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Will the Dumbocrats Wise Up and Drive a Stake Through Cheney’s Heart?

Why Their Only Hope Is a War Crimes Tribunal

By Kevin Barrett,

There are many good reasons to drive a stake through Dick Cheney’s heart, assuming he has one.

First, Cheney’s hypothetical heart is so black and oily that the penetration of a sharpened stake-tip might release a spurting gusher of oil sufficient to meet America’s energy needs for the rest of the century.

But more importantly, busting Cheney for war crimes, including the 9/11 inside job, would help Obama avoid the mistake John F. Kennedy made in the early years of his presidency.

Obama–whose Irish-American heritage, youthful good looks, and vapidly inspirational speechifying make him seem the second coming of Kennedy–is already clashing with the same forces that removed JFK from office with extreme prejudice. Those forces, of course, are the extremist wing of the military-industrial complex and its representatives in the military and intelligence communities.

In 1960, John F. Kennedy fired CIA chief Allan Dulles, who had lied to Kennedy about the real objective of the Bay of Pigs operation. Outraged by such duplicity, JFK threatened to tear up the CIA and scatter it to the winds–a project he was working on at the time of his assassination. Then in 1962, JFK fired another imperial extremist, Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Lemnitzer had drafted a document, subsequently signed by every member of the Joint Chiefs, calling for U.S. forces to covertly murder hundreds of Americans in false-flag “terrorist” bombings, including the sinking of a U.S. ship, to be blamed on Cuba. That plan, called Operation Northwoods, was intended to prepare the American public for an invasion of Cuba. As this official document put it, casualty lists published in American newspapers would create “a helpful wave of indignation.” The plan was rejected by President Kennedy.

Kennedy’s mistake was to simply fire Dulles and Lemnitzer, without publicly revealing their crimes and prosecuting them to the full extent of the law. Even out of office, Dulles and Lemnitzer were able to work with their fellow psychopaths in the secret government of the National Security State and effect the removal of an elected president. Had JFK revealed that the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff was conspiring to murder hundreds of innocent American citizens in a false-flag war-trigger event, and demanded the prosecution of the conspirators, history might have unfolded in a different and more positive direction.

Fast-forward half a century: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Today, Obama is taking heat from today’s version of Lemnitzer — a nasty little man named Richard Cheney.

Since the FBI cleared Osama Bin Laden, Cheney has become the leading suspect in the 9/11 attacks. Peter Dale Scott’s The Road to 9/11, the first 9/11 truth book published by a top-shelf American university press, shows, by way of meticulous scholarship, that the 9/11 Commission Report systematically distorted its findings in order to conceal evidence suggestive of Cheney’s complicity; and that Cheney has, since the 1970s, been at the heart of a secret government that has been undermining American democratic institutions and carefully preparing for the State of Emergency that was declared on 9/11 and never rescinded.

Cheney, the top suspect in the 9/11 crimes against humanity, has a disturbing habit of threatening to commit even bigger crimes. In the final phase of the 2004 presidential election, you may recall, Cheney announced that if John Kerry won, the U.S. would be in danger of another, bigger 9/11. Ironically, the satirical newspaper The Onion (“Cheney Vows To Attack U.S. If Kerry Elected“) was the only American newspaper that got it right.

And now Cheney is predicting (threatening?) more catastrophic terrorism. In an article headlined “Cheney warns of new attacks,” we learn: “Former Vice President Dick Cheney warned that there is a ‘high probability’ that terrorists will attempt a catastrophic nuclear or biological attack in coming years, and said he fears the Obama administration’s policies will make it more likely the attempt will succeed.”

As long as Dick Cheney is on the loose, and the rogue network responsible for 9/11 is still at large, there will indeed be a “high probability” of another massive false-flag attack. Such an attack could, as Tommy Franks predicted, lead to martial law, with the President and Congress sidelined in favor of the secret government of military and intelligence hardliners that Peter Dale Scott describes in The Road to 9/11.

What makes this even more likely is the dispute between Obama and his top military chiefs about the timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. One of my favorite radio guests, Dave Lindorff, recently published a warning headlined “Generals’ Revolt Threatens Obama Presidency.” According to Lindorff, the Pentagon pushback against a quick Iraq withdrawal represents a “dangerous act of insubordination” that could doom Obama’s presidency. The best way to nip the military hardliners’ revolt in the bud, as Lindorff advocates, would be to prosecute former Bush Administration officials and top military commanders for war crimes, including the supreme war crime of aggression as well as the act of mass murder on 9/11 that triggered the aggression.

Alongside the foreign-policy pushback by military hardliners and Cheniacs, Obama is facing a wave of deceptive attacks by Republicans out to make political hay from the economic collapse they created with their insanely expensive, criminal wars. Since the Democrats are in power, they are in a position to be blamed for the coming years of continuously unfolding economic doom. Obama, who was elected on a platform of “hope” for a “change” in the terrible economic situation, will not be able to fulfill his implicit promises, and the Democrats will be massacred in the 2010 midterm elections–assuming that those elections have not been cancelled due to martial law–unless they expose and prosecute the worst crimes of the Bush Administration.

For their own survival–political and perhaps even physical–Obama and the Democrats must re-open the 9/11 investigation, instigate war crimes tribunals, and prosecute the Bush Administration war criminals.

One Thought to “Will the Dumbocrats Wise Up and Drive a Stake Through Cheney’s Heart?”

  1. I do not share a view of any positive action coming from the democrats. Democrats are as compromised and intimidated as everyone else in our capitol of iniquities. Bush and Cheney brought to justice would be pure music. I don’t see it, though? I’ve suspected, for sometime now, we’re already governed under a degree of Marshall Law by the Secret Government? It’s evidenced by the homogenous nature of our office holders. Gates remains, Geithner is the Treasurer, it’s just not real opposition. OBamna is just a front man, hoping to fool those who very much want to be deceived! Marshall Law may not be completely instituted however and the reason another false flag op would be in order? The black op would be to satisfy legal terms set down in writing, somewhere? I’ve been hearing attacks on a mall or school as rumors on the internet? It seems more likely this will transpire and OBama may not live through his term? I don’t mean it as a threat just a fear, especially, in light of all the comparisons to Lincoln and Kennedy? It’s almost a surreal fantasy play at this point! I’m hoping the perps lose control and they are turned on in the process. It’s our best hope!

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