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Key 9/11 Eyewitnesses Will Be Debriefed Saturday 4/10/09, Truth Jihad Radio

photo: April Gallop with William Rodriguez

Truth Jihad Radio, Saturdays, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio:

My first hour guest will be Scott Forbes, who worked in the WTC and exposed the 36-hour power-down in the South Tower on the weekend before 9/11. This would have disabled all security systems and allowed “engineers” to come and go at will with (last-minute demolition prep?) equipment. The official story denies this power-down ever happened — but Forbes is credible and says he has lots of corroborating witnesses, who will presumably come forward when subpoenaed by the upcoming New York City official re-investigation:

In the second hour I’ll welcome April Gallop, a survivor of the Pentagon attack who carried an injured baby out the hole in the building and saw no evidence whatsoever of any airplane debris–then was browbeaten in the hospital by security guys insisting she should say it was a plane. April is suing the government for not evacuating the Pentagon even though they were aware an attack was imminent, and will discuss the progress of her lawsuit. April is clearly a sincere, credible witness — I met her two years ago and was impressed by her courage and integrity.

Please help publicize this show, which will continue the process of putting these two key witnesses to the 9/11 inside job on the record.

Also, if you can find the time, please help me straighten out my Wikipedia entry.

The short version (stuff that should be there but isn’t):

The long version (detailed critique of the dozens of lies in the current version, along with suggestions for improvement):

Thanks for listening, and keep up the peaceful struggle!

Kevin Barrett

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