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High School Student Interviews Me on the WTC-7 Mosque

A high school student recently interviewed me on the WTC-7 Mosque: Here are my questions:1. What is the current situation of the mosque? Is it still under construction? I don’t know whether any construction work is going on right now, but as I understand it the space has been used for Friday prayers for several years at least. So it has been a mosque for many years, since long before the controversy arose. According to recent news reports, they are planning construction work, and applying for government funds to help pay for it. So in that sense it is definitely…


Putting a Mosque Next to WTC-7 Is…BLASPHEMY!

Guest column by Rev. Darvis P. Fuddlesnapper, Pastor, Church of Jesus H. Christ Warmonger When I first heard that them thar Islamics wanted to put up a mosque next to that big hole where the Twin Towers use to be, it made me so mad I almost split my britches. And I preached me a sermon calling on the Almighty to strike down the mayor and the Islamics and all the rest of the blasphemers. But after church, one of them nice Christian ladies who graces the front pew every Sunday (I call her “Our Lady of the Cleavage” but…