagon attack who carried an injured baby out the hole in the building and saw no evidence whatsoever of any airplane crash–then was browbeaten in the hospital by security guys insisting she should say it was a plane. April is suing the government and opining that based on what she experienced, alongside other evidence, the damage at the Pentagon was done by a bomb, not a passenger aircraft. Catch this amazing two hours of eyewitness radio 6-8 pm Eastern (3-5 pm Pacific) at

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